Best Office Chair Under 200$ – Reviews & Buying Guide

Bringing an ergonomic office chair can be a big investment, and it may impact on your financial state for somedays. So it becomes crucial to find out an affordable office chair without any compensation at all. Because you are bound to strive for comfort and also aren’t likely to spend a thousand dollars.

What if we tell you that there are some office chairs that don’t contain a high price tag and also support your lumbar health?

Rejoice! Today we have lined up 10 best office chairs under 200$ and a significant buying guide.

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In a Hurry? Check Our Top Picks of Chairs Below 200$

How Does an office chair under 200 Work

Unlike other typical office chairs, there are also a variety of chairs that are specifically tailored to alleviate your lumbar health and to keep you stress-free and productive during the intense peer pressure of office work.

Henceforth, when you invest in a chair like this, it pays you back with added privilege. The office chairs under 200$ or more include variant tilt adjustments, swivel capacity, multi-positioning reclining, comfortable cushion, or lumbar pillows to eventually aid your bad back and retain the spinal curve your body on contour.

10 Best Office Chairs Under 200$- Reviewed

Honestly, we can clearly understand how much it takes to find out the best deals under 200 dollars when the market is filled with expensive office chairs.

Sometimes you feel nowhere coming to a conclusion and stay in a dilemma as in whether to expand the budget or not to buy any chair at all.

So, our team decided to sink into various marketplaces and kept a fine track of their past and recent releases of office chairs. And finally, we have come across ten best office chairs below 200 dollars, and here we are going to compile those office chairs into the best office chairs under 200$ review.

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1. Smugdesk Executive Office Chair Ergonomic Heavy Duty Chair Adjustable Swivel Comfortable Rolling Chair Smugdesk Executive Office Chair under 200

Smugdesk is a promising brand with a comprehensive selling history and customer reliability. To date, it has crafted office chairs and other lumbar support accessories according to your price preference and health convenience.

The smugdesk executive chair is ergonomically built along with two lumbar support system. You not only get assistance for you back but also for your tailbone area. The entire design is utterly therapeutic.

When you sit, you will instantly feel the relief and support on your back and waist. Mostly the detailing of this chair is impressive because you’ll have a wide winged-like design for resting your waist with precision. Also, the availability of diverse adjustments and its alteration make it one of the most cherished office chairs so far.

Key features

  • Sturdy nylon base for safe and stable sitting every time
  • Adjustable levers beneath the chair for required height adjustments
  • Padded armrest which can be lifted up and down when needed
  • A detailed curve at the lower part of the chair where your back and tailbone area stays and requires body alignment
  • Activate read-only mode by leaning your chair a little backward
  • PU material casters which don’t make any cranky noise when transportation
  • 100% non-slip material to aid your back without spacing out

2. AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair – White with Pewter Finish, BIFMA Certified AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair

Amazonbasic features bonded white leather and PVC upholstered office chair with equal padding contents.

The back and seat of the chair have the same padding quantity so that you get a firm, precise, and comfortable sitting every time. Also, these chairs competently promote healthy sitting postures through a few adjustments.

It offers three color options, such as a vintage brown, a neat pale white, and a sleek black office chair. You can customize your computer desk with one of these sophisticated colors and recline in 360 swivel capacity as well.

Key features

  • It has 275 load capacity
  • Available pneumatic height adjustments start from 29.13-25.59 inches to 41.34-45.08 inch
  • Smooth-rolling caster for easy transportation
  • 1 year limited warranty

3. Office Chair Mesh Executive Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrest Rotating Chair Office Chair Mesh Executive Chair with 3D Adjustable Armrest

Till now, you have heard of back support mesh, which has breathable contents to promote airflow. Here, this chair equips your office with a breathable seat as well.

Even if you use your office chair for a prolonged time, your back and buttocks won’t feel heated up or greasy due to sweating. On the other hand, the headrest allows you to assemble it the way you want. You can either keep your head straight or lean back and forth.

Also, the chair escalates the functionality to the next level.

