Sitting Position for Lower Back Pain

Best Sitting Position for Lower Back Pain : Expert Opinion

Working, nowadays, is both in our nature and our daily needs. But sometimes working becomes very unease when our body suffers from pain. And if our works demand us to be seated most of the time then back pain can be a vital obstruction in the way of a peaceful working environment. Lower back pain especially affects your working peacefulness a lot. So if you’re an office worker and your job demands you to be seated for a longer period of time then follow the below-mentioned tips to reduce the lower back pain and to avoid it if you yet are not affected by it:

Sit Carefully:

  • If your job demands you to be seated for a longer period of time (let’s assume 6 hours a day) then you should not keep sitting without any gap. Doctors recommend sitting as little as possible. Take small breaks during, walk around for a little while and sit again. This way you can avoid the joints’ flatness.
  • Your chair might not give you enough support that your back requires. It’s wise to use back support with the chair. You can find different types of back supports in the market. These back supports give your lower back enough support so that your lower back doesn’t get strained.
  • While sitting on a chair make sure you’ve kept your hips and knee on the accurate angle.
  • It’s highly recommended by the doctors to sit and the end of the chair and slouch completely.
  • Try to use a high-back and firm office chair. If your office chair has an armrest on it then that’s very good.
  • While sitting don’t twist your waist, turn your whole body instead.
  • If you’re driving then make sure to keep your knees on the same level to your hips or slightly higher if possible.
  • Move the driving seat closer to the steering so that the curve of your back becomes perfect.

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Do Some Regular Exercises:

It’s always important to keep practicing some regular exercises. If you don’t use a piece of iron for too long you’ll see rusts on the surface of that iron’s body for sure. Likewise, our body also gets rusty or to be more specific our body gets strained if we don’t do some regular exercises. You can do yoga or stretch at the morning regularly. If your workplace is not so far away from your home then it’ll be far better if you take a walk there instead of taking a ride. If you don’t want to walk outside, it is suggested to use a recumbent bike regularly.

Things to maintain when in office:

While in the office there are few more things you need to be careful about other than sitting properly. Follow the below-mentioned tips so that you can avoid lower back pain properly and also lead a fit and stress-free working life:

  • The measure of the Elbow: Sit as much close as possible to your working table to keep your arms parallel to your spine. The correct angle for your elbow is 90 degrees. Make sure to cover this angle.
  • Thigh Measurement: You need to keep your whole thigh on the surface of the chair. Check if you can slide your fingers between the thighs and the table if you can then it’s perfect.
  • Lower Back Management: The bottom of your body needs to be on the back of the chair. Again it’s medically advised by the doctors and the experts that you use back support with your office chair. The back support helps to minimize the strain on your back.
  • Resting your eye level: Keep your computer screen a little bit far from your eyes. Because keeping it too close might cause you to lose your concentration.
  • Armrest: It’s better to have an office chair with a pair of armrests. It helps to keep your elbow on point and it will also keep you from coming forward to your chair after sitting for a while.

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Final Words:

It’s always difficult to deal with physical pain. And when it comes to the kind of pain that actually happens due to some irregular activities it’s horribly irritating. You would never want to deal with it. Follow the aforementioned tips to avoid lower back pain. Sit properly while working. And stay fit.

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