How to fix prevent scratching from Hardwood Floors?

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prevent scratching from Hardwood Floors

Hardwood floors are glorious to look at but they are very hard to keep good as new. Like most another flooring these cannot be redesigned that easily. It costs both time and a lot of money. Scratching is a normal phenomenon for these type of flooring and it may be one of the embarrassing situations for you in case of house gathering. At least to keep your status you must have scratch free smooth surface. For a scratch-free floor, you should maintain a normal routine of:


  • Sweeping all dust daily
  • Vacuuming in sensitive places weekly
  • Cleaning with a light wet mop for little spots once a time
  • Waxing in a month or so
  • And last but not least get a yearly clean thoroughly

How to fix prevent scratching from hardwood floors

A floor that is clean a scratch-free floor. A small particle of sand, dust or any other object can damage the floor if it is somehow dragged. So by following the daily routine, it is somewhat preventive. Now let’s know about how scratches are caused and how to prevent. First, you have to know how scratching occurs because if you don’t know the problem how can you give a solution. I have simply discussed some problems that I faced before and then taking preventive steps are able to overcome them.

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  1. Shoes: shoes may be a lady’s best friend but they are not the best for hardwood floor especially heels. Don’t forget about boys sneakers. Mud, dust, pebbles stuck in shoes can scratch the nice floor badly. So just as the Japanese take off your shoes when you enter your house. How will others know you do so? Just put a hearty sign or a shoe rack in front of the main gate and they will be smart enough to understand.
  2. Entry mats: we have all seen those “welcome” written mats in cartoons. This is a great gesture. Even if you take shoes inside at least mop your shoes clean before entering the house. ‘No shoes’ policy is forever good. Welcome mats can also help you in one way or other.
  3. Padding under furniture: furniture is the number one enemy of your hardwood floors. Edges, uneven feet, dragging of furniture are all the reasons of primary scratches. What you can do is to put various pads, wheels with soft rubber under them. But make sure those pads are not hard and misplaced.
  4. Roller chairs: roller chairs get themselves caught in dirt, grit and small hard particles; when you start rolling they start scratching. Saying no to them is better or just put pads/mats under them.
  5. Rugs or mats: put a rug or mat at every entering and under every furniture that requires movement.
  6. Outside cleaning: not only inside but outside of your house also needs cleaning. If you clean only inside and don’t bother to clean outside then every time you go outside all the dirt will come inside with you, the wind may also bring some in.

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  1. Keeping fur babies claws trimmed: often our fur babies may get playful with the hardwood floor and go crazy scratching on them. Although their initials might look very cute the marks become permanent. So take a help of an expert and trim their tiny claws.
  2. Rearranging floors: putting rugs and furniture’s in one area for too long may cause uneven aging. It is better to rearrange rugs or furniture placing so that your hardwood floor can age in grace and in an even portion. If you have sunrays coming too much in some places then it is better to get window glasses that protect UV rays from coming inside.
  3. Floor sealers: floor sealers like polyurethane can be of great help in the prevention of wood floor scratching. You can use resin for short period but resin comes off easily. Polyurethane may stay for a longer period than resin but they both may hide the true beauty of wood. Resurfacing is also hard.
  4. Fixing kit: you can get wood fixing kit at any hardware store. Some even come with special oil materials that lessens the scratches. You can buy the fix-it to maintain some easy steps as mentioned above.

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