How to Sit Comfortably With Sciatica

Are you having pain in your legs or buttocks? If yes, then most probably it’s sciatica. But still, you don’t know what to do about it- this article is for your concern.

Static sciatic pain has a terrible effect that can cause work-related disability. More clearly, your productivity depends on you being present and focused at your work, but if you’re in pain, you can’t perform. With this problem, you can’t sit for a long time comfortably for working as it makes you uncomfortable. Your regular movement gets hampered, and day by day, your performance becomes worse. In such a condition, you need to know how to sit which will help do the work efficiently.

Here, we try to explore some strategies for getting relief from sciatica. We hope it worth you especially for those with a desk job or who may be used to sit a lot.

Let’s have a look at it.

What is sciatica?

Before we go to the discussion, it’s essential to know what is sciatica and why it occurs?

Sciatica is a common phenomenon for those who involve working for an extended period in a sitting position. It’s a symptom that occurred by irritation or contraction of the sciatic nerve (the root of the lower lumbar and lumbosacral spine. This pain can appear in multiple ways and levels of intensity for different people.

Sciatic pain can develop over time because of not exercising regularly, overweight, wearing high heels or sleeping on a too hard or soft mattress, and so many.

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No more ado let’s delve into the details together.

How To Sit Comfortably With Sciatica

Sit an ergonomic chair

It is a fantastic idea to keep away the sciatica pain. The way you sit at your chair directly influences your health. Sitting in an awkward position leads the musculoskeletal pain in the neck, shoulder, or leg. But most of us oversee the sitting issue as we won’t recognize the pain because of the wrong way of sitting.

So what the best chair to make our sitting right?

Our recommendation is, use a well-designed ergonomic chair. It ensures safety that conforms to the body shape. Moreover, it’s user-friendly and adjustable for your individual needs so, Purchase an ergonomic chair that can customizable to fit your needs.

Your spine and backbone will get support by Sitting on this chair. Also, it featured to keep the joints and tissue in a neutral and natural position. So that you won’t feel the pain anymore and you can stay focused and productive throughout the workday.

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Sit up straight

We are grown up to listen- sit up straight! Though we are not concern about sitting it’s essential to keep away any pain like lower back pain or sciatica. Sitting with a straight back and shoulder will not only improve your physical health but also can make you more comfortable and confident. So that you can stay more focused than before.

Whereas, sitting towards the desk or slouching will brings wear and tear on the joints, muscles, and ligaments. Also, the fluid that in the disc can’t flow frequently and your spin feels the pressure; as a result, the pain can show up. That is the reason you should be aligned with your head and hips whenever you’re seated.

Besides, please pay attention to your other parts of the body and make sure the way you keep them, you feel the best comfortable. While sitting, don’t cross your legs and keep your feet flat on the floor. Try to keep hips and bent at a 45-degree angle. Else if your chair has wheels use it to move your body, avoid twisting and turning your body.

Take a short break

When you’re focusing on any one task for a long time- it’s quite obvious to get bored and tired. Moreover, sitting for an extended time in one posture can place pressure on your spine. You feel the pain, numbness, or weakness in your leg, toes, foot, hip, or back.

That’s why in working time you should take a short break after 20 to 30 minutes. It will help you to relieve the pressure on your back and legs. While taking a break, you can do some short sciatica exercises and stretches.

What’s more, by reducing sciatica pain it will boost your energy, make you more focus, help you to catch the mistake. Overall your productivity will increase.

Walking is helpful

This way is indeed effective to relieve your sciatica pain. Walking reduces sciatic pain by stimulating the release of endorphins into your system and suppress the inflammation within your sciatic nerve roots.

Hence, there is a disc in your spine that holds water ( natural chemicals), and each time you step – this water gets pushed out of the disc. As a result, your spine get relief from the excess pressure that will keep away the sciatica pain.

While walking does not take long strides as it will irritate your sciatic nerve by shrinking your lumbar discs. Also, remember merely to go for a walk but do not run- it will make your sciatic nerve more compressible. Else, if you have a tight schedule- walk at least 3-4 days for 20-30minutes. While taking a step, just pull your stomach slightly toward your body. And walk in a straight posture, not in slouching.

Using a massage chair

One of the easy solutions is using a massage chair. If you’re on a busy schedule and don’t have enough time to go for a walk, then this would be a better option. Even many find relief from sciatica by using a massage chair.

This type of chair is featured to give you the best comfortable. Also made to deliver a therapeutic massage that will help ease some of the pain found in your lower hip and back. Further, it will reduce the muscle tension that builds over time and results in the neck, shoulder, and legs.

Either way, if possible, then consult with a doctor or find a licensed massage therapist. Massage therapy is excellent that helps to tighten the lower back muscle, which stresses your nerve roots. Even it helps you to release endorphins that reduce the pain.

Using a Seat Cushion for Sciatica

A sciatica seat cushion is always a preferable solution for sciatica pain. Even, many physicians prescribed sciatica cushion to their patients for sciatica problems. Especially, for those who work in the office for a long time in the chair, sitting on a sciatica seat cushion will be comfortable and very effective for them.

Basically, a sciatica seat cushion does not allow too much pressure on the nerve while you are sitting, which naturally reduces the risk of sciatica pain.

But always remember, if you want to get full feedback from the cushion, you have to adjust it perfectly with the chair first. Otherwise, the cushion will not be perfectly comfortable to sit on.

Keep the tools close

Apart from these above tricks, it would be best if you kept your equipment towards your range. It will help you not to bend or slouching while you’re working at a desk.

Final thoughts

After applying these above tips, you will see the difference. And surely this difference makes you happier, confident, and productive than before!

Lastly, we want to say you should improve your posture while sitting, standing, or walking. No matter if everyone is different, but posture has a high impact on every-body. Right posture will definitely help you to reduce the lower back pain or sciatica pain.

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