Best Reclining Office Chair with Footrest in 2021

Don’t tell us that you are living in the late 90s and still didn’t change your traditional office chair. If that so then let me tell you that an office recliner can bring the zeal to work hard during exhausting work errands.

In the recent marketplace, you can get the best reclining office chair with footrest and other exceptional attributes that helps you to work with optimal lumbar support during intense office hours.

Consequently, it becomes crucial to discover the best reclining office chair without getting sold on something worthless and ensure the ideal deal for you.

Here today we have compiled reclining office chair reviews so that you can get a precise insight regarding which one to buy and for what!

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10 Best Reclining Office Chair Reviewed

All of the reviewed chairs are shortlisted by the conduct which pledges on quality material, lumbar support, comfort, adjustments, weight resistance, tilt and locking mechanism, 360 degree pivot and durable construction at an affordable price range.

  1. Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Lumbar Support – High Back Executive Chair Duramont Reclining Office Chair with Footrest

The reason why Duramont outranks other expensive reclining office chair that are trending over the marketplace is the waterfall design it features.

When your chair has waterfall edges it ensures an increased lumbar support as the seat dramatically slopes downwards to minimize your lower back pain, pressure on the thigh and legs as well. The chair is strategically padded for obtaining uttermost comfort when working for a prolonged time. However the seat end is overstuffed with padding’s and has a fine curve to life up your thighs a little and reduces the gravity pressure.

On top of that, this office chair recliner embodies 3 different reclining angles so that you can modify your own reclining posture according to your convenience. From 90 degrees to 155 degrees; you can lock your desired angle by accessing to the locking mechanism.

Key features

  • Premium PU leather; wear resistance and encounters sudden glides and slipping out
  • Heavy duty nylon base for ensuring a sturdy build
  • Synthetic upholstery that stays kind to your skin
  • Smooth roller coaster for mobility
  • 90 degrees to 155 degrees reclining with 360 degree swivel
  • Retractable, padded footrest with elasticity
  • 250 weight capacity

  1. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Big and Tall Office Executive Chair

Today when we are talking about reclining office chairs with optimal lumbar support, adjustments, comfort contents and a robust construction we can’t look past of the GTRACING office chair. GTRACING Gaming Chair with Footrest Big and Tall Office Executive Chair

So why we have shortlisted it at our top #2 office chair? Well, the competent features and high caliber begs for your purchase. It features Premium PU leather for its upholstery.

On top of that the material is entirely wear resistance. So you can use it persistently however constant use is always avoidable to strengthens its durability.

Next, you have the densely padded seat, lumbar cushion, adjustable armrests, headrest pillow and the retractable footrest for sure!

So when you have all of them in one chair, you are allowing your body to relax at its best. While the footrest permits you to sit with precision and ample ease, the lumbar pillow supports your back and tailbone to reduce the pressure. Initially the armrest can be adjusted by its height for resting your arms in different angle.

Key features

  • 350 pound load capacity
  • Rocking mode activation
  • Retractable footrest for a comprehensive nap time and rest
  • 6 point base built
  • Smooth nylon-made roller coasters for easy transportation and mobility
  • Tailored with metal frame
  • Padded lumbar cushion and removable headrest
  • Attractive price

  1. REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair – Metal Base High Back Executive Computer Desk Chair

REFICCER presents leather coated office chair backed by a sturdy metal base construction, impeccable waterfall margins to keep your back on contour. REFICCER Big and Tall Reclining Leather Office Chair

While delivering maximum comfort within you body this chair also make sure that your lower back, head, arms and legs are in accurate sitting posture no matter you are just sitting in your conventional way or leaning backwards while reading something or willing to get a nap. This ergonomic chair authorizes you to modify your own reclining stances.

However it doesn’t include any lumbar cushion neither headrest pillow instead this chair strategically attributes console padding’s inside of it.

So the comfort contents aren’t apparent yet when you make a sit on it, you instantly get a hitch of relaxation.

And lastly when you settle down for 175 degrees, you are literally leaning close against the floor and probably be taking a nap!

So here, with this chair, you get sufficient alleviation, less pressure of gravity, footrest to reduce the soreness from your legs, heavy-duty and swift wheels for flexible moves and pivot around 360 degrees!

