How to Remove an Office Chair Base?

When you try to think of a major problem with an office chair most probably the very first thing that comes to your mind is back pain. Why? Because you have to sit for long hours on it and do your work. Uncomfortable office chair only makes your work harder and, come on, admit it, you want to sit on your office chair just like you do at home on your favorite home chair.


A king is what you want to be! But nothing to do its work. Even a king has to do his job no matter what it is. Well, you could be a king in your office chair too. If only you know the process to remove the base. In this case, you can adjust or also reinstall a new one to give yourself the comfort you deserve. Not only for this but you also may have to remove the base if you use the chair for too long.

Using for long periods may make your base flat and you might not get the feeling you first got. So just like other things knowing to remove the base of an office chair is very important. Here I am going to show you five simple steps that will help you to be able to remove the base of an office chair. But before going to the steps you need to know what things are required for the task.

How to Remove an Office Chair Base

Following is the list of simple and easily gettable tools that I have used to remove my office chair base:

  1. Screwdriver (flat head) / needle nose pliers
  2. Safety gloves
  3. A piece of cloth/ newspaper

Step-1: Layer of cloth or newspaper

First and foremost you need to lay down some newspaper or a piece of cloth on the floor. Why so? Because if you look carefully you can notice that many office chair bases have a gas cylinder which is height adjustable. And for easy adjustment, it is lubricated with grease or other greasy material. When you flip the chair to remove base these all may create a mess. So lay down a piece of cloth of newspaper as you need.

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Step-2: Visibility of base

After layering of cloth or newspaper you need to flip your office chair upside down so that you can have a clear view of the base. This is where you need the gloves because you might get hurt by the sharp edges. You can put the chair on the ground where you layered cloth or newspaper for easy access.

Step-3: Removing holding clip

Now let’s test your technical skills. When you flip the chair you will be able to see a holding clip which holds the base of your chair. Lock your target on it because this is where all the magic happens. All your hard work will be worthless if you fail to do so. Now comes a workman’s best friend the screwdriver but be sure it’s flat-head, or you can just use needle-nose pliers. With that slightly bend the clip and it will open real easy. Now you can just slide the clip off the piston without any worries.

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Step-4: Removing the washer

When you are finished with step three you have finished the major portion of your job. Now all you have to do is remove the washer. You will find it around the piston on top of the base. If you have done step three properly then you will be able to pull it off very easily.

Step-5: Pulling the base out

The last part of your task is to pull the base. In this step gently pull and turn the base anticlockwise and you will feel that the base is coming off slowly. If you have done your tasks properly then you can see that the base and cylinder are coming off as one single piece. Now comes the messy part. As you pull these out you will notice slippery things; don’t worry these are just the grease that has been used to lubricate. Just put the greasy aside and pull the base out anticlockwise and tada! You are finished. The base is off. You can put a new base as you desire and reverse steps to install it.


For those of you who have a plastic base don’t feel that I am giving biased advice. For you guys, my suggestion would be as so. If you have a broken plastic base or you just want to remove your plastic base then what you have to do is remove it destructively. How? Just by cutting. What portion? Well, cut 90% using a hacksaw. Do it on two sides and then take a hammer and chisel for splitting it. But be careful and use safety gloves. For the cylinder don’t try to be a superhuman and cut it yourself because you will only wind up hurting yourself. Get the help of a rotary cutter and cut the cylinder. And you will be fixed up to install a new base.

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