The enhanced armrest adjustments, ergonomic design to reduce severe back pain, soreness and fatigues, and thick padded seat boost up your productivity and lets you enjoy your office hours.

Key features

  • Multi-dimensional headrest and 3D armrest
  • 360-degree swivel
  • Keeps your body on contour
  • Five-claw leg chair for optimal stability
  • Diverse adjustment alteration
  • The breathable back support mesh and padded seat keeps you ventilated
  • Tension control knob for easy assembly
  • Ideal for persistent use
    300lbs weight resistance
  • 1-year free replacement, 30 days return policy
  • In-depth instruction manual for easy installation

4. SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid Dark Back and Padded Black Eco Leather Seat SPACE Seating Professional AirGrid office chair

This chair includes a 2-to-1 Syncro tilt adjustment function to compliment lumbar health.

The overall build of this chair is ideal for persistent use and supporting your back by ample alleviation and resilience.

It features an eco-leather seat with mesh sidings as back support. And the mesh is designed strategically to assist your spinal curve. Henceforth you are less likely to feel soreness in your back and stay dynamic throughout your office hours.

Key features

  • Breathable mesh content keeps your back vaccinated all the way
  • Adjustable Pu leather padded armrest which can be lifted up and down according to your requirement
  • Easy to access pneumatic height adjustment function
  • Durable nylon base with extra-large, dual-wheel carpet casters for safe sitting and mobility
  • Tilt tension controller for customizing your reclining intensity
  • Weighs only 8 pounds
  • Low chemical emission which makes it convenient for indoor use

5. DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool for Home and Office DRAGONN Ergonomic Kneeling Chair, Adjustable Stool for Office

This one pledges to bring versatility and a bit change to your day to day life and office hours. Because it’s not like typical office chairs with armrest, headrest and lumbar pillows. Instead, it’s designed like a knee exercising equipment that alleviates your leg joints, sheen, and back by ensuring a significant sitting posture.

On top of that, the adjustments of this stool are customizable. You can move back and forth with the added four caster wheels and increase the height into 28 inches and decrease it into 21 inches when need.

Key features

  • 250lbs load capacity
  • 2 inches ultra-thick cushioning to surpass other competitors in the aspect of materials
  • Multi-purpose use (office, home, gaming station, classroom, etc.)
  • A sleek black color to lit up surrounding
  • Sturdy metal-based foundation
  • 90-degree seat reclining facility
  • Promotes abdominal heath

What To Look For In An office chair under 200

We will be brutally honest here. See, when you are expecting a high-end luxurious chair with multiple adjustments, which costs under 200$, then you are doing nothing but daydreaming.

Because let’s be real, a chair under 200 dollars may provide you an average material, few adjustments, and decent comfort contents. But anything such as warranties, numerous adjustment settings, and additional attachments won’t dwell in a 200$ office chair.

Still, there are certain features that you’re going to find in an office chair at this price range. And to recognize them precisely, let’s have a look at the five crucial specifications in an office chair under 200 dollars that will make you seal the deal.

We have also listed top rated office chairs under 300$

  1. Overall Build

First thing first, you need to acknowledge what to expect! From a low budget office chair, you aren’t about to have a substantial and robust construction. Mostly the finishing and the chair frames are somewhat poor quality.

However, when trying to maneuver for a low budget office chair, one thing that you shouldn’t ever compromise is the “wiggle and move” options. Because no matter what and how these features are going to reciprocate, you have to make sure bringing a chair that includes these features. They may not work at one point, but all you can do is to be content with the advantages that happened once in a blue moon!

And you also need to be careful when you see a false advertisement or branding scheme of any manufacturer who claims to provide exclusive functionalities with the privilege of warranties or return policies. Because most of the time, such news is fake, and they do that just to “sell” the product.

So here you go. The first consideration is to perceive what to expect and what to not.

  1. Minimal adjustability

Do you know what adds value to a high-end office chair? Well, it’s the benefit of having multiple adjustabilities. This feature can drive up the price range in a matter of seconds. So, we are pretty sure that you already know what to look for in terms of adjustability.

