Portable Massage Chair Reviews

Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews In 2019

There are a lots of reason why you need the Best Portable Massage chair. No matter whether you’re a professionally certified masseuse or a newbie trying to be a professional or even it could be one of your hobbies too to massage you will definitely need a portable massage chair. For starters, massaging nowadays has become more like a privately arranged business, meaning your customers would call you and you would have to go to their homes and sometimes offices to give them the massage.

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On this case, carrying a massage table all the way can be hectic! And if not that, a portable more precisely a foldable massage chair has a lot of benefits. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using a portable folding massage chair.

Benefits of using the Best Portable Massage Chair

There are tons of benefits of using a portable massage chair. First of all, you can carry the chair very smoothly like a travel suitcase. No matter where your customer wants the massage you can be there fully prepared all by yourself. Here are some other benefits that you’re going to get only by using the best portable massage chair:

  • Mobility:

Just as much efficient as it sounds like. Mobility is one of the best things about these massage chairs. You can take them anywhere necessary. As an apprentice masseuse, I had an appointment with one of my close relative who lives on the 9th floor of his apartment. So I just packed the chair and carried it all the way to his apartment and it felt like I was carrying a medium-sized luggage. Although, I was lucky the lift was working then (it had gone out of service after a couple of days) otherwise I would be in a bit of trouble. But what I’m trying to say is it’s a great feature about these chairs. And not just that, you can move it around the house too.

  • Saves Space:

Saving the space is also another great feature of these chairs. You see foldable massage tables too, save a lot of space when not being used. But even when they’re being used these chairs don’t take much of a space. More precisely one massage chair only takes half as much as the massage tables. So if you’re a professional masseuse and don’t have much space in your spa then you would want to own a couple of these portable folding massage chairs.

  • Adjust-ability:

Adjust-ability is also another magnificent feature that you get only from these portable massage chairs. With the massage tables, you can only fold them back and keep them somewhere in the room when not in use. But with these foldable massage chairs not only can you adjust them to keep them in you also can have them in various shapes while being used. Actually, you can massage your clients in various positions that are actually proven to be helpful.

  • Efficient:

After reading the benefits so far you don’t need anyone to literally spell it out for you how efficient these portable massage chairs are! In terms of saving the space whether in your home or spa they’re the best. You can carry them easily almost anywhere all by yourself. And most of all, you can adjust them in various positions to massage. They’re the most efficient equipment in this entire massage business. Not a single penny is wasted by buying them.

  • Trendy:

As a professional masseuse I think you already know how trendy the chair massages have gotten. Not just for the masseuses also for the clients. And chair massages have scientifically been proven just as much helpful and stress-relieving as the other traditional massages.

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So now that we have talked enough about the portable folding chairs for massage and the benefits of using them, it’s time we move forward to the review section. We have listed some of the best portable massage chairs you can find in Amazon. We’re going to analyze each of their features briefly and talk about the pros and cons of those chairs. In that way, you can find out whether or not to buy or which one to buy. So without further ado, let’s jump into the review section.

1. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair

The first chair that we have on our list is from STRONGLITE. The chair is as sturdy and stylish as it looks. It comes with a lot of features that will totally amaze you, especially if you’re new to using foldable massage chairs. The strong metal frame underneath the softly padded cushions of the chair makes it a beautiful beast. But quite naturally this stronglite massage chair to isn’t entirely perfect. This one too has some flaws that we’re going to discuss. So let’s get started analyzing the features of this chair and check out the pros and cons of this foldable chair.


Features of STRONGLITE massage chair

  • The weight and holding capability: This foldable massage chair is claimed to be a lightweight chair. Yes, it’s undoubtedly true that the chair is very strong and its weight-bearing capacity is tremendous. The T6 aluminum is comparably a lightweight yet strong material. But this chair weighs almost 26 lbs. It sure makes it a pretty much ‘hard to carry’ chair. You might face a little trouble carrying it around. But on the brighter side of this, you get a very strong chair which can bear up to 600 lbs. And the aluminum is polished with high gloss powder that makes it look very stylish.
  • Adjustability: Literally saying that this chair is very much adjustable seems like a total waste of words. You can adjust just about everything in this chair starting from the face cradle to the carrying wheels. The bottom line is you can use this chair for the clients from 4’6” to 6’6”.
  • Ergonomic design: This massage chair is of course designed ergonomically. Both the built-in and adjustable sizes are ergonomic. And of course, you know about the adjustability.
  • Pads: The pads used to ease your muscles are just as comfortable as they need to be; neither too soft nor too hard. The pads are upholstered by 100% PU leather that will last for a long period of time. And the pads of this chair is also adjustable and removable.
  • Mobility: As I said before the chair is quite heavier than the other massage chairs. But it comes with a very sturdy bag pack. You can fold the chair, keep it inside the bag and carry it around with the help of the adjustable wheels it got. For those strong wheels, it becomes a lot easier to carry it along but lifting it is still a lot of work.


