Best Portable Massage Chair Reviews In 2022 | Top 6 Picks

Choosing an ideal portable massage chair is notoriously a steady job. It can either save your health or might make it miserable, as well.

Thus, finding the best portable massage chair for your body isn’t a cup of tea! Hence, you will barely win the deal if you aren’t well aware of the marketplace and the products they are selling.

And trust me, it takes plenty of researches to shortlist the best deals for you!

Rejoice! We’ve got it covered today!

From the chair wheels, frames, ergonomics, the price range to the material, specifications, durability, the upholstery, everything was impartially analyzed to serve the Top 6 portable massage chair of 2019!

Let’s sink into the reviews and some more information precisely!

In a Hurry? Check Our Top Picks of Best Portable Massage Chairs

In this case, carrying a massage table all the way can be hectic! And if not that, a portable more precisely a fordable massage chair has a lot of benefits. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using a portable folding massage chair.

How Does a Portable Massage Chair Work

Before anything else, you ought to know how your portable massage chair will work!

Well, these chairs frequently give you the exact feeling as a sensation all over your body. Some of the massage chairs use vibration; some have fortified different elements such as water or jelly compounds to provide that illusion of getting a massage.

And these massages are utterly therapeutic! These deliver not only muscle relaxation but also mental peace. Now, when you spell “portable massage chair,” it means something easy to assemble, easy to transport, and handy to control.

So that’s your portable massage chair, which will help you to obtain the utmost pain relief, improved blood circulation, and sound lumbar health with easy access and a movement system!

1. STRONGLITE Portable Massage Chair Ergo Pro II – Ultra-Strong Stronglite Portable Massage Chair

If you are looking for a massage therapist, then stop wandering right here and have a look in the world’s best hard-wearing portable massage chair! Yes, I am talking about STRONGLITE’s portable massage chair, which is indeed a masterpiece!

It doesn’t make the only ace in ergonomics but also longevity and strength. The high-gloss powder-coated finish and heat-treated T6 aluminum alloy make it lightweight yet sturdy enough.

You are gonna have irreplaceable telescoping leg adjustment for meeting your therapist’s height and comfort. Moreover, you can quickly assemble this chair by one step.

Being an ultra-versatile chair, it allows you to mount easy client positioning and adjustments. The compact structure of the chair folds up easy to offer effortless transport and storage.

This can effortlessly resist 600lbs working weight.

You can either open up your massage parlor or use it for personal use. As it weighs only 24lbs, you can carry it along with you whenever you have an urge to head into your client’s place!

Moreover, it provides a nylon-made ballistic carry case in which you can store it and save up your space.


  • Compact and easy to carry
  • Ergonomic and adjustable seats that offer armrest and footrest
  • The leg pads are removable for physically injured or disabled clients
  • Arrives in 6 color variation
  • Easy to accommodate
  • Comes with goodies as in a rugged carrying case, padded strap and valuables pouch


  • The pivot armrest point seems slightly high
  • Knee pads might not work well

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Overall this STRONGLITE massage chair is very much reasonable compared to its price, looks, and features.

2. Master Massage Apollo Professional Portable Massage Chair Master Massage Apollo professional Portable Massage Chair

We have two portable massage chairs brought to you by Master massage! And no wonder they deserve it because of their reliability and worldwide satisfied customers!

Anyways, this chair has barely any difference from the Appollo Portable massage chair. Just like it, this chair also has a size ratio of 19″ width x 29″ length x 50″ height. Weighing only 18 lbs, it can hold 1000lbs static weight and 650 pounds working weight load.

Furthermore, it’s structured with a luggage wheel for easy strolling and transport system. The professional massage interior helps your body to gain the utmost lumbar support and pain relief.

Owning extraordinarily lightweight and ergonomic aluminum frames, it becomes extensively durable. In addition, this is tailored with PU upholstery and thickest cushions for making it ideal for massage-purpose.

To accommodate your clients, every clinical requirement, and stress hazards, the small shell foam cushion formula will be enough.