 Key features

  • Breathable bonded leather
  • Lumbar support knob
  • Seat Height adjustments
  • Armrest which is evenly padded and linked with the seat base
  • Nylon caster for wading on the floor flexibly
  • Thick and precise back support
  • Tilt locking mechanism
  • Convenient for people with all height

  1. Ticova Executive Office Chair – High Back Leather Office Chair with Footrest and Thick Padding

Honestly this chair adds the appeal to your office decor, living room and even in your personal space. The entire design changes the concept of traditional and other top trending office chairs. Because it uses integrated padding’s infused into 3 segments which promptly drags your attention into it. Ticova Executive Office Chair

So here is the drill! Three of the segmented padding’s are categorized into headrest, backrest and lastly lumbar support consecutively.

It allocates NAAPA grain PU leather however its not authentic leather but still the upholstery is well-known for its resilience and wear resistance feature. By preventing sudden glides and slipping out this chair ensures a stable sitting every time.

The retractable footrest lets you recline with ample satisfaction and relief. Besides the armrest is padded with a tinge of curve. Moreover these chairs are relatively taller and wider than most of the computer chairs.

Key features

  • Wear, scratch and blemish free seat even when used for long preiods
  • 90 degree to 155 degree tilt capacity for personalized reclining
  • Integrated paddings in 3 focus area and pressure points where you need most of the assistance and alleviation
  • Thick and sturdy foundation along with 60mm large PU casters
  • Retractable footrest which allows you to fold it back
  • Easy to accommodate
  • Encounters abrupt collapses by explosion proof mechanism

  1. KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair High Back PU Leather PC Racing Computer Desk Office Swivel Recliner KILLABEE Massage Gaming Chair

Imagine working for almost 7-8 hours a day sitting at the office desk and in the same environment crowded with the same faces everyday! Exhausting isn’t it?

On top of that due to prolonged sitting, your muscles feel numb and back hurts to death. Thus, you wish you could have a massage! So, here KILLABEE grants your wish by featuring a USB electric massage implant in the lumbar pillow to support your tailbone area and obtain proper spinal alignment.

Moreover it also allows you to recline without folding your legs for long as you can use the retractable footrest when convenience.

On the flip hand, this chair has adjustable backrest which you can customize from 90 degree to 175 degrees. The soft flat lumbar seat soothes your buttocks and reduces possible fatigues.

From now on enhance your productivity and stay energetic throughout long working hours by resting your back on the winged -styled, padded shoulder support.

Key features

  • High density plush foam
  • Integrated comfort paddings and lumbar support cushion
  • Foldable footrest
  • Pivot around 360 degrees
  • Smooth casters with zero noise intensity
  • Locking mechanism to secure your desired reclining position
  • 250 degree load capacity

  1. Amooly Ergonomic Home Office Desk Chair High Back Swivel Chair Adjustable Height Home Task Chair with Arms in Brown Amooly Ergonomic Computer Chair

No matter how much comfort you get from an office recliner, you still reminisce the sleeping hours you spend on your bed. Because come on nothing compares to that! But here Amooly provides 2 in one reclining office chair which not only deliver optimal support to your spinal alignment but also allow you to obtain a bed-like lounging vibe.

The thick and evenly padded memory foam cushion are segmented into 5 parts. On the top there are 3 integrated cushioning for alleviating your head, arms and back. And, rest of the two padded cushions are laying on the bottom to support your tailbone area and buttocks. Last but not the least, when you pop up the retractable footrest, the recliner alters into a bed where you can drain all the pressure and fatigues.

The air-cell backrest and cushioned pad assures your long time well being as you can wiggle, pivot around, tilt to an extent and toss up your sides repeatedly and still don’t miss out the sustainability of back support.

And underneath the base there are 5 anti-abrasion PU wheels to combat rust and wear-out.

Key features

  • 300 pound weight resistance
  • Coordinated, thick and soft armrest with high resilience
  • PU leather upholstery, with double layer paddings
  • Nylon base construction with smooth rolling caster for mobility
  • Retractable footrest
  • 90 to 175 degree tilt facility that is categorized into 3 reclining modes
  • Lock your desired position by shoving the locking mechanism lever up and down
  • Height and angle adjuster beneath your seat
  • Easy to assemble

  1. Hbada Gaming Chair Racing Style Ergonomic High Back Computer Chair with Height Adjustment, Headrest and Lumbar Support  with Footrest, Red Hbada Gaming Chair

Probably the most hyped gaming chair you will ever come across is this racing style computer chair that offers multi-purpose uses. It equips your gaming setup and workstation with advanced functionalities which mimics racing style seats to ensure penetrating positive energy and resilience.

