How to Choose the Perfect Office Chair?

Let’s start the topic by asking a question that might appear merely important to you. Have you ever thought how much time exactly do you spend in your office? I, apparently, can hardly guess the exact amount of time that you spend, in general, in your office.  Let’s calculate that approximation. For instance, let’s presume you spend 7 hours a day in your office, which makes it at least 42 hours a week and 168 hours a month and almost a massive amount of 2000 hours per year. I guess I won’t be wrong saying that these 2000 hours are the maximum part of your life, in a year, that you spend sitting in a chair.

Now, to make the point of this topic more obvious, let me ask you another question. And I’m pretty sure that you are going to find this question at least a bit, if not massively, beneficial. At times, do you feel an intense amount of pain in your back? If yes, then you must consider going through the whole article. The pain you’re suffering from has been originated due to the use of the wrong office chair.

Physical Therapy Tips for choosing an Office Chair

The main features to look for in a perfect office chair

How To Choice A Perfect Office Chair

Choosing the perfect office chair is not at all a tricky thing to do! You just have to be a little bit conscious of the product you’re buying. Why? Because you not just buying a chair. You are going to invest a massive amount of time which is around 2000 hours per year on that chair. One wrong step will make you suffer a severe amount of pain in the future. Your physical health is dependent on your decision. Now let’s discuss the features that you should be looking for while buying the perfect office chair

Lumber Support & Fullback:

A good office chair must have at least one of these two features. Lumber support of the chair gives support to the lower back part of our body and reduces the chances of having lower back pain. Generally, every decent office chair comes with an adjustable lumber supportive cushion. Fullback of the chair is also helpful in reducing the chances of having back pain.

Waterfall Seats:

A study at the University of Pittsburgh has found out the chairs having waterfall seats (the seats which curve down) are safer. Because this waterfall design of the seat prevents the seat from catching the user behind the knees. It also helps to distribute the body-weight equally.

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Look out for the angle:

Most people ignore this very important matter that while sitting on a chair your hips, knees, and ankles should be comfortably angled in around 90 degrees. If you’re sitting on a chair in which your hips, knees, and ankles are not comfortably positioned at 90 degrees then either the chair is too tall or too small for you. Maintaining this perfect angle will keep you from joint pains.

Fabric & Cushion:

The fabric is one of the most important parts of any chair. You need to be careful while buying the chair. The fabric of the chair should be comfortable and breathable. Breath-ability of the fabric allows it to keep itself from being too hot and it also keeps you sweat-free. The cushion of the chair should be soft and thick. To test the cushion, simply sit on the chair. See if you could feel the body of the chair beneath the cushion. If you don’t feel the base underneath the cushion then that’s a perfect cushion.


A good office chair should be adjustable in as many ways as possible. In general, the adjustable parts are armrest bars, height, and backrest (to recline). The more a chair is adjustable the more chances for you to find your comfortable position of that chair. But make sure you can adjust the parts by yourself and that too without any kind of tools. Don’t hesitate to ask for a demonstration.

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Wheel Base:

Although almost every office chair comes with wheels. But still, there are some chairs that might not come with wheels. It’s better if the chair is wheel-based. Make sure the wheels are strong and well-made. Nowadays there are many kinds of wheels based on the type of flooring. For instance, the wheels specifically made for carpeted floors won’t suit in wooden floors. Strong wheels will help you move around the desks for a long time without any problems.


A good office chair should be able to smoothly swivel 360 degrees. It helps us to reach in various parts of the desk easily. If the chair doesn’t swivel, then basically, we tend to extend our arms too much without getting off the chair. Continual doing of this act can cause arm fatigue.

Now after all these talking, you might be wondering, “Why bother this much for a chair? What’s the worth of this?” Well, first of all, let’s assume you’re not an office person, and then you might need a chair for 3/4 hours a day. On this usage, a normal chair without any features is sure to get you a severe amount of pain that, I guarantee, you’re not going to like. Now let’s talk about the professional use of a good office chair. A study has shown that the employees who are more comfortable in the workplace perform way better than the ones who are not comfortable. The more comfortable you are at your work time the more you can contribute to your career. So be conscious and buy what’s actually best for you.

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