  • Largest and thickest cushion material
  • PU upholstery for resisting water, CFC- and abrasion
  • Additional session pouch for convenient storage
  • 6-way adjustable face cradle and memory foam layered pillow for resting your face
  • Lightweight and sturdy foundation
  • No mark finished frame
  • Electrostatically powder coated prevent which conquers with rust, nicks, and stains


  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual
  • The carrying case might rip away due to excessive use

This chair is also quite a favorite choice. With the price, you get comparably a very decent deal. In a nutshell, this chair is more of a personal kind. If you’re a professional masseuse and looking for a foldable massage chair then I recommend you not to go for this chair. But if you know how to choose a massage chair to use just within the family then this is a perfect one for you.

3. EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair Package VORTEX EARTHLITE Portable Massage Chair

Well, it’s strategically tailored with dual density and Pro-Lite cushioning formula to deliver the highest comfort you can ever get.

The innovative oval shape frame that is crafted with aircraft-grade aluminum makes the chair extremely durable. Also, it’s the only product here which is forged from aluminum components. No doubt, this is one of the most comfortable and sturdiest chairs trending in the marketplaces.

It’s a multi-purpose tool that you can use for your respected clients. For instance, if you are thinking of starting a business on spa, parlor, tattoo-studio, piercing studio, and all, then this chair will have your back!

The greatest perk for getting right away is its tremendous portability. Weighing only 15 lbs, it can intimidate any top-class massage chair out there, probably the least weighing chair you can find ever!

Furthermore, the optimal face positioning access lets you satisfy your clients, and you can use it easily as well as adjust it in various ways such as multiple faces, arms, and seat alignments.

Additionally, this chair shrinks in completely so that you can fold it up and store it in the nylon case bag for easy transport and space-saving.


  • Buttery-soft upholstered exterior
  • Numerous adjustment settings with easy access
  • Extreme elasticity due to sturdy construction and lightweight
  • Padded shoulder strap and sternum pad included with nylon carry case
  • Easy transport and storage
  • Multi-purpose use
  • Remains gentle and kind on your body


  • The headrest attachment isn’t tight enough
  • Might not hold an overweighed person very well

So, since you know everything about this chair. You can make a clear decision about this super adjustable massage chair. There’s one minor and a major problem in this chair. One, it is relatively smaller than other chairs on this list. It’s enough for the regular-sized people, but people with massive size could find it rather uncomfortable. And the weight is pretty heavy to be carried around frequently. But other than these two problems this chair is a very good adjustable massage chair. You can rely on this one.

4. Master Massage Professional Portable Massage Chair, Blue Master Massage - Professional Portable Massage Chair

Its equipped with 6 attachments, which are undoubtedly very easy to adjust and operate. You can set it up without even reading the instruction manual.

Anyways, the 19″ width x 29″ length x 50″ height makes it ideal for all ages. No wonder it’s a grown-up person or a kid, you can easily adjust it according to your convenience.

The cushions and frames are also fortified with the utmost care so that you can get easy access and adjustments. Besides, 2″ thick cushion and its multi-layers make it appropriate for being called as a massage chair. That’s also relatively thicker and heavier than the standard massage chair compounds.

Just like the other portable chairs out there, it’s also extremely durable. The aircraft-grade aluminum frame and the electrostatically powdered shield retain the sturdiness through rust-proof and water-resistant content.

It can gracefully resist 1,000 lbs static weight support and 650 working weight pressure, whereas it weighs only 18lbs itself. On the flip hand, this chair consists of additional accessories as in a  memory foam layered face pillow, a decent sized pouch for storing your client’s personal belongings such as jewelry and sunglasses. Also, you are gonna have a carrying bag of course!


  • Lightweight yet robust and firm construction
  • Utterly comfortable material for muscle relief
  • Cushioned sternum chest bolster for a back massage
  • Nanotechnology upholstery and no mar, rust-proof frame
  • Luggage style carry case
  • Thickest and heaviest cushion
  • Small-cell foam cushioning
  • 6-way adjustable face-cradles


  • The chest support is kinda flimsy as one of the customers reported that it twists easily due to shoulder massage
  • Doesn’t come with an instruction manual

5. Portable Massage Chairs 4 Inches Thickness Sponge Height Adjustable Folding Massage Chair Portable Massage Therapy Chair

We had to shortlist this portable chair because it has everything wrapped in it! This chair has the highest quality leather, highest density sponge, and a high-gloss powder-coated finish, which surpasses every existing product out there!

The adjustments of this chair are effortless, and it sets up in a jiffy!  This will take only 3 minutes to accommodate your desired reclining posture.