This ergonomic high back chair distributes ample support where your body gets most of the fatigues. The winged backrest and lumbar cushion permit you to recline without lacking spinal alignment. On top of that here you can adjust the seat height and armrest as well. If you feel like ascending your seat a little for a precise view or other convenience you can easily adjust it to a fixed extent.

Furthermore, you can pivot around 360 degrees and tilt in 3 different angles. Also if you miss the good old days when you used to sit on the rocking chair and release all of your strains then this chair can bring back the memories by allowing you 17” rocking angle controller and activation lever.

In addition to the material it crafts breathable and high density foam to keep your body and surrounding ventilated.

Key features

  • 330 lbs load capacity
  • 100 degrees, 120 degrees and 155 degrees tilting limit to personalize your suitable reclining posture
  • Reduces pressure during prolonged working sessions
  • Lumbar pillow, removable headrest and winged backrest alleviates your body
  • Easy access to the rocking mode by pushing the lever and a 17 degree rocking angle controller to balance the rocking intensity
  • 55 cm extended seat cushion to support your buttocks
  • Efficient metal construction for nurturing longevity

  1. Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair Recliner Chair,Computer Chair Desk Chair, Adjustable Headrests Chair Backrest and Armrest’s Mesh Chair (Black) Sihoo Ergonomics Office Chair

Siho is a prominent brand which features ergonomic office chairs to promote lumbar health and reduce severe back pain and fatigues. These chairs can be used as office chair, computer desk chair, living room recliner and in your gaming station as well. The black and sleek design blends well with any type of office décor.

However, the manufacturer provides four different color options. As you know that the spinal curve of our body needs to rest on contour to encounter pressure and tightness. Thus, Siho crafts a finely contoured design with 2 way adjustable lumbar cushion and headrest pillow. The tailbone area where you feel most of the pressure needs optimal alleviation and alignment. Hence, it includes a retractable footrest that allows you to sit with ample relaxation and assistance.

Moreover, the high tensile and breathable mesh siding features an airflow formula to keep you sweat and odor free all the way. This chair also incorporates PU roller casters for swift and noise free transport!

Key features

  • 90 to 125 degree personalized reclining backrest
  • Height adjustable headrest and padded armrest
  • Ideal for resting and working purpose. Push the built-in lever up and down to reach your desired angle and lock the position by activating back tilting lock mechanism
  • Control the tightness of back titling by tilt tension knob
  • Foldable footrest includes two adjustable gears
  • 8-20 inches footrest distance to allow you take a nap without folding your legs inside
  • PU caster wheels to safeguard your floor from scrape and scratches and ensures mobility

  1. Blue Whale Gaming Chair with Retractable Footrest and Headrest Blue Whale Gaming Chair

With the weight resistance of 350lbs, this office chair permits you to seat with precision. On top of that it has a built-in USB interface to activate the lumbar massage function. Without any hassle of extra wire or vibration switch it ensures a spa-like massage whenever you plug-in to the USB interface. This feature works like fuel; it restores the drained energy and keeps you active and energetic throughout the day.

The chair also offers removable headrest pillow and extra padded lumbar cushion which works tremendously to support your tailbone area and soothes the pressure points. Initially it has adjustable armrest where you can rest your hand to release the fatigues. The seat and backrest interior is stuffed with high density sponge that discharges moisture absorbance and awful odor caused by persistent sitting in hot temperature.

Key features

  • Lumbar cushion with high resilience, prevents wear out, sudden glides and easy to clean
  • 20 degree rocking facility with locking mechanism
  • 90 degrees to 155 degree backrest tilt with tension control knob lock setting
  • Foldable footrest
  • Durable nylon base for preventing sudden collapses and sagging and intensifies longevity
  • Thick cushion seat for alleviating your buttocks and thigh
  • Exclusive lumbar massage function for maximum comfort and muscle relief
  • 350lbs load capacity

  1. RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair, Reclining Ergonomic Leather Chair with Footrest, in Green RESPAWN 110 Racing Style Gaming Chair

RESPAWN 110 is vastly familiar to the pro gamers as its one of the most ergonomic gaming chair under 200 dollars.