  • Strong aluminum design and stylish finishing.
  • Fabulous adjustability.
  • Quality material.
  • Massive weight-bearing capacity.


  • Weight makes it pretty hard to lift and carry although the wheels make it easier.

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Overall this STRONGLITE massage chair is very much reasonable compared to its price, looks, and features. If you’re a new masseuse or a tattoo artist then this chaCushionir can easily entice you. But if you’re thinking of something a little less costly then I suggest you hang on.

2. EARTHLITE Vortex Massage Chair

About the previous portable massage chair, there might be one or two things that you didn’t like. I can guess that. First, it’s a little expensive especially if you have just begun to set the business up or if it’s just a hobby for you. And second, it’s a bit hard to carry stuff. You sure can move around with it but it’ll give you a bit of stress. Now if you’re thinking of something a little less professional then this one from EARTHLITE might be your best portable massage chair. So let’s get into the details.



  • Weight and holding capability: This massage chair is unbelievably lightweight and strong accordingly. The whole chair weighs only about 15 pounds which makes it really easy to carry around. But this chair can take only up to 300 lbs. So it’s quite risky to use it frequently for the people who weigh more than 300lbs. Although the frame of this chair is made of strong aircraft-grade aluminum but to make the most light-weighted chair in the market they had to compromise the lifting capability.
  • Adjust-ability: This chair is also very much adjustable. But like the previous one, it cannot adjust the seat height. That’s more like fixed. Although you can adjust the seat, armrest, and headrest. The chair folds compactly which is a very positive side.
  • Best-Portable-Massage-ChairPads: This chair is also padded very nicely. The chair is covered in 100% PU leather and underneath that, it had dual-density pro-lite cushioning which makes it really comfortable.
  • Mobility: As you already have got to know that this chair weighs only about 15 pounds which makes it pretty easy to carry around. Unlike the STRONGLITE massage chair, you don’t get wheels here. But then again, you don’t need wheels to carry this chair. You get a nylon-made carry-bag which has padded shoulder strap and hand-carry strap too.


  • Super lightweight chair yet decently sturdy enough to take up to 300 lbs.
  • Mobility is outstanding.
  • Budget-friendly for the new users.


  • Risky to be used for people weighing more than 350lbs.
  • Not entirely fit for professional uses.
  • Adjustability is not like the STRONGLITE massage chair. Cushions here are fixed. You can only adjust them, unlike the STRONGLITE massage chair where you also could remove them if necessary.

This chair is also quite a favorite choice. With the price, you get comparably a very decent deal. In a nutshell, this chair is more of a personal kind. If you’re a professional masseuse or a tattoo artist and looking for a foldable massage chair then I recommend you not to go for this chair. But if you know how to massage and are looking for a chair to use just within the family then this is a perfect one for you.

3. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair

Now let’s talk about something different. If you have been looking for something as strong as the STRONGLITE massage chair yet as lightweight as the EARTHLITE Vortex then this is the perfect combination for you. Now we have the Master Massage professional portable massage chair. The design of this chair is also quite unique than the other massage chairs. This beauty weighs just about 17 pounds itself. But it can lift up to 650lbs working weight. Another thing that we haven’t tried but the company claims that it can lift up to 1000 lbs of static weight!! Can you freaking imagine that? That is insane considering how much it weighs! Now let’s check out the other features of this incredibly strong chair.



  • Weight and capacity: Like mentioned before, this chair weighs only about 17 pounds which makes it really easy to hand carry it around. But for its weight, this chair can lift an enormous amount of weight. 650lbs covers people of almost any size. I mean you get one of these and you don’t have to worry at all about your client’s weight. Although the company claims that it can easily take up to 1000 lbs of static weight but for a moment let’s forget about that. Because you’re not going to keep any overweight stuff there, like at all! So the working weight lifting capacity of this chair is all that you need to think of. And you can be tension free about that.
  • Adjust-ability: The chair is adjustable in various ways. Firstly, like the normal massage chairs this chair’s seat, armrest and face cradle are adjustable to your comfortable position. You can also adjust the face cradle in six different ways to rest your head comfortably while having a massage. It connects with the head very smoothly. There’s a unique chest bolder attached to this chair for extra comfort which can also be removed if not necessary. Overall the design and the adjust-ability are extraordinary.
  • Pads: The pads underneath the PU leather is small-cell foam. The specialty of this foam is its density is much more than the regular foams. For that, it feels more comfortable.
  • Mobility: Weighing just about 17 lbs it’s really easy to hand carry this stuff. In addition to that, you’re going to get a luggage-style carry case that is wheeled. The built quality of the case is also very good.


