Things to Consider When Cleaning Furniture

The greatest investment you can have in a home is quality furniture. When maintained well, it can last for many years to come. For the furniture to last that long and stay attractive as if it is new, you need to give it appropriate care through cleaning. Whether you have leather or wood furniture, they can quickly lose their attractiveness if they are not cleaned.

Furniture material

This is the first thing you should consider the next time you are cleaning furniture. Different materials of furniture need different clean-up techniques and products. Depending on the material of your upholstery, you will need to offer unique protection and cleaning to your furniture.  For example, when cleaning the couch, ensure you read the label to ensure you pick the correct substance for cleaning it.

Usually, the label on the fittings gives information on the material and the products you should use during cleaning. Considering the material of the furnishing is crucial because fittings with leather are delicate and should be handled or cleaned with care.

Cleaning method

Before you start cleaning your fittings, think of how deep you intend to do the washing. The method to use when cleaning will entirely depend on your furniture’s condition. It will also depend on the depth you wish to do the cleaning. If your intention is to eliminate the surface dirty or dust because the fittings are clean, a simple washing will do. In case the furnishings have dirt spots or some odor, you will have to do a deep cleaning to eliminate the marks. Also, if you have not cleaned them for a long time, performing a thorough cleaning will help.

Cleaning products

This is another thing to consider when the washing the fittings. Ask yourself, do I have the right cleaning products or tools? If there are stains, you will have to get certain tools and solutions for removing them. Some cleaning solutions are not good for cleaning some type of furniture. For instance, if you have leather furniture, avoid using chemicals on them. Be careful when choosing solutions for cleaning the furnishings.

While some cleaners might be effective, if they have solvents, they are likely to damage certain types of furniture. Sometimes you will need different cleaning products to complete the cleaning. Ensure you get them all at once to avoid damages.

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Type of furniture

Apart from the material of the furniture, you will need to think about the type of the furniture you have in your home. Different types of furniture require different types of cleaning products and techniques. If you have leather furniture be cautious about the products you purchase for cleaning. The type of fittings you have determines if you will need professional cleaning or DIY.  Additionally, if the furniture in your house is created with natural supplies, there is no need to worry. This is because you can clean them minus the help of an expert. You may use a water-based cleaner to clean such furnishings. But remember to check the label.


The intensity of the stain is something you must consider when cleaning your fittings at home. Some stains are so stubborn that they need a professional cleaner and some specific solutions. The stains will also determine what chemicals and detergents you will use. In case the furniture is not stained, cleaning is easy and the items you will use for cleaning will not be a problem.

How often you do cleaning

This is the advantage you have if you regularly clean your furnishings. It doesn’t matter the reason for carrying out your regular cleaning but it is a vital factor. If you do it regularly, you will find the cleaning quick and easy. This means you will not need so many products or much preparation. Some of the fittings may only require dusting and you are done.


As you have seen, one factor leads to another. Once you consider all these, you will be able to perform an expert cleaning even if you have never done one before. Good looking furniture adds classiness to the room and makes it look more stylish. There are times you may only be doing the cleaning to get rid of the stain. Nevertheless, you will still need to consider all these factors to maintain the furniture and have it serve you for a long time while looking new. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a headache if you use the right chemicals and tools.


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