Being an affordable chair it surpasses other competitors in terms of resilience and comfort. The lumbar pillow, integrated design and retractable footrest everything incorporates ample comfort and relaxation when you are working for a prolonged time. Impressively this chair goes with everything; your office, gaming station, computer desk etc. on top of that you are getting a thick and padded armrest which is coordinated with the seat. With the availability of height adjustments you can lift up your sitting position and lower it up when convenience. Also the tilting mechanism allow you to customize your preferable sitting posture. Lock the required angle, pivot around 360 degree, open up the retractable footrest, and move around by the super smooth roller castors with absolute comfort and stability.

Key features

  • 90-150 degree reclining control with lock mechanism
  • Removable headrest and lumbar cushion
  • Segmented padding’s to ideally alleviate the tight and fatigued areas
  • Extended footrest for zero gravity reclining vibe
  • 5 roller casters to ensure easy reach to the coffee counters and other desks with mobility
  • 275 pound weight resistance

What to Look For In a Reclining Office Chair

Back in the 90s and 80s recliners were like an epidemic to people for resting and lounging with comfort and relief.

Now, there are manufacturers who changed the entire concept of typical recliners by adding exclusive features in it.

For instance, you will get office chair recliners with various adjustments, comfort patterns, versatility, longevity, sturdiness and ample assistance to your lumbar health.

Now when you are working in your office you have to keep few things in your mind while shopping for a reclining office chair. Such as ‘ how long you allegedly sit during your office hour, your weight, the area where you feel most of the pressure and fatigues, the durability of the chair, flexibility and easy transportation so that you can easily wade through one desk to another or the coffee counter etc.

These are the common things you have to look for in an office recliner. However, the prime aspect of getting a reclining office chair is definitely the “reclining” feature itself. Meaning, the chair should be focused on delivering optimum rest and alleviation with resilience.

Because when you have a recliner you spontaneously expect it to encounter your back problems and reduce the pressure from your muscles so that you can work with extreme comfort and nurture the productivity level of yours.

So we have 5 definite things on the list that you should look into before making a purchase. And make sure your money is getting well-spent whether it’s a big investment or not.

  1. Material

The material of your office recliner chair defines how much plausible it would be and how much comfort you are gonna get. For instance a recliner chair with PU leather or polyester or memory foam material is undoubtedly reliable because these not only prevents wear-out, sudden glides and slipping out but also bears breathable mesh siding and comfort patterns to keep you ventilated and comfortable.

  1. Lumbar support

Thick layered padding’s, removable headrest pillow. Armrest with height adjustments, footrest for sitting with precision and a lumbar cushion; these features reside in an ideal office recliner. Because here you alter your traditional chair for getting some rest during the working period. So ensuring comprehensive lumbar support and promoting healthy sitting posture is crucial.

  1. load capacity

Your recliner should consists of maximum 250lbs weight resistance otherwise you can be in trouble if you gain some extra weight or use your chair persistently.

  1. smooth casters

The base of the recliner should be sturdy and stable so that it doesn’t space our or collapse from the ground, also the wheels should be utterly smooth to roll over the floor swiftly so that you can move forward to one place to another without leaving your sit

  1. sturdy construction

If the overall build such as the used frames or exterior foundation isn’t up to the mark its obvious that you recliner wont keep up after few months. That’s why while shopping for a recliner make sure it has crafted the chair with strong frames, gas lift, locking mechanism, tension control knob etc. initially you are gonna get a durable chair which is backed up with longer life time.

Why Use A Recliner Office Chair Than A Traditional Office Chair

First let us ask you one thing “can you sit on your traditional office chair with full for your weight and lean back towards the floor and mostly can you tolerate that hard and uncomfortable surface behind your back and underneath your buttocks for a prolonged time?

We presume that the answer is a neat no!

These are the things which sold you on recliners. Because you cant expect to do all of these at once from you traditional recliner. However if you want to take a nap with you traditional chair you may find yourself tossing sides on the floor or in an explicitly inappropriate posture.

Apart from these here are more reasons why you need to use a recliner office chair instead of a traditional office chair

  • Inability to Ensure Comfort
  • Doesn’t keep your back on contour
  • Doesn’t support your lower back neither your arms and head.
  • You don’t get any lumbar assistance so your back feels extreme pressure and tightness
  • No added footrest which is why you cant sit with precision and always need to buckle your legs inside. Hence eventually your feet hurts.
  • No breathable mesh contents for keeping your vaccinated!

