Best Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain – Reviews & Buying Guide

A few months ago, when I was researching for zero gravity chairs, I asked myself, “are zero gravity chairs a space chair?”

Well, it took me a second to perceive that these chairs are a mirror of spacecraft stimulators that astronauts use to have a seat.

And no wonder, the core aspect to mimic spacecraft stimulator is to provide the same support and exertion to distribute some pressure within the chair from your body.

It surely begs the question that ‘either they reduce back pain or relieve stress from your body?”

The short answer is “yes” they do!

Henceforth, I am gonna introduce the best zero gravity chairs for back pain and tell you how you are going to get a fantastic pay-off!

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top Picks of Zero Gravity Chair for Backpain

How Does a Zero Gravity Chair for Backpain Work

I am sure you have already come across plenty of recliners or comfort cushions that claim to alleviate your back pain and provide you sufficient lumbar support. Here the case isn’t entirely different.

Zero gravity chairs are structured to exert most of your body pressure when you take a seat or intend to lay back or wiggle in diverse positions. It aids exactly where you need.

And the maximum support you require when sitting is in your back. Because the back of your body resists, most of the bodily pressure and the tailbone area is happened to be extremely fragile.

During persistent sitting, it witnesses tightness around the tailbone area, and to encounter severe injuries and inconveniences, zero gravity chairs assist your body to mount ample comfort throughout intense working hours.

6 Best zero gravity chairs for back pain Reviewed

The purpose of reviewing the best zero gravity chairs trending all over the social marketplaces is to nurture your lumbar health and ensuring the utmost comfort in exchange for a decent investment.

Where most of the sellers allure you with a ravishing advertisement, these chairs surpass all of them by their reliability, optimal back support, and resilience.

So here I have lined up six best zero gravity chair reviews for backpain with some pros and cons so that you can easily distinguish the ideal pick for your feat!

  1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Outdoor Lounger Chair Oversize XL Padded Adjustable Recliner with Headrest Support Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Patio

Here, you have one of the finest yet relatively affordable zero gravity chair presented by Timber Ridge. Just like the name, it has ridges stitch-like detailing, which gives the chair a classic traditional look.

Besides, you can choose your go-to color according to your preference from the color choosing option.

Now let’s talk about the features. The prime advantage of getting this chair is that it can weight up to 350lbs. Hence you don’t need to stress over if you are a bit chubby because in this load capacity, an overweighed person can fit in. However, continuous sitting won’t be in your favor.

When you take a sit on these chairs, your body instantly feels comfort as it has a wooden armrest and removable lumbar pillow, which you can use for both headrest and tailbone support.

Then you have the bungee suspension formula, which allows the wheels to move with balance without pacing out from the surface.

It not only settles in with ample stability but also excels in providing comprehensive spinal assistance. Because with this chair, your body rests in proper body alignment and the 360-degree swivel capacity lets your body to encounter harmful sitting postures as well. As it’s utterly lightweight and portable, you can take it along with your journeys by storing them in the trunk or the roof of your vehicle.


  • Great price
  • Ideal for outdoor reclining
  • Easily fold-in
  • Wood armrest with built-in cup holder
  • The pedals lock instantly
  • Regular sitting to lay back position
  • Sturdy Polyester fabric with steel frames


  • The XL size can be an issue when you try to enter them through narrow passages or doors
  • Not convenient for tall people to recline or watch TV

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  1. Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair with Canopy and Side Tray, Sage Green, 26″ Wide Bliss Hammocks Zero Gravity Chair

This zero gravity chair has powder-coated frames to restrain rusts and abrupt collapses. On top of that, it has a wide range of color variety so that you can recline on your personalized patio chair.

The pressure of gravity vanishes when you sit on these chairs. Thus you barely feel any sort of pressure or stress within your body. Furthermore, you have an ultra-thick layered headrest and a sunlight protector shield on the top to help you enjoy the outdoor sport without any discomfort.

You can either sit straight or lay back whenever you urge to get a nap because these chairs have multi-direction positioning and the smart lock system helps the chair to settle on the ground with optimal grip.

In addition, Bliss Hammock features Woven PVC coated polyester to mount versatility and make it extremely environment-friendly as well. FYI, it has a load capacity of 300lbs, which falls into the standard weight resistance capacity.


  • Folds easily
  • Easy to accommodate
  • Locks fast just after installing
  • Sunshade protector


  • The installation of the sunshade attachment can be tricky
  • Could be better at this price

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  1. AmazonBasics Outdoor Zero Gravity Lounge Folding Chair, Blue AmazonBasics Outdoor Chair

One of the crucial things you will always need when camping or traveling places is a weather resistance lounging chair that delivers utmost comfort and supports your body to toss up in different directions!

Hence, Amazon-basics presents zero gravity chairs, which are somewhat weather resistance and fold-in promptly!

In addition, these chairs give you a weightless reclining vibe that ensures the aspect of the zero-gravity effect. Also, it has powder-coated steel frames for maximum stability on the ground or any narrow surfaces. One more thing that I appreciate the most about this chair is the robust sponge pillow, which is located on top of the chair and armrest for supporting your head and arms accordingly to recline downwards.

