How to Choose a Recliner – Don’t Buy Before Read

A recliner is not just a luxury tool- is meant to provide a lot of tangible benefits! No other chair can beat the perfect recliner chair because of its relaxation and comfort-ability.

Moreover, it is ensuring more than relaxation that helps to relieve your stress, remove back, shoulder, and neck pain with improving blood circulation. So, if you’re thinking about a new recliner, then you should know about it from the root.

For sure, each person has individual needs and choices. Keep that in mind- the manufacturers make a wide variety of recliner that is available on the market. Each type has equipped with a great feature to meets the customer’s needs.

Following that, it’s challenging to pick the right one among these vast arrays of design. That’s why in this article, we have explored the types of recliners. After reading the entire, it will easy for you to decide which one is good for you and your living space.

Let’s go into the discussion.

Different types of recliners

The recliner was built at first between 1852 to 1870. These were found in the living room of the noble people of that time.

As same as that, the recliner is considered as value-added stuff to a living room. But the modern recliner was produced in America in the 20th century. Nowadays, there are a lot of recliner models available such as rocker recliner, lift recliner, massage recliner, and so many- those are designed to deliver different purposes.

When you go for a recliner, keep some point in your mind like:

  • It should be suited to your existing decor
  • Should have fits with your body size
  • Should have the ability to  meet your demand
  • Should go with your style

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Now’s the time to know about the detail of the recliner type.

  1. Two-position recliner

First up, the two-position recliner which is commonly known as the traditional recliner.

As its name says, it has functioned within two positions: either in an upright or fully reclined position. It also comes with a lever that helps you to release the footrest pops up and then goes into lie-down back with your body weight.

However, it is better suited in the larger space as it’ll require ample space from the wall when you go back to fully reclined. Despite having a limited function, it’s the proper choice for those who want a budget-friendly recliner.

  1. Rocker / Gliding recliner

The recliner is excellent for those having insomnia or a mother who has struggled with baby sleep. Even people who want to watch a movie in a luxury-comfort chair can keep it on their list as well.

Instead of being several reclining angles, it doesn’t go back wholly. in fact, you can keep it close to the wall; make it handy and more acceptable for small spaces. Usually, it comes with two reclining options- one is manual, another is power, besides some chair offers a single operating function.

With manual-functioned recliner: it has come with pull liver inside the recliner that you need to lift the lever to adjust your wanted position. Whereas the power-functioned recliner has a panel of two or three buttons inside the chair’s armrest, and the button is used to control the reclining capabilities for the recliner’s back, headrest, and footrest.

The gliding recliner is almost like the rocker recliner. In other words, it just mimics the rocker recliner. There is only one difference between them- it moves backward and forward in a linear path, whereas rocker moves in the arched path. By the way, if you want to gift a recliner to your grandparents or your grandparents- then this would be a good option.

  1. Push-back recliner

A push-back recliner does actually what the name says! Its sleek look makes it a hot style among the other chair.

Basically, the push-back recliner comes without a button or lever, and only the back part of the chair is movable- that’s why they look like a regular armchair when not in the reclined position. While you are sitting in the chair, all you need to lean back and push yourself on the back of the chair to lie-down.

Moreover, since these have no lever, this type of recliner takes a small space than a rocker. If your living space has not more space for larger staff, then you can go with this push-back recliner to match your room. These types of chairs are mostly used as Office recliners.

  1. Riser/ Lift recliners

Next up-the riser recliner chair. Usually, it is highly recommended by physicians for those who have disabilities or injuries to sit and stand on their own. Also, suitable for older people who have weak knees with limited capabilities to use their legs.

Instead of being expensive, it’s one of the most versatile and functional recliners. It is featured as a motorized reclining chair to lifts upward so that you can quickly get out of the chair. Some lift recliner provides two-position recliner or three-position recliner and others come with infinite position recliner. If you want to massage, heat, and therapeutic advantage in one recliner, then an infinite position recliner is an excellent option.

Else it offers a remote-controlled reclining position, adjustable angles, an independently adjustable footrest that makes it demandable to the customer. This type of chair comes in various shapes and sizes- that you can easily grab the one which fits your individual needs.

  1. Massage recliner

Well, it is precisely designed for relaxing and comfort rather than appearance. It removes your aches and pains so that you can’t stop yourself from loving it. After a busy day, while you’re sitting down in this chair, all tiredness will definitely say bye-bye to you!

It featured to massage your back and leg’s backside. Some of them come with a heating option. They can assist you in lifting or reclining .also this chair can knead, knock, and vibrate- enhance its characteristics. One more thing is, it’s costly than a wall-saver or rocker recliner.

  1. Wall saver/ hugger recliners

As its name implies, the wall-saver recliner is the best option when you are looking to conserve space. It’s featured to sit up straighter and so that can be pushed directly up against the wall.

Also, these types of recliners only take around 6-inches of space from the wall in the fully reclined position. Usually, they offer a more limited range of motion and a resting position to easily get out of it. Also, these are a vast popular among those who have weak knees and limited capabilities of movement because it possesses adjustable features that make sure to get up easily.

  1. Powered recliner options

The power recliner closely mimics the traditional recliner. The only difference between these: has functioned with a power button or remotes instead of a lever or button. That’s why you can get your desired angle without pulling or pushing any lever.

Most of the powered recline comes with USB outlets for portable devices such as tablets or phones. Furthermore, heating and massage option to provide back, headrest, and lumbar support- that make it versatile. It’s popular since the user has controlled the chair with the help of a remote.

Some of these recliner function as an adjustable bed for particular needs. For example, to give you full comfort while you’re watching a movie. Also, these are great for an elder who suffered from a knee problem.

How to Choose a Recliner

Well, we’ve talked about the most conventional recliner model earlier. It depends on you which recliner is best for you. Look, different recliner offers different features and abilities. And you should go for that one which is perfect to fulfill your requirements.

As you read this guide about different types of recliners, so we can hope that you now know which model will suit you most. For example, if you like classic design, then go for a traditional, glider, rocker or push back recliner; if you’re concern about space, then go for wall hugger recliner and if you need a massage from the chair, then the heat and massage recliner is the best choice for you. Also, you can find a portable massage chair on the market.

Final thoughts

Okay, we have discussed about those recliners are the most conventional and fashionable in to-days generation. And you can see that every recliner offers numerous features and advantages so that it’s up to you which one you’ll pick up.

Remember, all of the models are built to meet different customer needs. That’s why you have to be sure of your choice and demands. After that, you’ll get pleasure and enjoy what you want.

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