What To Put Under Furniture On Hardwood Floors?

For everyone’s home, hardwood, and furniture- both are high assets. Both enhance the beauty of the house; nevertheless, your furniture can be harsh on the hardwood floor!

Most of the time, we face a question- how to protect hardwood floors from the furniture? Because no flooring type is vulnerable like a hardwood floor. Heavy furniture leads to mark on the wood surface; especially while moving the furniture, it destroys any kind of flooring.

Moreover, once the floor gets scratched, you can’t remove them at all; even it takes away the overall beauty look of your home. That’s why you need precaution to keep safe the surface; after all, prevention is better than cure. So that keep something under the furniture is one of the hassle-free and straightforward options.

Now the question is what to put under furniture on hardwood floors? We did extensive research and found out the practical solution that will definitely help you.


What to Put Under Furniture on Hardwood Floors?

Before going into the details about things that can be put under the furniture on hardwood floor here is what you can do:

  • Lift the furniture instead of dragging when you move the furniture from one place to another. Otherwise, while dragging furniture, scratches being made, or in the worst-case scenario, you may see some of the finishing of the wood floors coming off.
  • If possible then, use a dolly( a platform which made for carrying heavy things) to move your furniture one place to another.
  • See is there any uneven spots or erosion? If you notice, then repair this bumpy area on the furniture leg as soon as early. Uneven legs can have excess pressure on a particular point and cause damage to that area.
  • Avoid animal interaction. This might seem offensive, but let me assure you first that I am also an animal lover. Our furry friends may confuse the wood with scratch toys and do their artwork on them. So it’s safe to keep them away from such floors.
  • Do not use cleaners that contain ammonia, vinegar, wax or waxy substances, polishes, oily soap. These materials can react with the wood and even make rot.

Now have a look at the details:

  1. Use furniture pads

Keeping furniture pads under the furniture is the safest option. Pads like a glider or felt provide cushion to the feet or corners of the furniture. Even raise them slightly off the surface. There are different types of pads available which you can use on your demands. We have mentioned some of these below.

Tap on pads- These are also called nail-on pads. Placing them under the furniture’s leg is quite easy as it doesn’t need any drilling or gluing. Just line up the glide with your furniture or chair leg, then tap it in with the help of a hammer.

Nail on glides- these featured with soft on one side that protects the surface from the harshness of the furniture. And another part has a tack or nail that intends to be tacked with the furniture’s feet so that you don’t need to worry about the misplacements of pads. Else these are the most selling glides for hardwood floors.

Adhesive pads- These peeling pads are sticky that enough to be attached to your furniture. Put the sticky side along with the leg of furniture, and the rubber area must be facing the floor. We typically recommend these type pads as they have a tendency first to fall off.

Levelers with felt pads- if your furniture legs are uneven, then these are the ideal choice. They assure the ability to adjust leg height to fix wobbly or uneven legs on furniture or chair. These felt are useful for the unlevel or sloping surface. Theirs quit sliding felt foot aid to remove the wobble and protect the hardwood floor. Also, these are recommended for their long-lasting features.

Sled base felt glide- they are specially designed for the individual style of furniture. If your furniture has sled-style tubed legs, this type of glide is perfect for protecting your wooden floor. These are made of high-quality strength plastic that ensures the flexibility to stretch and snap it onto your furniture leg tightly. Then attached securely with a durable felt that is soft on the floor.

Snap-on felt glides- also known as furniture cups. If your furniture’s are not moving often, then you can go for the snap felt These types of felt chair are perfect for the rounded chair or furniture legs ( metal, wood, plastic). Even these are super easy to install without using any tools and can lock the place without adhesive. They made of sturdy rubber and plastic that protect the floors from rust and scratches.

  1. DIY options

Well, you don’t want to purchase from the shop and want to minimize your cost, then don’t worry! There is another way for you that is you can make your protective furniture pads. Else it can protect the floor from any damage by the furniture legs.

To make the felt, the items you need, all are available at your home. Just keep in your mind that homemade pads should be larger than the piece of furniture which touches the surface. Some of the DIY pads are given below that you can make by yourself:

Old carpet-yes you can use them as a pad by cutting and replace them under the furniture leg with the help of glue. Be sure these pads are placed with the carpet-side touching the floor.

Towels-old towels also used as pads. Before you make it, you merely sure about the thickness is much enough to protect the hardwood from the pressure of furniture legs.

Tennis balls- it is another option to make DIY pads. Cut the tennis equally into two-part. In the case of your small furniture legs, cut the ball into four parts and then put them under the legs. The rubbery feature will protect the wood surface.

Leather– this is durable but soft material that can be made into a furniture’s leg pad.

Place an area rug under your furniture

We know, felt pads are the protector of furniture or chair legs, but what about the high traffic areas under the furniture, especially those are heavy?

Our suggestion for you to protect high traffic areas under the furniture, area rug, and mats are must be the best option. Those also enhance the look of your home by offering an extra bit of style. This is the way that helps to prevent scratching or gouging on the floor. Even you can easily avoid the damage to the hardwood surface.

Remember, do not use a rubber backed rug since they can hold moisture and damage the hardwood floor. Also, keep cleaning the carpets or rugs as much as you can.

Final verdict

In a nutshell, you must understand- what type of felt or pads will match with your furniture’s design. In the meantime whatever you put under the legs, be sure the furniture is level on the floor.

Finally, if possible, then try to rearrange your furniture once in a while to keep clean and safe your hardwood floor.

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