  • Super lightweight and super strong at the same time.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Bigger sized seat for more comfort.
  • Professional and easy to carry stuff.
  • Adjust-ability is awesome.


  • Doesn’t look as much as stylish or eye-catchy.

Other than the fact that it looks a little less stylish, which is absolutely everyone’s personal choice though, this chair, in a nutshell, is extraordinarily awesome. This chair has been made for professional use. One of the small thing about this chair that has amazed me is there’s a small pouch underneath the hand-rest. This is really altruistic and thoughtful. Comparing the price with the other foldable massage chairs this is undoubtedly one of the best portable massage chairs in the market.

4. Master Massage Apollo Portable Massage Chair

This is yet another masterpiece created by the Master Massage. This one pretty much identical to the chair you just read the review of. From top to bottom the Apollo is just like the professional massage chair. So we won’t bother you with the in-depth details that match one hundred percent. Rather let’s discuss in short what the differences are.


First of all the main two differences of this chair is one, it’s noticeably bigger than the previous one. And two, Apollo costs quite a lot more than the Professional. The whole dimension of this chair is almost 10 inches larger than the previous one. The other features are exactly the same. This chair also has a removable chest bolder. The adjustability and built quality are also the same. Comparing how bigger it is than the Professional, it weighs just about 18 lbs which are really awesome. Although, the weight holding capacity is exactly the same, 650 lbs.

This chair also comes with the luggage type carry bag with wheels and has the same kind of pouch under the hand-rest. Now as this chair quite bigger and more costly than the previous one the question is whether or not you should buy this one. Let’s look at this objectively. If you choose the bigger chair then you get more comfortable seating. But this is going to cost you an extra 40 bucks. If you or your customers are between 6 to 6 and a half feet weighing not more than 350 lbs then the professional is going to be just perfect. No need to spend more cash here. But if you’re looking for more spacious something then you can go for this one too.

5. Giantex Portable Lightweight Massage Chair

The next massage chair we have is brought to you by Giantex furniture. This one is also one of the best portable lightweight massage chairs. This one weighs just about 20 lbs. But it is equally strong too. The overall design pretty decent, nothing fancy there. But the chair is super adjustable. Starting from its height to its seat height and the height of the hand-rest you can adjust it all. So let’s discuss the other features this chair has to offer you:



  • Weight and holding capacity: Fully assembled this chair weighs just about 20 lbs. It’s a little bit more than a few portable massage chairs in this list but it’s decent. This chair can lift 350 lbs. So you don’t have to worry about that. It’s very strong. But there’s an issue. The maximum height of this chair is 47”, so we’re not suggesting this chair for the big guys out there. And certainly not the bigger guys weighing more than 350lbs. Not because it’ll tear down, but for the lower space they can’t feel comfortable.
  • Adjustability: The adjustability of this chair is awesome. You can adjust almost everything. You can adjust the headrest cushion and the armrest cushion in three different steps. The overall height can be adjusted between 43” to 47”.
  • Ergonomic design: For the price you get it on, the fact that this chair is designed ergonomically is awesome. Headrest, armrest, seat, overall height all of these are designed ergonomically so that people of different sizes can shift to their comfort zone accordingly.
  • Pads: The seat, armrest, footrest, and headrest are padded thickly. And on the surface, it’s covered by PU leather. The finishing doesn’t look that stylish but it’s decent enough to get the job done. And the job is to be water and dust and oil proof.
  • Mobility: It’s assembled weight is near about 20 lbs. So you can carry it by yourself but not for long! And sadly it doesn’t have any wheel-casters. So if you’re not into moving your massaging chair too frequently then you can look up for this one.


  • Can carry up to 350lbs and weighs just about 20 lbs.
  • Adjustable from almost every aspect.
  • Ergonomic design and thickly padded seat, headrest and everything are covered by PU leather.
  • Comes with a decent carry bag.


  • Not enough room for the large-sized people.
  • Mobility is kind of an issue. Having no wheels makes it difficult to move frequently.

So, since you know everything about this chair. You can make a clear decision about this super adjustable massage chair. There’s one minor and a major problem in this chair. One, it is relatively smaller than other chairs in this list. It’s enough for the regular-sized people, but people with massive size could find it rather uncomfortable. And the weight is pretty heavy to be carried around frequently. But other than these two problems this chair is a very good adjustable massage chair. You can rely on this one.

