Homall Gaming Chair Review – Is it worth to Buy?

When you have spent thousands of bucks on your entire gaming setup or workstation for making it beyond aesthetics why on earth you still haven’t altered your typical computer desk chair?

Well, maybe the reason is you haven’t yet found the best gaming chair which adds appeal to your gaming setup, room décor and keeps you dynamic throughout the intense gaming sessions.

Today I am going to introduce you to an ergonomic gaming chair that takes care of your lumbar health, alleviates your body, reduces the pressure, keeps you comfortable and relaxed, and gracefully delivers the gamer vibe into you.

Presenting Homall gaming chairs for all the gaming enthusiasts and office workers who want to get rid of back pain, soreness, and stressful work hours to intensify the level of productivity.

So, without further ado, let’s glance over a brief Homall gaming chair review and decide whether it is worth your penny or not!

Overview of Homall Gaming Chair

If you are in a rush then glance over this quick overview so that you can get a brief idea about the Homall gaming chair.

So, first thing first let’s talk about the price range which is pretty much your first concern. Well, If you wanna purchase this chair from online marketplaces like Amazon or eBay you would get it under 150 dollars. The price range may change due to the seller’s convenience but it won’t escalate more than 150 dollars hopefully. However, the manufacturers of Homall also offer some additional attachments along with it which can extend the price range around 300 dollars.

Now, moving to the next segment which is color varieties; this gaming chair includes seven vibrant color options from which you can choose yours depending on your office room décor and interior design although the black sleek color is my go-to color because this never goes out of style and gives your office a classic appearance.

Homall gaming chair features numerous tilt options, 360-degree swivel, superior comfort, sturdy construction, diverse adjustability, tension control knob, 3 mode reclining facility, rocking mode activation, and multi-direction caster wheels to ensure mounting users comfort, reliability, and price value roughly.

Key features of Homall Gaming Office Chair

Let’s wade through the key features one by one to determine whether it’s an ideal deal for you or not!

High-quality material

Homall gaming chairs are crafted with high density and contoured foam material to ensure optimal comfort and resilience. The paddings are religiously infused inside the chair. Consequently, your natural body curves get comprehensive assistance because the paddings are integrated and located exactly where you need them.

The supportive and sculpted foam allows your body to reach the peak of alleviation and relief. Keeping your back firm without causing any glides or slipping out of this chair becomes impeccable for gaming lunatics.

Ample Lumbar Support

Not only your back needs support but also your head, arms, tailbone area, and leg joints require proper assistance and comfort when you are playing for hours in an intense gaming session. Thus, Homall offers a plush and comfortable lumbar pillow to promote appropriate body alignment and ensure optimal relaxation within your tailbone area and buttocks.

On top of that, the winged design permits you to stretch your arms widely and sit with precision. The headrest pillow is adjustable and you can also detach it if you feel like not needing it anymore or prefer your head resting on a flat surface.

In addition, you get an adjustable armrest that doesn’t come in a curvy design instead lays flat and compact. The armrest has height adjustability so that you can personalize your own reclining position.

The Adjustments phenomena

With the knee tilt, 360-degree swivel, and seat height adjustments you can recline the way you want. Also, it reduces the gravity pressure so that you get a zero-gravity reclining vibe promptly.

By activating the knee tilting configuration your gaming chair alters into an old-school rocking chair on which you can rock back and forth when you feel like having a rest. Besides this chair has 3 reclining modes that start from 90 degrees to 150 degrees.

At 90 degree angle, you can rest in the ordinary sitting position where your body remains straight and faces the front. By reaching 120 degrees your back and head lean a little downwards which allows you to activate the read-only mode. You can enjoy your favorite tv series or live twitch streaming in this position with utter comfort. And finally, when you adjust the reclining position at 150 degrees you get access to the nap mode where you can rest in the realm of peace and relaxation.

As you can pivot up to 350 degrees your back doesn’t hurt and you are less likely to feel the tightness around your tailbone area. Toss upsides, change your sitting postures, and wiggle without bearing the fear of abrupt collapses and gliding.

Moreover, you can also customize the seat height adjustment according to your convenience. And all of the adjustments can be easily accommodated within a short event of time. Make sure you lock the reclining position before taking a seat otherwise your chair may bend backward peculiarly and cause minor injuries.

Durable Build

The manufacturers strive in delivering high-quality steel frames for maximum stability on the ground and to intensify the durability so that you can use this chair more than expected. Sometimes due to persistent use, the chair starts wearing out and doesn’t provide the same strength when you sit on it. But when you exchange your traditional office chair with this ergonomic gaming chair for the money you aren’t prone to face such scenarios unless you put more pressure than it can bear.

Easy transportation and Storage

The chair weighs less than 42 pounds and has 5 heavy-duty caster bases for easy transport and mobility. However, the chair has a load capacity of 300lbs which is more than the minimum weight resistance capacity. Consequently, this chair doesn’t restrict you from persistent use and bears relatively more weight than many expensive ergonomic chairs do.


  • Premium PU leather
  • Wear-resistant
  • Remains kind to skin
  • Multi-purpose use-office, gaming, living room
  • Overall steel foundation
  • Rubberized casters that don’t make any cranky noise
  • Attractive price


  • The color of this chair may transfer to your clothes


Check out some frequently asked questions for better insights regarding the chair specifications

1. How do I balance the tilt effect?

Ans. There’s a tension control knob built-in beneath the chair. You have to adjust the knob to an extent of tightness where you feel like; that’s the ideal balance for your tilting”

Q. Does a gaming chair aid severe back pain?

Ans. If you have a history of constant back pain and it increases outrageously due to persistent sitting then you better consult a therapist first then seek a recommendation for an ergonomic chair. Chairs like that may not cure your issues of the bottom but can provide you some relaxation and comfort.

Q. How does this chair inhibit wear-out? Is it made out of authentic leather?

Ans. Authentic leather is horribly expensive. So, if the whole upholstery was made out of leather the price should have been massive but instead, they used PU leather which is one of the finest materials that prevents wear-out, blemishes, and sudden fall.

Q. How to install this chair?

Ans. Firstly, you are gonna get an installation manual to get access. But if you are yet ambiguous about the instruction then you can check out all the settings by yourself where everything is written. For instance, the “pull” “lock” “free” indication will help you to accommodate the chair in your preferred sitting position.

Q. Is it appropriate for a man with 6 feet in height?

Ans. Well, this chair isn’t that big to fit appropriately for a 6 feet tall person.


Alright! That’s a wrap! I hope you have narrowed down whether to buy this gaming chair or not. On top of that, when you want an ergonomic gaming chair at a reasonable price along with a bunch of features and adjustment facilities Homall gaming pop up first in the top trending list! So why not?

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