How to Choose a Recliner – Don’t Buy Before Read

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How to Choose a Recliner

A recliner chair is a great way to sit back and relax after a hard workout day. An automatic recliner chair helps you a lot to get relief from pain and to reduce stress. Additionally, it provides you with an extremely comfortable relaxing experience. But you know what; there are a huge number of recliner models available out there with different features and abilities. So, choosing the perfect recliner for you isn’t so easy. That’s why we’re here. We have included a guide about recliner, its variety and choosing factors so that you can pick a suitable chair for you.

What is Recliner?

Before starting to choose a recliner, you should have the proper idea about what is a recliner. The recliner is mainly a chair. It’s a special kind of chair which has different kinds of moveable seat parts for reclining. The recliner chair is a great way to relax after a hard day. The automatic full body massage recliner provides you relief from pain, helps to reduce stress and depression, offers a comfortable resting space and adds great value to your home/office.

How to choose a recliner

Different Types of Recliners:

No other chair can beat the recliner chair because of its relaxation and comfort-ability. The recliner has been the best choice for the chair for decades. The recliner was produced first between 1852 and 1870. They were found in the living room of the noble people of that time. As same as that time, the recliner is considered as value added stuff to a living room. But the modern recliner was produced in America in the 20th century. And nowadays, there are a lot of recliners models available. Some of the major models are given below-

Traditional Recliner:

The traditional recliner is simple and two seating position chairs. It’s the early model of the recliner. When a button or lever is pushed, this simple chair releases a back seat in the footrest position and the backside of the chair, for giving you a relaxing shape. This chair is usually for a bigger room, because of its huge size.

Power Recliner:

The power recliner is as similar to the previous traditional recliner except for the power button. Where the traditional recliner has a button or level, the power recliner has an electric power button. The power recliner is better than the previous models as it gives better control to the user. You can make the recliner more versatile and desired shape easily with the control.

Glider Recliner:

The glider recliner is a popular recliner among adults with young children and mother nursing. It’s a recliner that is able to move forward and backward in the linear direction. It’s very useful to the people who like gentle moving while resting.

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Rocker Recliner:

The rocker recliner and the glider recliner are particularly the same. Only the rocker recliner can rock back and forth instead of the backward-forward line. This is pretty useful to people who have trouble falling during sleep. Additionally, the motion direction is very smooth and relaxing, which is a great advantage.

Push Back Recliner:

The pushback recliner can be considered as a comfortable armchair because of the lacking of an adjusting lever or button. In this chair, you just need to sit and exert the pressure on the back. The recliner will then make the adjustment for you. As the recliner doesn’t have any button or lever, it looks like a simple chair, but at the same time, it works as a recliner. It’s a very popular choice among classic people.

Swivel Recliner:

The swivel recliner is a modern recliner which is able to swivel the circular base to the right or left, as well as backward. This recliner has a full-motion range that is admired and liked by the people. It’s a perfect relaxing chair because of its moving ability.

Lift Recliner:

The lift recliner is basically made for the people who have weak legs, knees and hips. It’s recommended by the physicians. This recliner has a lift mechanism. It remains flat most of the time. And when the user sits on it and pulls the lever, the lift mechanism starts working. The mechanism lifts the chair upright angled. It’s perfect for aged people.

High Leg Recliner:

The high leg recliner is a simple and classic recliner model. This model has wooden and long legs that make the recliner typical chair look. The recliner has really a classic and contemporary style which is best for your living room decor. It’s as same as the chair just has a wing-style backrest seat.

Heat & Massage Recliner:

The heat and massage recliner model in the most innovative and modern model of the recliner. The recliner has a built-in heater and vibrator. The heater heats the chair and provides comfort. On the other hand, the vibrator feature is included for providing you a massage. The different recliner has different massage system. Some chairs only massage back, while some others are able to massage your back, neck, legs, wrist, etc. The full body electric massage chair is a great addition to your living room. And it works best!

Wall Hugger Recliner:

The wall hugger recliner is a favorite choice among them who look to conserve space. This recliner can be placed straighter up to the wall while not using it. It saves a lot of space in your living room. This recliner has a limited motion range and it easier to get in and out of the recliner.

How to Choose a Recliner:

Well, we’ve talked about the most conventional recliner model earlier. It depends on you which recliner is best for you. Look, different recliner offers different features and abilities. And you should go for that one which is perfect to fulfill your requirements.

As you read this guide about different types of recliner, so we can hope that you now know which model will suit you most. For an example, if you like classic design, then go for traditional, glider, rocker or push back recliner; if you’re concern about space, then go for wall hugger recliner and if you need a massage from the chair, then the heat and massage recliner is the best choice for you. Also, you can find a portable massage chair in the market


The recliner is generally huge in size and weight. Though they come with different sizes and models, they fit with everybody. So, it’s a good idea to keep the proper space for your recliner in your living room. Just get one, and enjoy the comfort!

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