The Best Methods of How to Clean Chair Cushion?

We all love to have a comfortable seat cushion and apparently, we don’t like a dirty one. But in today’s world of a washing machine, not every seat cushion is washable in machines. So what will you do? Just avoid them or use the dirty one, or are you thinking of throwing them away?

If you have a lot to spend then you can do whatever you want. Or you could just hire a cleaning service and do it by them. But take a moment and think about the amount you’re planning to spend doing so. In my opinion, it will be cost-saving if you learned to clean your chair cushion yourself at least that is what I have done.

You could save all the money that you were thinking of spending on cleaning stuff and instead you can go shopping. Maybe you can even buy a dress or so. In order to do the task and save some money first, you need to identify how and what mess is in your cushion.

If you go through this article you’ll find that I have discussed many problems and solutions in order to keep your chair cushion neat and clean. You can follow mine or you have the freedom to explore.

Best Way To Clean Chair Cushion

Regular cleaning

Machine washable

  • easily removable and washable in the machine
  • you can use the method you know or follow mine

Non-machine washable

  • Cannot be removed
  • You can use the steps you know or follow mine


  • little or lot of dirt gets in it
  • different methods used according to dirt

Machine washable:

Just remove the cushion cover and throw it in the washing machine. But be careful while using the washing material. Be sure about the cover lint and what material to use for washing.

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Non-machine washable:

Use an equal part of vinegar and water solution or equal part of baking soda and water paste. In case of vinegar solution, soak the cushion for at least 5/10 minutes and then rinse it. You can repeat the process again if necessary. In case of water and baking soda keep the paste for 5 minutes and then lather rinse and repeat as you wish. To remove the odor use tea tree oil or other natural fragrance.

Outdoor cushion:

Normally these cushions face a lot of dirt and soil. Many animals or even your pet may do their duty on it. Wild animals may sometimes take a nap if you keep cushions in a garden place. So what to do? First of all, for removing the dirt you need to vacuum thoroughly and then wash it by hand. You may think of throwing it in the washing machine but soil stains may often not come off in the machine wash. But a little elbow grease should do it. For naughty animal doing scoop potty and then wash. For odor removal sprinkle baking soda and leave it for an hour and then brush it off. Afterward, drop tea tree oil. Or you can soak it in lemon juice for 5 minutes but make sure lemon juice doesn’t change the color of the material.

Other tools and techniques used in cleaning:

  • Vacuum cleaning
  • Steam cleaning
  • Washing machine
  • Manual

Some of the common problems seen in case of the removal cushion cover are:

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3D. dirt, dust, and dander of your pet:

All the cushions can be seen to attract the mentioned things. Your pet may be the most precious thing in your life and it may give you small hugs sitting in your lap on the cushion. Or if you have a lazy animal who just enjoys sleeping on the cushion then you are most troubled because just look carefully and you will see some small tiny speck of hair or dander. Not just this but dust is also a normal phenomenon. For this what you can do is:

  • Brush the cushion with a soft toothbrush lightly
  • Vacuum it afterward
  • Wipe the whole surface wearing a rubber glove

Spills and spots:

Spills and spots can be of like drinks or foods as a sauce or runny food (spaghetti, soup, etc.). These will leave a permanent stain on your cushion if not maintained properly. For drinks just blot the area with a paper towel/soft cloth. But wait there is a way to perform the task. Start from the outside and go to the middle of the spill by blotting, to prevent stain wipe the area with a vinegar-soaked soft cloth. If your cushion cover is removable then remove it and wash it as soon as possible.  The food item you could follow these steps

  • Scoop the food with a butter knife
  • Throw it in machine or hand wash it and repeat if needed
  • For odor sprinkle some baking soda and leave it for hours and then wipe away

Chewing gum:

Put ice on the sticky chewing gum until it hardens. After hardening just rub a dub and the sticky gum will fall off slowly bit by bit. And Walla! Your cushion is saved from being thrown away.

Some preventive steps to be taken:

  • If your cushion fabric is made of things other than cotton or linen then don’t be creative to wash it yourself just go to the dry cleaning.
  • In case of self-washing be sure to use a material that doesn’t harm the fabric
  • Always use a little washing material in a spot where cannot be seen to find out whether discoloration occurs.
  • For outdoor cushions, you can use fabric protectors if you don’t like to wash too often. For instance: Scotch Gard™. To protect cushions from bugs keep a bowl filled with cedar balls.

Final Verdict

Always keep your cushion in an airy place, not in a plastic bag. Because plastic bags may seem airtight but if air gets in and you store the cushion so mold will grow. You have to suck all the air out if you want to use plastic bags.

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