How Should a Recliner Fit For Size

How Should a Recliner Fit For Size – The Perfect recliner

In 1920, modern recliners came into being and brought a completely new dimension in the world of relaxation. Nowadays you will find different types and designed recliners in various furniture shops. However, looks might turn out to be deceiving. So, do not be fooled just because a recliner looks good or luxurious.

Many of us who buy recliners often suffer discomfort and blame the company that produced the recliner. Nevertheless, not all the time the company that produced the recliner is the one to be blamed, sometimes it might be you, yes you. No one knows what you want better than you do. You are the one who sometimes gets influenced by others to divert yourself from your actual needs. But keep one thing straight and clear in mind that everyone is an expert in commenting but no one is going to pay your bills for you.

Therefore, you should choose your recliner according to your body type, shape, size and your home decor to enjoy yourself.

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Before you go shopping, keep the followings in mind:

  • Look for the material with what the recliner is made of.
  • Spring recliners often fade soon and the springs come out easily.
  • Cheap leather recliners tear away easily.
  • Shape and size are important.
  • Some come with adjustable height and coasters.
  • Many have armrests that can be folded.
  • Some come with a hidden ottoman.

How should a recliner fit

Body measurement:

Before buying any recliner be sure to measure your body and have a full and exact idea. You have to know the height, weight, if you have anybody problems then you can avoid the ones that will increase your problem. The method to measure your body is-

Measure from the back of your knee to your heel and next you need to measure from your tailbone to your back. The reason behind measuring separately is that this section helps you to find out the measurement of the section of sitting and the section of how your back will be placed. Also, measure the area of your two hips together and also keep an eye for armrests. It should not be too high or too low. The width should be as your arm size.

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After you have measured your body you need to measure the sitting and back of your recliner. Be sure that the height and width are perfect for your measurement. If you have a spinal problem then it is good to choose a recliner based on your cardio doctor’s prescription. One other important thing is to look for the right size of your bottom size and leg length.

Slipcover and place measurement:

For this, you need to measure the whole recliner both upfront and back. In addition to that, you have to measure over the headset. This will give somewhat thought of the size of the slipcover. You can use any rope or tape. But for exact measurement choose an inch tape. Only the measurement of the recliner will not do, you also have to measure the place that you intend to put the recliner. Don’t just buy any recliner buy the one that fits you.

Various recliners:

Now let’s talk about various types. Many sizes and designs are available but what to choose! That depends on the style, taste, and your purchasing power. Different recliner goes with the different room style. You can also get some recliners that are beneficial for health. I have given some descriptions.

Rocker recliner:

If there is a child in you then the rocker recliners are your perfect companion. You will be able to rock back and forth and enjoy a nice time. Insomniac people can be most benefited from it because scientists have proven that rocking helps to sleep. It comes most handy for new moms. New inexperienced moms can sit in the rocker recliner with their babies and rock away to make babies sleep.

Wall-hugger recliners:

Convenient space is the most relaxing feature of this recliner. You can find some that are both rocker and wall-hugger. Those who have back problems and need to sit straight most of the time wall-huggers can be their best mates. This not only helps people with a back problem but helps them who have knee problems. You sit up straight and get up straight. So, it does not put too much pressure on your knees.

Lift chairs:

This is any other recliner but with a twist. It has a machine attached to it that pushes the recliner’s base up so you have the privilege to get up easily.

Massage recliners:

This massages you with vibrating motors. So, you don’t need to go to a massage bar or spa. With just a push of a button, you can have your personal massager at home.

Classic and contemporary collections:

You can find these everywhere and these types of chairs fit any room style. The benefit of these is you don’t have to think about home decor that much.

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