How Should a Recliner Fit For Size – The Perfect recliner

After a hectic day, there’s nothing like immersed into a comfy chair! And recliner is a suitable option to give you such comfort.

Most of the homeowner fails in identifying the right recliner. As a result, they suffer discomfort and blame the manufacturer, although not all brands are bad. Whenever going for the new product, it’s not good to pick all-time of the based on their excellent appearance or luxurious, especially when it comes to choosing a new recliner!

Perhaps, many of us buy randomly, or just anyone told that product is the best, so we take it. Which is indeed wrong. Think a moment why?

Because the chair is maybe good for that person, not for you and comfortable is depends on the individual’s body type and measurement. Any wrong recliner will fail to give you proper benefits. Whereas, the right one offers blood circulation freely, opens up the diaphragm to breathe more, and takes the spine pressure. Thus, it gets out all of your tiredness and makes you refresh.

So what’s the mantra to get the perfect one? In this post, we’re going to explore how you should pick up a recliner to fit your size.

Before you go shopping, keep the followings in mind:

  • Look for the material with what the recliner is made of.
  • Spring recliners often fade soon and the springs come out easily.
  • Home and Office reclining chairs are different.
  • Cheap leather recliners tear away easily.
  • Shape and size are important.
  • Some come with adjustable height and coasters.
  • Many have armrests that can be folded.
  • Some come with a hidden ottoman.

How Should a Recliner Fit For Size?

  1. Measuring your body to match recliner dimensions

Our first segment is for those who want to purchase recliner from the online shop. But if you don’t, then feel free to skip to the next one; you will have to go near the shop for the recliner.

Remember, there are different types of recliner chairs that come in a variety of shapes and sizes. So you should realize which dimension will meet your desire.

Okay, before you buy a recliner from an online retailer, you need to measure your body. To measure your body, you only need one tool that is a tape measure, nothing else!

So, the first step is to measure the distance from the back of your knee to your heel.

You are followed by measure the distance from your heel to your tailbone. It will help you to what to look for in dimensions as far as full reclined measurements are concerned.

After then, measure your arm from your elbow to the end of the palm of your hands. Next, measure your torso on the base of how much baking you want to have. If you wish to the back larger, then you need to measure from your tailbone to your shoulders. Later, measure your tailbone to the top of your head.

Finally, measure your body’s length and width from the right hip to the left hip.

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  1. Check the pressure points

If you want to buy a recliner by going to the furniture shop, then this step is for your concern. To get the perfect recliner dimension, you must check these following pressure points.

Your head – the first pressure is behind your head, which actually hit the recliner. What does happen if your heads not fit? After 10-15 minutes, the crest of the recliner (in the back of your neck) pushed the head forward, and you get a headache.

Your shoulders- secondly, your shoulders should fall into the crevice. So, check, is there any crevice that is fit for your shoulders. When you’re reclining back, the shoulders fall into the crease by going back in that chair. What does the crevice do? If it fits you, then it supports your shoulders and gives relax by ensuring a comfortable position instead of being scrunched forward.

Your lumbar- lower back support is essential because the gap between you and the seat cushion can lead your back pain. Also, though a big recliner offers kink run frequently, it doesn’t provide you to touch the back and don’t get that support. So make sure there is no gap between your lower and seat. Also, notice if the lumbar support is too soft or too firm.

Your arms- be sure that the recliner you pick has armrest. Some of the chairs doesn’t have this feature, or maybe these are larger or smaller than your arms. Your arms will have to fit in the recliner armrest; otherwise, It will be no more comfortable as well. Again make sure your palms can be kept, and the finger can be hung-up on the armrest.

Your knees- although, this is relatively simple, most of the people overlook it! Knees backside has the pressure, so you have to be a concern about it. While you’re sitting on the recliner and feel the knees pressure, then the blood circulation interrupts and causes uncomfortable. So go with the recliner that makes 90-degree straight angles with your knees that ensure you no pressure at the backside.

And feet- finally, your feet that should be on the floor not in the air. Remember, if you’re dangling, then the blood circulation cut off, that you forget, and get up to walk but can’t walk.

In a nutshell, if any of these pressure points not fit, then your recliner is not so comfortable for you.

  1. The measurements of your living space

Next up, ensure your home has enough space to keep the recliner you buy. We would recommend you before you go for the new furniture, specify the place where you keep it and measure the surface with tape.

Then while you go or order, check the measurement (including length and width) of the recliner and be sure that will match with your living space.

  1. Choose the right type of recliner chair

When you’re looking at buying a recliner chair, you’ll see many different types of the chair out there, including-the massage recliner, the glider, the push back glider, the wall-saver, the power lift and so many.

Following that, each of them has different features and styles to serve a specific purpose. Some of the recliners suitable for medical issues such as back pain and limited mobility; some others are built to provide you relax by massaging your back and legs, some recliners for office. Else, some have heating features, swivel base, and many others that indeed make them useful.

That’s why before you buy, make a shortlist of your own preference and make sure you get the one that suits your needs.

  1. Don’t be cheap when looking at recliner chair

You know, the recliner is not like that furniture you change after some days of usage.

So when you decide to buy a recliner, the smart idea does not compromise the quality but the price. Remember, the high-quality product ensures the higher comfort, although it is costly. Also, with a prolonged life span( more than eight years), you can save money.

Whereas the cheaper product doesn’t provide you a better feeling and comfort as it doesn’t have such quality. Even, there is a chance of its ruin. That means you have to replace it with another one, what’s more, you invest in that product turned into a loss project!

  1. Flip the recliner upside down

This is the way to know how much your selected recliner would viable. So ask your sales representative to roll the recliner forward to take a look under the hood. If the sales representative doesn’t agree to flip it upside down, then the product is not good at all! But when he allowed to flip it upside down, then you should check the following things:

  • Four-sided frame:  Because it can take extra force, support your body and last longer; whereas, 2/3 sided frame split earlier.
  • Base material: What is the material of the base? Usually, the recliner base built with plastic or hardwood. Plastic bases are not last as these are flimsy, cheaper outlook, and wear out quickly. On the other side, hardwood bases are sturdy, attractive, and last for many years.
  • Mesh layer: Does it has a mesh layer between the spring and the cushion? The mesh layer distributes the weight evenly and keeps the cushion from shredded. Without the mesh, the cushion is maybe tearing apart by the springs.

Final verdict 

We must say that focus on your demand, decide on the base of your most essential necessaries, and understand what’s make you comfortable. As the recliner comes with a wide verity to match with different humans bodies, you should pick one which goes with your favor.

If you follow the above suggestion, undoubtedly, you can have your perfect recliner. With the right recliner, you get the high-levels of assistance, relaxation, and comfortable. Lastly, the perfect recliner would be a friend of yours!

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