See, you may get more adjustments in a low budget chair than an authentic leather coated office chair has. But the irony is, this case is a “rare scene.”

So, what you have to look for is to find out the chair that contains minimal adjustability with a promising lifespan. Rather than having a chair that provides 8 inches height adjustments that don’t even work or falls apart within a week, you should get a chair that allows 3-4 inches adjustment facility, which stays longer.

  1. Load Capacity

This is one of the features which you shouldn’t ever look past from no matter you are looking for an affordable office chair or expensive ones.

So, when you are shopping for a budget-friendly office chair, make sure it at least provides more than 150lbs weight resistance. However, this is the lowest load capacity that you are gonna witness. But, there are chaise above 150$ or a little less than 200 dollars, which can weigh up to 200-250 pounds ideally.

  1. Upholstery

Getting a leather upholstered office chair with breathable mesh and vivid color at a low price is like a dream come true. Hence, when you seek authentic leather, a mesh that provides airflow, and numerous color options from a 200 dollars office chair, you are already hovering into illusions.

So, what you can do is to find the best bet in this price range, which indulges with a decent upholstery or materials that mirror leather or breathable mesh to an extent.

Some leather copies aren’t that bad, but as long as you expect to buy a chair for persistent use, you shouldn’t hook yourself on a replicated or dupe upholstered chair.

  1. Warranty

Keeping this feature in the last category because having warranties in a low budget office chair isn’t a necessity. You won’t be going to have ten years of warranties in a chair that costs less than 200$. Because if you want, so you have to expand your investment up to 1000$. So as you can see, the price range rapidly grows up when you think of warranties for several years.

Here your task is to find out the chair which sticks with you for 1-2 years without falling apart. However, it always depends on your use. As far as you don’t use the chair for constant sitting and put the extra load, it will stay longer than you expect.

The last thing that you should keep in mind is that instead of rambling on the items getting excluded, try to see the things you are getting in such a price range.

How To Use A office chair under $200

Using an office chair under 200 dollars is not complete opposite from other expensive office chairs. If you have a few adjustment settings first thing first, you need to assemble them adequately. Then you have to lock your required sitting posture if there’s any locking mechanism. Besides, there should be a built-in lever to adjust the height and activating rocking mode.

So, all you have to do is to install the chair according to the instruction manual and accommodate the adjustment functionalities orderly to use an office chair appropriately.


Here is some frequently asked question to help you throughout your farther queries and misconceptions

  1. Are office chairs under 200 dollars harmful for my back?

  • With no contradictions, these low budget chairs affect your back in a bad way. It may not help but it doesn’t develop your complications
  1. Whats the least load capacity in an office chair under 200 dollar?

  • 150 lbs
  1. Are they beneficial for my bad back?

  • If you have an intense history of having a bad back and you cant get rid of it, then it may be some serious issue that requires meditation and observation. But if you are suffering from a sore back due to prolonged sitting, then a chair with few adjustments and comfort paddings can aid your discomfort.
  1. Whats the best office chair under 200$ for short space?

– for a short space you need a compact chair for sure and to get it done we would suggest you the #2 Dragon kneeling office chair and Boss’s office chair as far as you don’t strive for armrest and tilt options

  1. Which base material is ideal for long term use?

  • There are plenty of sturdy base materials, but in a budget-friendly office chair nylon-based material can be ideal for you
  1. How to control the tilt tension knob?

  • The tilt tension knob is most probably located under the seat. You need to rotate the knob until you reach to you required balance
  1. What’s the best budget office chair with numerous adjustments and lumbar support?

  • You can check out the first product and 8th which are Amazon basic high executive chair and Duramont’s office chair.


If you ask which one wins the crown, then we will be speechless and cant answer at all. Because all of them are great in their specific comfort, spectrums, and stances. So, you are the one who can narrow down the best office chair under 200$ depending on the requirements, budget, and reliability.

Good luck!

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