So, these are the reasons why you gotta make up your mind on office recliners instead of a traditional office chair

Benefits of Choosing a Reclining Office Chair

Perhaps you are still an oldschool and hover into nostalgia. And thus you prefer traditional wooden chair with no adjustment diversity neither extra comfort patterns. But, did you ever wonder that your ordinary office chair is causing you back pain and gradually draining all your energy?

We bet you narrowed down already. However it’s always crucial to wade through the benefits of a particular thing to bring out the best out of it and being well-assured that your money isn’t going in vein.

So, without lingering time lets check out the benefits of choosing a reclining office chair

  • Zero Gravity Vibe

A reclining office chair has that attribute to provide that zero gravity feeling you desire to have. By reducing the pressure of gravity from your body it segregates the pressure within the chair and alleviates your body promptly.

  • Comfort and Muscle Relief

Who doesn’t yearn for comfort? Exactly we all do! And spending your hectic working hours with optimum comfort and relaxation with full of energy is like living your dreams. Hence, the providers of office recliner pledged on trading the best material with thick paddings and cushioning content to ensure ample comfort for intense working errands.

  • Promotes Healthy Sitting Posture

You can’t count in the recliners into ordinary office chairs because of their overall build. The detailing, design and tough base make them competent for promoting sound lumbar health. Consequently, the recliner you choose may have waterfall edges or contoured back support for keeping your spinal curve on proper alignment.

  • Regulates Blood Circulation

Reclining office chairs help to nurture the process of blood circulation so that your body remains dynamic and fatigues free all the way.

  • Rests your feet

With the footrest you lie down, stretch your body with precision and thus you get rid of stress and numbness.

  • Constant Nap Time

When people ask what you do in Sundays, you probably reply “I play sleeping” because taking a nap is the best way to alleviate your entire body. Also it’s like fueling your body to regain the drained energy and work with utmost energy and enthusiasm again.

What to Know about Reclining Office Chairs

You can’t deny the importance of reclining office chairs. However these chairs aren’t all about comfort. There is more tea to spill. An ideal recliner can help reducing your fatigues and persistent back pain. In contrast, a bad one also can intensify your strains.

So there are few things to know about reclining office chairs.

You will probably buy a reclining office chair which has an elegant appearance and feels gentle on your skin. But do you know that there is a wide range of office chair recliners available in the market and all of them seems too good to be true. So how do you find the appropriate one?

Well, first thing first let’s know about the types! There are rocking reclining chairs, Push back, dual mode and power lift office chair recliners. All of them are roughly competent to promote spinal alignment and diverse sitting postures. However you can’t choose all of them right? Hence, narrow down their specifications and price range to perceive whether it meets with your requirement or not. For instance if you come across an aniline office chair material then you gotta be ready to loosen your wallet as its relatively expensive but enormously soft to touch.

Besides, there is PU leather, bonded leather, full grain etc. here if you want a resilient office chair with wear-resistance feature and durable use then PU leather wins the crown in this aspect.

Moreover you have to pay your attention at the accommodation process, portability, swift and noise free wheels and sturdy construction to ensure getting the best deal for you.


Below we are going to coast through some frequently asked question to get a precise perception towards each product.

  1. what are the core features I need to have in my office chair recliner?

comfort contents, pneumatic height adjustments, tilti option, tension control knob, 360 degree swivel, nylon base, swift PU caster, easy adjustments and at least 250 weight resistance

  1. what is the best office recliner with footrest under 200$?

in this price range, KILLABEE massage gaming chair and Blue Whales office chair recliner would be best.

  1. How am I supposed to know whether my office chair is ergonomic or not?

There are some specifications that resides in an ergonomic office chair which are, diverse adjustments, lumbar support, height adjustments, padded seats and headrest, integrated cushioning and breathable mesh sidings

  1. is having locking mechanism compulsory?

yes, as it ensures the stability and combats collapses

  1. Does tilt function allow me to recline backward to forward?


Final word

Probably we have managed to craft an unbiased review for office recliner with footrest with an in depth buying guide and some more insights. Now, your task is to recognize your requirements well and pick the ideal recliner on budget before having to cut your losses.

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