Whenever you feel like taking a nap or have a sunbath on the beach, you can take advantage of the effortless transition. The chair instantly leans back and forth, depending on your desired position.

Moreover, the dual bungee support mechanism protects you from sudden falls and collapses.

This is perhaps one of those chairs which adds an appeal to your outdoor ambiance and also alleviates your back. Being supremely lightweight yet having 300-pound load capacity and 360-degree swivel is undoubtedly impressive!

And if you ask for longevity, ease of transport and reliability, then rejoice! You have all these backed up!


  • Textilene fabric coating for weather resistance
  • Best of patios and poolside reclining
  • Utterly lightweight
  • Color varieties
  • Easy to accommodate
  • Great price
  • One year warranty


  • The lock mechanism is a bit slow
  • Rusts easily due to persistent use

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  1. PHI VILLA Oversize XL Padded Zero Gravity Lounge Chair Wider Armrest Adjustable Recliner with Cup Holder, Support 350 LBS, Blue PHI VILLA Oversize XL Chair

Unlike other zero gravity chairs here, it has extraordinary height adjustments, which is pretty easy to assemble. The adjustment range starts from  32.48″ to 44.09,” and undoubtedly, that’s reasonably enough for tall people.

Now, let’s move forward to its comfort feats. Well, it has extra large and thick wooden armrest for a classic recliner feel and comfort. Also, the headrest pillow is religiously padded for optimal lumbar support and ergonomic body postures.

You can use it as your camping chair whenever you except to head towards your favorite chill place or sports. Also, you can use it outside of your house, in the yard or the garden as it’s crafted taking care of necessary factors.

Additionally, you are free from sliding or sudden glides as it locks firmly on the ground just by pulling the clip back for stabilizing and up to unlock the chair.

And the bungee suspension is another perk of having these chairs because it ensures durability and proper assistance.


  • Tilt in diverse positions to reduce pressure
  • Easy transition
  • Maintains the contrast of our natural body curve
  • Wrapped with dual oxford fabric
  • Added cup tray for storing beverage and food
  • Easy storage and transportable


  • Best as zero gravity position but lacks in comfort
  • The material isn’t weatherproof

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  1. Timber Ridge Zero Gravity Locking Lounge Chair Oversize XL Adjustable Recliner with Headrest for Outdoor Beach Patio Pool Support 350lbs, Beige Timber Ridge Zero Gravity

Here is another addition of Timber Ridge, and no wonder this the brand which strives to mount the best quality, features, and user’s comfort.

This edition has some differences from the first one. For instance, it has more color variations, detailed armrest with a tinge of the curve for sufficient alleviation when reclining.

Also, you are gonna have a padded headrest pillow whenever you feel like bending the chair to the ground for laying position.

You can also remove the pillow if you feel like using your chair solely for regular sitting.

Here is a pro tip! You can use the detached pillow for lumbar support, although it has the curvy design to keep your body on contour and reduce the risk of numbness in your back.

Furthermore, the chair is entirely coated with breathable mesh contents so that it doesn’t absorb sweat or awful odors inside and keeps you fresh and lively even after a long session of resting.

However, if you want to intensify its durability, make sure your chair stays away from direct sun exposure.

Anything you have ever asked for; best polyester durable, quick locking levers, 350 lbs load capacity, straight to lay back positions, back support, and one-year manufacturer return policy you are getting everything on your hand just by setting this chair in your outdoor lounge or indoor reclining.


  • Reaches 72 inches when fully laid back
  • Locks quickly
  • Portable, easy to accommodate and space-saving
  • Attractive price


  • Footrest made of plastic
  • Might not work well for over weighed people

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  1. Ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built-in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage – Beige by Ideal Massage

    deal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair with Built in Heat Zero Gravity Positioning Deep Tissue Massage

Lastly, you have this zero gravity massage chair, which is a triumph of advancement and exclusive features. You may ask why it’s shortlisted at number 6! Well, the straight answer is the high price tag.

However, the chair also belongs to a different category.

Because it has humanized massage options, which provides you a spa-like vibe and delivers ample relaxation within your body.

Also, this chair has a tension control mechanism. You can keep track of the speed and vibration and set the intensity according to your preference.

The chair tilts back in an S shape recliner within minutes. Added airbags inside the armrest, headrest, and 6 stimulating kneading balls for resting your feet make this chair a winner.

You can choose your massage type from Shiatsu, kneading, spinal to vibrating, and rolling.

And you can enjoy the 30 minutes constant massage and the built-in heat therapy to drift away from all your back pain and discomfort.

The comfortable sitting with zero gravity effect makes it one of the most exceptional chairs available in the market.


  • Three zero gravity positioning
  • Extreme comfort with overstuffed airbags
  • Manuel option for treating the targeted area with back rollers


  • Overweight
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • High price

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What To Look For In A zero gravity chair for back pain

So when you look for a zero gravity chair or anything that affects your body and also your finance, you need to recognize your necessities first.

