The Best Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Reviews in 2020

A good massage chair is a great way of getting comfort and relaxation. This is an amazing chair that can give you wonderful support to reduce your stress and monotony. This electric full body shiatsu massage chair is highly able to provide you the best massage in your home or office. It’s much worthy than your bucks.

Today, we’ll talk about a great massage chair, the BestMassage EC-06. Let’s check out the Shiatsu massage chair reviews. We reviewed the product in depth. You’ll get every single detailed information that you need to know about this chair. This guide is very helpful for you if you’re looking for a massage chair. You can find the top 10 living room chair and massage chair

Electric Full Body Shiatsu Massage Chair Review

The Shiatsu massage chair EC-06 is a pretty good recliner with many great functions and features. Here is the in-depth review of the functions and features of the chair

Best in Your Budget:

This shiatsu recliner is one of the great choices based on your budget and the features of the chair. The chair can enhance your well-being because of its amazing features and durable materials. This chair acts like a smart chair which can detect different body shapes and able to be adjusted automatically. The long massage track of the chair provides you with the ultimate relaxing support and experience.

Manufactured by A Well-Known Company:

This great massage chair is manufactured by a well-known company named “BestMassage”. The BestMassage is a health and well-being Promotive company which is in this business sector for more than ten (10) years. They produced different kinds of health and well-being related products such as massage tools, sanitary and portable massage tables, spa supplies and accessories, lotions, oils, and massage stones, etc. Basically, the company produces more than 150 different items and suppliers.

Zero Gravity Technology:

The shiatsu massage chair zero gravity is an innovative and amazing feature of the chair. This is the technology which is able to relieve the pressure on your backbones and joints in order to provide extreme comfort. When you’re in the, you make more pressure which is the barrier to accurately target your stress points. But with the zero-gravity technology, the chair makes you create less pressure so that the rollers can detect the stress points easily and accurately. This feature is very helpful and every massage chair should have it.

Pretty Good Functional Shape:

The BestMassage EC-06 recliner has an effective massage track which is L-shaped and super long. The long massage track is able to easily massage your full body, including your tired neck muscles to the aching hips. The entire massage track offers gentle pressure to a specific stress point from your neck to your legs and provides pretty good comfort. The full chair is a high comfort zone. You’ll get what I mean when you use it!. Also can find how should a recliner fit for size

Multiple Massage Modes & Options:

Basically, the recliner is able to provide you with multiple massage options regarding its multiple massage modes. Technically, you’ll get 4 different massage settings in this massage chair. They are- Refresh, Relax, Recover and Extend. With different modes, you’ll find a way to treat specific problem areas easily. The 4 modes are awesome and let you have various tastes of massage.

Remote Control Panel:

The recliner comes with an included remote control panel. The remote control is attached to the chair but additionally, you can move it as well. You can control the massage options and other settings easily with this remote control panel. The control panel is a little bit complicated. But don’t worry, you’ll be accustomed to it real shortly. Besides, there is a sleeve pocket which is really nice on the left side of the recliner. You can use it to put your important pieces of stuff.

A Lot of Airbags:

The BestMassage shiatsu massage chair comes with a huge number of airbags. The number of airbags is 30! The 30 airbags are placed in different portions of the chair to provide you the best chair massage experience. The chair is a great choice for an athlete or those people who are very active in life.


A heater is a must for a massage chair in order to provide extra comfort to the user. And this recliner does have it. This chair has a heater that provides heating comfort for the lower back. It’s an amazing treatment after a long exhausting day. Just lie down and relieve backache. This waist heater is very effective and helpful.

Flexible Heat intelligent Roller System:

The shiatsu massage chair has a flexible heat intelligent roller system which is for providing the extreme relaxes to the muscles, rejuvenating the mind & body and reducing fatigue. It also improves the mobility, flexibility, and posture of your legs.

Additional Features:

The massage heads of the chair are designed to target the stress-relieving points on your neck. This chair also offers you 60% increased massage area ranges on all sides which is too good. It has the OPTO sensor too that detects the shoulders and massages. It runs with 240W power consumption and weight is approximately 250lbs. the dimension of the product is 55x35x42 inches (HxWxD).


  • Zero Gravity technology.
  • Included heater for better comfort for the lower back.
  • Multiple massaging options for excellent service.
  • Comes with the remote control panel.
  • Reasonable dimensions with the wide array.
  • Built-in 30 airbags & intelligent roller system.


  • The remote control interface is complicated.
  • Constructed with mostly plastic.
  • The airbags are noisy.
  • You may face a little problem to get it inside because of its weight & size.

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Final Words:

So, we are in the bottom line at last. After reviewing this massage chair, we’re glad to say that, this chair can be your best choice for a lot of reasons. This chair is cheaper than others but not bad at all, even it’s the best by considering all the functions and features of the chair. It provides you the best support worth of your money. And you’ll get an amazing experience with the control and automatic adjustments of the chair.

This BestMassage Shiatsu Recliner is a perfect choice, in a word.

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