You can stroll it swiftly on flattened or scattered surfaces without any hustle because it’s extensively lightweight, and thus it’s portable enough to take around.

Moreover, it just becomes ideal for any age as it’s working weight capacity up to 300 pounds, and its unique and subtle using technique of this chair scores in terms of portability.

And that’s what you want!

Now, comes the message specifications. Well, it’s upholstered with high-density thick foam that excels on utmost comfort and sturdiness. It has a flexible headrest for making it convenient for spa and salon uses.

And lastly, the 2.5″ thick high-density sponge foam lets your body float into the pilgrimage of peace and relief.

In addition, these chairs are crafted with PU leather that is water and heat resistant. So if you’re expecting to be your outdoor lounging companion, then go for it! Moreover, if you happen to create any mess or spill on the tattoo chair like coffee spills or toddlers mess, then you can clean it easily.

Hence it will remain new even after extended uses.

Lastly, let’s talk about the bonus feature is the sturdy nylon carry case where you are gonna store the chair and save up space. The massage chair solely weighs 23lbs, which is supremely lightweight and easy to carry. So why you are waiting for?


  • Easily adjustable postures
  • Environmental protection coating
  • Nylon made a carry case
  • Water and oil proof particles
  • Compact and foldable surface design
  • Sturdy metal frames
  • 300-pound weight resisting capacity
  • Supreme lightweight function
  • High-quality leather for therapeutic massage like feeling


  • Some consumers commented that it easily rip-off
  • The construction should have been much better according to its price range

6. Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair with Carrying Bag Giantex Portable Light Weight Massage Chair

Giantex significantly features premium aluminum-coated frames for ample stability and strength. Hence you are completely wiggling and tossing up your body the way you want.

I have personally used it for my business. Yes! You heard it right. Apart from personal usage, you can also set up your tiny massage and spa vanity and a shout-out for clients in exchange for some wage.

The soft and textured PU leather keeps your chair free from abrasive and moisture as it’s completely water-resistant. Moreover, the ergonomic, space-saving design allows your body to stay on contour.

Providing ample lumbar support through adjustable armrest, seat, chest pad, and head support, it becomes ideal for your clients and yourself as well.

However, It can weigh much more than Up To 350 Lbs though this chair’s working weight load capacity is only 20lbs itself, which is quite impressive.

This includes one x-pad massage chair and a carrying case for easy transport. Mounting sufficient mobility, easy adjustment, and sturdiness, it becomes supremely versatile and useful for both therapeutic or recline use.


  • Easy to set up
  • Diverse adjustment settings
  • Proper relaxation and comfort guaranteed
  • Durable aluminum frames
  • Water-resistant PU leather
  • Can be folded easily that ensures portability and easy transport
  • Convenient for regular-rough use
  • Versatile massage chair for mounting different position
  • Footrest pads for protecting it from fading out


  • Could have been more sturdy
  • Might not be suitable for short people

What To Look For In A portable Massage Chair

You are probably hovering into enormous confusion while shopping for a portable massage chair.

Because you may have seen some mouth-watering advertisement on social media which later made no sense or you’ve already invested your money on some rubbish.

So, if you don’t want to repent more and evaluate your investment in any aspect, then you must know what to look for while shopping for a portable chair!

Determining what you are really fishing for and what’s your priority will help you to obtain the ideal chair for you in no time!

  • Price vs. Product Value

Even if you have thousands of dollars in your pocket, you aren’t prone to waste it on something useless. Right? That’s why when you are purchasing anything, make sure you compare the price with the product value.

This won’t help you to save money or craft more, but it will definitely save you from a loss or getting ridiculously sold by the sellers. So, while looking for a portable chair, first thing first consider how you are gonna use it. Are you gonna use it occasionally or on a regular basis?

If you want it for occasional uses, then investing more than 100 bucks makes no sense at all. Because you are barely gonna use it. Henceforth it’s already safe from excessive consumption and damage.

Now, if you want it for frequent stress and pain relief, then the chair should be durable, utterly comfortable, and ergonomic as well. Here you need to stretch your investment a little more.

Another hack to win the deal is to cast sharp attention to the features and obviously seller records.

Then consider the price. If you are getting more features for less money, then it’s surely a bonus for you. But if you aren’t getting more than one comprehensive feature yet, the price is really high for the brand or something, then leave it there. Don’t buy it!

