5 Best Balance Ball Chair Reviews in 2022 Ultimate Guide

Most of us, I mean the working people more precisely office-working people, have to sit for a longer time in offices as there’s a lot of works almost every single day. We use several types of chairs while working.

The balance ball chair is a kind of exercise chair which is also used for office works nowadays. It has become a trend lately. A healthy trend, I should say. So it felt like a responsibility to provide a balance ball chair review so that you can find the best balance ball chair for you. Balance ball chairs are pretty good to sit on. These chairs are chosen in some conditions that will help you to sit correctly.

  • Sitting on a ball chair will help you improve your aspect.
  • The bouncy nature of the chair helps you to sit straight and keeps your body in continual gesture.
  • Proper sitting, changing positions will reduce lower back pain.
  • This chair will keep you straight, and your spine will be aligned.
  • The bouncy situation will improve your circulation system.
  • Engages your muscles by using a ball chair.

You may need to use a balance ball chair instead of an office chair for sometimes. This chair will reduce the unnecessary movements of your body; as a result, you’ll stay fit and straight.

There are many types of ball chair available in the market. All of those may not be suitable for you. So we took the liberty of suggesting you some ball chair reviews. Hope you are going to find it helpful.

Top 5 Balance Ball Chair Reviews

1. Gaiam Balance Ball Chair 

Gaiam is one of the leading companies in terms of producing balance ball chairs in its history. This chair is developed by Dr. Randy Weinzoff. You can easily sit on one of these for a long time. It will reduce back pain gigantically, leg pain and improve your spinal alignment by its healthy back and well-being.

This chair is designed for people of 5-5.11 feet. It can take the heavyweight up to 300 pounds. Easy glide casters and back support bar help you to keep straight while working.

Included with a 52-centimeter removable balance ball, air pump and a desktop exercise guide. This chair is 2.5 feet tall. And it’s 20 inches wide from one side of wheels to the other.

It should be re-inflated for better performance. You need to inflate once or twice a month.



  • Mainly created for improving back health
  • Uses the same ball that is used in your workout routine
  • Designed for 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches tall
  • 300 pounds of weight capacity
  • 52-centimeter removable ball, an adjustable balance bar, smooth casters, and air pump
  • Improve overall well-being, reduce back pain, align the spine and gives healthier back


  • Heavyweight capacity.
  • Re-inflatable.
  • Can be used both as a chair and a workout material.
  • A lot of colors to choose from.


  • People who are taller than 6 feet won’t find it very comfortable.

There will be no shipping cost. Shipping weight is 5 pounds. This is one of the top rated balance ball chairs by Giam. It has a very unique and nice look, good to seat and very much healthy for your spines. And if you think Giam could have improved on this chair then in the following of this article you’ll find a couple more Giam ball chairs to take the better decision.

2. Gaiam Backless Balance Ball Chair 

As we told you earlier in this article that Gaiam is one of the leading companies in terms of producing lifestyle and health-related products. This is another balance ball chair with some changes. They have brought some extraordinary items that will take you out of the world. Gaiam backless balance ball chair has no back support. For that, you can’t have a backrest.

Gaiam is making fitness products for over 25 years. They have created a revolution in the fitness world. Every Gaiam products are designed and manufactured in a great way.

Although you don’t get to lean back when you feel dizzy there is a benefit not having the back too. That is you have to stay straight all the time of your working. Bouncy nature of the chair will create some movement in your body that will keep your posture in the right position.

Sitting for a long time in a standard chair may cause acne on your back, legs, arms. On that time you need to exchange your chair with Gaiam ball chair. This keeps your spines all aligned.

Features: Gaiam Ultimate Balance-ball-chair

  • Helps to create a healthy back, improve overall well-being
  • There is no back support
  • Includes a removable 52-centimeter balance ball
  • Provided with an air pump to inflate the ball
  • Lockable easy-float casters
  • Smooth rolling
  • Mainly designed for users of 5 – 5.11 feet tall
  • Maximum weight capacity of 300 pounds
  • Blue, Charcoal, wasabi, glossy black, green, nectarine, ocean, purple and fuchsia colors are available on the market


  • Removable balance ball.
  • Provided with an air pump to inflate.
  • Float casters are lockable.


  • Not suitable for people taller than 6 feet.

This ball chair will help you to stay aligned and straight so that your spines can have proper posture. Also, relieves pain and provide proper alignment to the spines. This chair is the same as Classic ball chair but this chair has no back support.

3. Gaiam Custom Fit Adjustable Balance Ball Chair 

We have already introduced you to Gaiam, one of the world’s largest fitness products manufacturer. They are on this track for over 25 years. Their products are designed and produced according to your wants and needs.

Gaiam’s custom fit adjustable balance ball chair is very good to sit on. You can boost your energy and strength whenever you want. Just you need to switch this chair on.

If there is any type of problem while sitting just switch this chair on, hope you can have much more bodily health than before. This chair will improve your posture by its bouncy nature. The movement will make you unstable, for that you will sit straight. Your back strength will increase with proper posture.



  • Increases your bodily strength and health.
  • New types of innovation in this chair which will make you feel more comfortable.
  • 55-centimeter anti-burst ball.
  • Recommended user of 5 feet to 5 feet 11 inches in height.
  • Cushioned back with stable.
  • Adjustable legs.
  • Smooth glide with caster wheels.
  • Included with desktop stretching and strengthening Guide, DVD.
  • Available in blue, gray and purple color.
  • Latex-free ball.
  • Secured metal base.
  • The air pump to re-inflate the ball when needed.