For instance, you may want a zero gravity chair that allows heat massage or vibration. On the other hand, you may only need a chair that alleviates your back by thrusting away the pressure of gravity with an ergonomic locking mechanism and tilt options.

And most importantly, you must be assured about what type of zero gravity chair you are fishing for? Is it indoor or outdoor? Because this determination will decide the rest of your needs.

Here I have compiled 4 crucial facts you need to know before getting your zero gravity chair.

Give it a glance!

  1. Outdoor or Indoor?

As I have told you earlier that you gotta be sure which type you want, now its time to tell you why.

See, if you want a chair for camping or lounging outside or just to enjoy your evening tea at the garden while sitting on your desired position, then you need to opt for chairs with weather resistance and rust-proof.

Also, there are chairs that provide sunshade on the top so that you can even rest when summer rolls at its best.

On the flip hand, if you just want a back support chair that reduces pressure from your back and brushes away your back strains due to constant sitting when you are watching tv in your living room, then an indoor chair would be convenient.

Here you don’t need to invest extra bucks for weather resistance feature.

  1. Load capacity

Your chair should at least bear the weight of 250 pounds, and it’s considered as the minimum weight resistance that should be expected from these chairs. However, you may not be an over weighed person, but the more load capacity it has, the longer it will stick with you.

And no wonder having a standard load capacity manifests that all the family members of your house can take advantage of it. Though if you are expecting an outdoor chair, then the load capacity isn’t supposed to be higher than 300 pounds, although indoor chairs can weigh up to 400 pounds ideally.

  1. Locking Mechanism

Most of the complaints that emerge whenever I go through the customer reviews are about the lock system. Because the locking mechanism resembles how much stable it would be. Also, the ergonomics are based on locking functions that basically help you settle-in in your preferred reclining position. So make sure that the lock mechanism works well.

  1. Flexibility and portability

The chair should offer easy accommodation. Meaning, your chair needs to fold-in easily when convenience because it will help you to store it anywhere you want. And also, choose a chair that is compact and doesn’t weigh much so that you can take it along with you by putting it on the trunk or car rear seat.

  1. Height adjustments and Dimension

You don’t want to buy something that doesn’t match your height when you sit straight or when you lay back, your feet rest on the floor rather than on the footrest.

That’s why check the dimension and height adjustments to get the ideal chair for your back pain!

How To Use A zero gravity chair for back pain

Let me tell you that zero gravity chairs can be assembled by one person.

For using it, you need to activate the locking function when reclining and deactivate when you want to change the posture or adjust the height. If your chair offers heat massage, then probably there are buttons to proceed and timer to set the massage time!

Now when you are using it for back pain, you don’t take account of any extra cautions because most of the zero gravity chairs are habitually designed to maintain your body curve and delivers muscle relief and reduces soreness.

The Perks of a Zero Gravity Chair for Back Pain

Aren’t we all stumble upon things that consist of its own benefits? I am sure we do! Hence, you should come across the perks of a zero gravity chair, which impacts your lumbar health, mental state, and also your surroundings. Check them out!

  • These chairs are therapeutic because they treat your back, hip joints, muscles, and arms by delivering ample comfort and resilience
  • It helps to maintain the body alignment of yours so that your back doesn’t hurt due to prolonged sitting
  • This chair takes you to the realm of alleviation as most of them are supremely comfortable and offers different reclining modes even if it’s laying back to the floor for a nap!
  • Some chairs add more versatility in your indoor or outdoor surroundings by owning an elegant appearance.


Here are some frequently asked questions that may help you with your farther queries.

  1. Are zero gravity chairs better than back support pillows?

  • Both are crafted for the same aspect, but they don’t work likely. Also, the sole purpose of getting zero gravity chairs is the zero gravity feature itself, which you won’t gonna get in back support pillows. Also, pillows aid one particular area of your body, whereas zero gravity chairs alleviate your back, arms, head, and feet.
  1. Can I assemble my gravity chair by myself?

  • Mostly yes, if you follow the manual.
  1. Should I go for a removable headrest pillow?

  • It’s better if you go for one because it will allow you to take charge of whether to use the pillow or not. Also, you can use a removable headrest pillow as your lumbar cushion when need.
  1. How do I determine the best recline position?

  • If it’s 140 degrees, then it’s the standard recline position, which can increase up to 180 degrees.
  1. Is tension control any of my use?

  • Obviously! You have to play with it when you want to increase or decrease the intensity of the rollers. However, it only applies to massage zero gravity chairs.
  1. Should I go for an expensive one?

  • Honestly, if you are looking for chairs that offer multiple massage and heat options, then you are bound to invest much. Otherwise, not necessarily!
  1. What’s the first feature if I want an outdoor chair?

  • Weather resistance.
  1. Are over weighed chairs ideal for outdoor use?

  • No


Herein, after contemplating a while regarding the best zero gravity chairs, Timber Ridge zero gravity locking patio outshines all around because of the diverse reclining preferences, comfort, and affordability. However, you have the leverage to choose yours!

Good luck!

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