Invest your money that brings ample value!

  • Portability & sturdy Construction

Secondly, you need to gaze upon the core aspect of your purchase, which is no doubt, portability.

Pretty apparent that in a portable chair, it’s the first and foremost feature you are expecting. Hence opt for the top rated portable chair that also meets with your budget.

For instance, if you want this chair for permanent use such as living room chairs or bedroom recliners, then you don’t really need much portability.

Because you aren’t prone to move it back and forth even if you need it would be for cleaning purposes, which is not a big deal.

But if you are buying it for diverse uses such as outdoor sitting or taking it along with you in your favorite quests, then you must need sufficient portability in your chair.

Apparently, in 20 pounds and 23 pounds, you won’t grasp any drastic difference, but when you try to carry it, you will surely feel the difference.

That’s why I would suggest you go for the best lightweight chair if you are traveling along with it.

And stick with the standard ones if you are just sitting at home.

Then comes another feature, which is sturdiness. No wonder if you buy something with poor construction, then it will quickly wear out or broke down due to constant use.

Hence, the chair construction should bear enough durability with a minimum working weight of 250 pounds.

So make sure your chair provides a sturdy construction or not!

  • Ease of Use

Your chair must have easy adjustment settings. For instance, the armrest, footrest, headrest adjustments should be easy to assemble. Moreover, the lying back position, multiple face adjustments, and seating control require to be very handy to accommodate for universal use.

  • Ample Comfort & Strain Relief

That’s another significant purpose behind getting a portable massage chair rather than an ordinary living room chair. So here, your work is easy! Just find out the quality cushion materials such as nylon-made exterior, multi-layer foams, PU leather or upholstery in your portable massage chair!

These materials have the utmost muscle relief components. Besides, quality materials are supposedly soft yet firm enough to deliver muscle relief, pain-free sitting, and adequate lumbar support.

However, while looking for comfort, consider the age of the users. If you are purchasing it for children or there are chances to use it for kids, then the chair should have height shrinking adjustment so that you can use it for both kids and elder people.

How To Use A portable massage chair

Wondering how you’re gonna use a portable massage chair? Well, don’t panic! It’s really easy if you already know how it set it up and control the adjustments. However, most of the chairs provide an instruction manual, which clearly explains the whole using process. But if you are facing difficulties to understanding due to vague information then this is what you’re gonna do:

  • Place the chair in your desired place
  • Search for the adjustment buttons or frames
  • Then try to stretch it backward or upwards according to your preference
  • If your chair processes heat or vibration, then there’s surely a button panel or switch to activate it.
  • Lastly, sit down, maintaining the proper body alignment, or you can lay back as well.


1. Are these convenient for my business?

Ans: – Yes, they are. Not only for business purposes but also for personal therapeutic use.

2. What is the minimal weight resistance a portable massage chair should be?

Ans. At least 300 pounds

3. What are the core 3 benefits of a portable massage chair?

Ans. Firstly It’s easy to carry, easy to demonstrate, and therapeutic to customers

4. What is the ideal construction material for these chairs?

Ans. Aluminum powder-coated frames

5. Does PU upholstery resist water and dust?

Ans. Yes

6. Which one to buy between master massage professional or master massage Apollo?

Ans. As the features barely have any difference, you should buy it depending on its price value.

7. How to bring out the most of it from these chairs?

Ans. Save up some money, plan your business strategies, and set up your own massage and spa studio.

8. Do they offer any extra tools?

Ans. Yes! most of them arrive with nylon carry cases, face cushions, extra strip, and accessory carrying case


Even after a neat review article narrowing down the best deal for you is indeed a tedious job. Still, you have already been through our quick-bit buying guide! I hope you will consider all of the crucial facts and cut the chase in time!

In this article, we have combined a variety of portable massage chairs available in the market. There are tons of these chairs. But we have enlisted the chairs keeping the variety of features they have and the money they cost. We hope you are definitely going to get a chair of your choice. The specialty of this list we think is that no matter your budget is just about a hundred bucks or more than 500 bucks you’re not going to be disappointed. Because we have selected and reviewed the best portable massage chairs according to various price ranges. Lastly, if you’re a new massage therapist trying to set up your business we wish you all the very best and good fortune ahead.

Good Luck!

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