Furniture Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Wood Furniture?

Wood has been using for making furniture for a long time. Though we have furniture made of other materials nowadays, wooden furniture is everywhere. We find most furniture made of wood around us. We usually use polish on wooden furniture to make the furniture shiny look and to save it from dust and dirt. But the polishes and dust combine over time and leave a dark film on the furniture surfaces.

In order to get rid of this, you need to clean the furniture deeply after a periodic cycle. But you need to be careful so that the furniture doesn’t get damaged. We saw many people who clean the wood furniture in the wrong way and as a result, the furniture gets damaged. That’s why we decided to write an information guide on how to clean wood furniture without damaging it. I hope, this will help you out.

Cleaning Tips – How to Clean Wood Furniture

  1. Dusting

You should dust your furniture regularly. Regular dusting prevents dirt and other airborne deposits. These dirt & airborne deposits make a layer of dirt film and sometimes it can scratch the furniture surface. As a result, your furniture gets damaged and becomes old quickly.

To dust your furniture, you need 2 pairs of clothing. Try to use soft and clean clothes. First, take a piece of cloth and wet it into the water (you may mix dishwashing soap solution in it for better results) and wipe out the furniture surface (do not saturate the wood).

Remember, you don’t need a wet cloth; you need a damp one. This damp cloth removes the simple dust off the surface. Now, take the second piece of the clothes. This cloth must be dry, soft, and clean. Wipe the furniture surface with this cloth and you’ll get a fresh look.

  1. Cleaning:

Though dusting and cleaning are almost the same, there’s a little difference. Actually, all purposes of cleaning sprays are used for cleaning. It’s better to clean the furniture once a week. The dusting can’t remove all the sticky spots. And for this issue, you should treat the furniture with water and soap. Dissolve detergent or mild soap into the water and take a soft and clean cloth. Now wet the cloth in the water and wring it until it’s nearly dry. After then, wipe out the furniture surface and as like as dusting, wipe it again with another dry, soft and clean cloth as quickly as possible, because water damages the wood.

  1. Removing Old Polish:

Almost all furniture has a polish to lengthen the furniture and to prevent it from dust and dirt. But when it’s a too long time with the same polish, the ability of the polish becomes weak. Sometimes old polish gets faded which makes the furniture looking older. In this situation, removing the old polish is the perfect solution.

In order to remove old polish, you may use the simple homemade method. Just take 2 tea bags and steep them in boiling water. After some time, put off the water pot and let the water (tea actually!) cool at the same as the room temperature. After getting cold, take a soft and clean piece of cloth. Then put it into the water and wring it until the cloth is damp. Now wash the wood furniture surface with the cloth. Basically, the tannic acid of the tea is good for maintaining the wood and you’ll be surprised after seeing the shining of the furniture when the wash is done!

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  1. Removing Water Stains:

Sometimes the furniture gets water stains if hot or cold drinks are put directly on the surface. And it’s hard to remove it with dusting or cleaning several times. In order to remove these stains, just put some non-gel toothpaste on the stains. Take a soft cloth and rub the spot until the stains are gone.

Sometimes we get stubborn stains too. They’re hard to remove, but not too hard. Just mix the toothpaste and the baking soda equally and take a soft and damp cloth and wipe it out.

  1. Deep Cleaning :

When the furniture gets stubborn dust, spots, or oily spots and you’re unable to eliminate it with cleaning; it’s time to do a deep cleaning. To deep clean, use water and oil soap to remove the layer of grime from the furniture surface first. Rinse the surface and dry it well. If the finishing still looks dirty, then your furniture needs mora e powerful cleaning. Go to the shop and bring a deep cleaning product. Use the product instead of oil soap.

  1. Erasing Difficult Marks:

If the furniture gets difficult marks such as an ink mark, you have to erase it. To do it, make a thin paste of water and baking soda. Take 1 teaspoon water and 1 tablespoon baking soda. Apply the mixture on the mark and rub it gently with a clean and soft cloth until the mark’s gone. Now, take a clean, soft, and damp cloth and wipe the surface.

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  1. Scratching The Furniture Surface:

If your furniture is slightly scratched, you can fix it by applying paste wax. When the furniture gets a deep scratch, use wood filler or colored filler wax. Pick the colored filler wax stick that is matched with your furniture. This is better to apply the wax in several thin layers instead of applying them in one thick layer. To apply it, put the wax in a square of 100% cotton fabric. Now rub the scratched area with the wax ball in a circular motion. Make it once at a time. When you fix one scratch, go for waxing another. After waxing, wipe off the extra-filled wax with a soft and clean cloth. When you fill all the scratches, make polish, and complete it. You can use a soft cloth or lamb’s wool pad attached with a power buffer or electric dill.

When you’re done cleaning your wood furniture, you can finish it with a wood polish in order to add shine and preserve the finishing. You may use commercial lemon oil or a homemade mixture. Take ¼ cup of vinegar and 1cup of olive oil. Mix it and wipe the furniture with a soft and clean cloth. This polish will help to keep the shine longer and keep your furniture looking lovely.

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