6. Portable Massage Chair by BestMassage

This one is another strongly built massage chair by BestMsssage.  But this chair is the heaviest foldable massage chair in this list. Weighing near about 23 lbs and having no wheels make it even more difficult to carry around. That’s why we don’t prefer to call it the best ‘Portable’ massage chair. But other than the weight factor this chair can carry up to 700 lbs if the weight is static. Meaning that if you have heavy weighted customers coming to your massage parlor then you can be totally tension free. Now let’s discuss the features of this chair in details.



  • Built Quality and lifting capacity: This is a heavy-duty massage chair. The frame of this chair is made of heavy-duty metal and the finishing is high gloss powder-coated. The metal frame makes it a little heavier than the other chairs. But this massage chair is very sturdy. The static weight lifting capacity of this chair is more than 700 lbs. But based on several tastes the average weight lifting capacity of this chair is more than 350 lbs.
  • Adjust-ability: This heavy-duty massage chair is just as adjustable as the other massage chairs on this list. The height of this chair can be adjusted from 45 to 50 inches which is good for the taller people. And the other things like the seat, headrest, armrest all of these can be adjusted too. The knee rest is almost 19 inches. So people of any size can feel comfortable on this chair.
  • Ergonomic Design: It goes without even saying that this chair is also ergonomically designed. The headrest, knee-rest, and the seat can be adjusted to give you or your customer his comfortable ergonomic position.
  • Pads: The pads used in this chair are also covered in PU leather. So no need to worry about cleaning them. And the pads are made of high-density foam which makes the chair comfortable.
  • Mobility: This chair also doesn’t have any wheels underneath so rapid mobility is not possible. Plus the weight being 23lbs makes it difficult for one person to move the chair.


  • Strong and sturdy design with great finishing.
  • Can lift a huge amount of weight.
  • Spacious and makes room for almost everyone.
  • Comes with a very strong carry bag.


  • Weighs a lot. Very hard for one person to carry it in a long distance.

For the price, this foldable massage chair is also a very nice catch. Yeah, this is not quite exactly the portable massage chair for it weighs a lot. But if you’re a professional masseuse or a tattoo artist and need a foldable massage chair that you’re going to use only for your studio then this is a great option without a doubt.

7. Portable Travel Massage Chair

And finally, for the last portable massage chair on this list, we have the Portable Travel massage chair. This is a brand new massage chair in the market. And for the price, this chair is more than awesome. Now, this chair also weighs just about 20lbs but its weight capacity is way more than the other massage chairs weighing 20 lbs. This average-sized foldable massage chair can carry up to 500lbs flawlessly. But because it has an average height and width a person weighing that much can’t even sit in this chair. But the bottom line is this chair is very strong. And overall finishing of the chair such as; the powder-coated aluminum finish, and the leather finish of the pads give it a glossy look. Let’s discuss the other features below.



  • Build quality and capacity: The chair is built with sturdy metal with a powder-coated aluminum finish. The frame is very strong and can lift 500 lbs without any problem.
  • Adjust-ability: This chair is also adjustable in every way like the other chairs you’ve seen so far. The height can be adjusted from 39-44 inches. The rest is just like the other chairs. And this chair is also ergonomic. From the seat to the headrest and armrest you can adjust all of them according to your comfort zone.
  • Pads: The pads are very thick in this chair. Almost 3 inches thick pads are made of high-density small-cell foam which makes this chair even more comfortable. Probably more than the other chairs if you like it soft. And the pads are covered by the PU leather so you don’t need to worry about the cleaning.
  • Mobility: Weighing just about 20 lbs and having no wheels underneath makes this one pretty difficult to move too. But 20lbs is easier to move than 23lbs.


  • Strong and sturdy frame with a glossy finish.
  • Thickly padded with small-cell foam.
  • Looks better than the other chairs.
  • Can lift a lot of weight.


  • Doesn’t have any wheels.
  • The carry bag is pretty lower than average.

For the price, this newly arrived portable massage chair is a very good deal. It’s the almost perfect portable massage chair. Whether you want a foldable massage chair for your home or your studio this is absolutely a win. You won’t regret buying this one.


In this article, we have combined a variety of the best portable massage chairs available in the market. There are tons of these chairs. But we have enlisted the chairs keeping the variety of features they have and the money they cost. From Furnishingsgear, we hope you are definitely going to get a chair of your choice. The specialty of this list we think is that no matter your budget is just about a hundred bucks or more than 500 bucks you’re not going to be disappointed. Because we have selected and reviewed the best portable massage chairs according to various price range. Lastly, if you’re a new masseuse or tattoo artist trying to set up your business we wish you all the very best and good fortune ahead.

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