  • Latex-free ball.
  • Larger sized ball.
  • Secured and strong metal base.
  • Air pump included.


  • The same old issue for taller people! Giam should really work on that.

This chair is very comfortable and helps to improve your posture. When you sit on this chair, it will improve your strength and support your lower muscles. Blood circulation will be better than before while sitting in the chair. It’s pretty good for the upper-level body too. The pain of the neck and back will be far gone. The ball of this chair is removable. You can use while doing yoga. Meetings can be done on this chair.

This chair is very comfortable and helps to improve your posture. When you sit on this chair, it will improve your strength and support your muscles. Circulation will be better than before while sitting in the chair. Pretty good for the upper-level body. The pain of neck and back will be far gone.

4. Zenergy Ball Chair review

Zenergy ball chair is pretty different from other ball chairs. Safco products have made a chair that looks kind of funny but is really comfortable. This chair will look civilized in any environment. It’s funny and courageous attitude will provide extra temptation to anyone anywhere.

This may not ensure your one hundred percent seating comfort but it will surely help you to concentrate on your work. The Bodily movement will help you to keep your body active. You can have a simple casual conversation and solve problems without any kind of complications. This chair is also really suitable for home appliances, such as guest’s chair especially for the young people around.


Zenergy Ball Chair review

  • Anti-burst 17.5 inches exercise ball and fully inflated
  • 100% Polyester mesh fabric
  • Air pump to inflate
  • Underneath that ball a fabric cover to a backing movement that helps chair’s posture
  • Seat height is 23 inches and lowers while engaged
  • Black, grass, gray, pink, blue, orange, black vinyl colors are available in the marketplace.
  • Powder coated finish that added extra durability.
  • No casters, no rolling
  • Rugged legs will help for active sitting
  • Stationary glides at the bottom to protect floors from scratches


  • Anti-burst exercise ball.
  • Air pump included.
  • Pretty unique and stylish look.


  • No backrest.
  • No casters to move around.

Zenergy ball chair will be an alternative seating experience for you. This chair is mainly designed to help you encourage your working. It will burn your calories more than a standard chair.

The movement will keep your mind conscious while working. You can use this chair in offices, conference rooms and lobbies. This creates enough creativity for the spot.

Four powder-coated steel legs have no casters. For that, you can have a stable seating experience.

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5. LuxFit balance  Ball Chair Reviews

LuxFit ball chair is another great chair. This is a fabulous company that provides enough exercise items. This ball chair is very good looking. Its bouncy nature will help you to keep your posture.

It’s really a good chair to sit on. Your spine and back will remain safe. The design of this chair is pretty much encouraging. Bouncy nature will provoke you to sit ergonomically. But your movement will keep you straight up at your work.



  • Improves rehabilitation time by preventing spine disorder
  • Designed by health experts
  • Approximate height is 22-25 inches
  • Height can be adjusted by the inflation of the ball
  • Capacity up to 300 pounds
  • Large wheels and thick balls
  • Smooth rolling all over the place
  • Green, blue and purple also available in the market


  • Adjustable height.
  • Heavyweight capacity.
  • Large and strong wheels to move around.
  • Backrest provided.


  • Not suitable for people taller than 6 feet.

Sometimes you just need to change your chair with ball chair. You can use occasionally instead of your standard chair. Sitting for a long period of time will cause back pain and different kinds of problems. LuxFit ball chair will remove the pressure. Long time sitting will hamper your hip. The ball chair can remove all types of pressure from your hip.

In the box, there will be a chair base, ball, ball pump, instructions, bar, and bolts. The height of this chair is 2.5 feet tall. The base is 20 inches wide from one side of the wheel to another.

What should you consider before buying a ball chair?


Whatever you purchase- first, you should think about comfort. Without feeling ease, you can’t get the best output from the ball chair. With this feature, you’ll not discomfort, and it keeps away from muscle injury.

So, look for the one that will give you comfortably sit for extended hours. Try to pick which one is come with a backrest to ensure your optimum comfort. , it must provide full support to your back and spine to allow you to sit in an upright position. Even the chair with armrest, caster wheels are comfortable and suitable for work. Also, they don’t let you feel fatigued; moreover, you’ll enjoy doing work by sitting on them.

Height and weight

The chair that is too big or small will definitely fail to give you the best result. That’s why while you go for the ball chair, you should notice that whether it suits your body height or not.

Not only just the height but also the weight should be considered. How much weight can it take at full-capacity? For example, if you are 200 pounds but the chair can support up to 150 pounds, then it will not worth you. Purchase one that supports up to 200 pounds or more.


This is another essential feature that you can’t overlook! Since you want a ball chair that will ensure you a continual gesture, reduce lower back pain and improve your inner circulation system. See whether it can freely move or not. Frequently Moving will assure the body stimulation that makes you relaxed and comfortable.

So don’t go just with the external appearance, find out which one has a better feature to improve your productivity while working at the office.


Check out what’s the material of the chair as durability depends on it. Purchasing the model that is not durable means total wasting of your money. So, confirm the chair build with a solid frame. For the best result, look for a solid ball chair with professional-grade components.

Final Recommendation:

So, guys, this was it for today. Hope you have had a good idea about best balance ball chairs out there from this balance ball chair reviews. One more thing that I like about these chairs is they are multi-tasking chair! You can use it both for your works and workouts. Even they’re pretty much cool for being used as family chairs.

We hope you find a worthy balance ball chair for yourself from this balance ball chair review. But do prioritize your expectations and needs regarding these chairs before buying one. Throughout different types of ball chairs and their features variations, you’ll definitely find yours.

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