Best Office Chair Under 300 : Ultimate Reviews 2019

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Office Chair Under 300

Hi there! Are you looking for an office chair? I have some suggestions that might be helpful and these can be titled as the best office chair under 300. I, myself, have faced a lot of troubles while buying chairs for my workplace and this was huge pressure on me because my boss assigned me to do the task. If you’re wondering, ‘Come on dude! It’s just a chair, what’s the big deal about it. If you can sit in it buy it’.

Then this is where I’d like to stop you because a chair is not just a chair. It is your work partner.  In this article, you can look at some chairs that have caught my eyes. But before going to the chairs first you need to know some important things to keep in your mind while buying a chair. They are discussed below.

Top 10 Best Office Chair Under 300

Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Chair:

It is a high back executive chair with commercial-grade components. It can support a fellow weighing up to 350pounds. It is a comfortable office chair covered in leather with an adjustable armrest which is curved for your comfort. You can also see a moving back to hold the perfect shape of your spine. You can move the seat up and down by pneumatic control handle. You can also lock the chair after you find your comfort zone.

It is not too expensive and just around your budget. You will be able to sit in pleasure and work happy. But if you are shopping online this may not be available in some countries. Check product websites for more details.

Amazon basics high-back executive chair:

Again an office chair just under $200. For the starter, you can assemble the chair in the nick of time. It is really easy. It is of great value since it costs just under $200. You can sit comfortably in it for 8 to 10 hours. You can also modify the chair as you want to and it will fit you just fine. The chair swivels 360 degrees so you will feel free as a bird.

You can rock easily or harder if you adjust the knob underneath the chair. A mixture of PVC and bonded leather will give you a smooth feeling of joy. It has a padded back for the right position of the back and padded armrest so your arms are comfortable while working so hard all day.

Its weight capacity is about 250 pounds. It is lighter than the previous chair and has more stylish attire. You can also move all over your workplace due to 360-degree swivel and easy roll on. You can also adjust it as you like.

Modway Articulate Ergonomic Mesh Office Chair in Black:

Now if you are looking for something with breathable mesh back then this probably is the right chair for you. It is also adjustable and you can also make your office look stylish. You can also add a dab of color variation. This chair also comes in different colors. You can use it daily and as you wish. It is built for rough use.

Whether you are in a carpeted area or wooden or even in a smooth surface this chair allows you to move as you desire at a 360-degree angle. If you work for a long time during the day don’t worry about sweaty back because the mesh back of this chair not only supports your spine perfectly but also keeps your back fresh. Air moves continuously through the fabric.

Another interesting feature is that after you are done adjusting you can lock the chair’s position according to your comfort zone.

Modway Jive Ribbed Mid Back Executive Office Chair, Terracotta Vinyl

This ribbed sling chair will provide you good comfort and you can sit on it as you wish by the ergonomic lumbar support. It is perfect for contemporary office furnishing. It is slim and can be used for small offices. It was also ranked as the best seller.

It is very much easy to set up. You can use the chair as a computer chair or office desk chair. You can also add versatility with various colored jive chair. These chairs will add life to an office and cut out the boredom. You will be able to move all over 360-degree angle while sitting on it with the help of five wheel casters.

The adjustment of the chair is with just a single touch. All type of people can sit on it. The armrest is not too high or low.

Green Forest Office Chair Ergonomic High Back Home Computer Task Chair Adjustable PU Leather Executive Desk Chair with Headrest, Black

This chair has been awarded the title best executive chair for thick, soft padded foam that not only gives relaxation but also helps to maintain right posture. You will definitely feel like an executive in it whether you’re working at home or office, it is your perfect mate.

You can work, study or play games while sitting on it for long hours. You will feel no back pain or whatsoever. The armrest is PU covered. Nylon casters help you move at a 360-degree angle. Its steel and gas are explosion proof.

Best Office Ergonomic PU Leather High Back Office Chair, Black

This is a perfect chair for you under 300 bucks if you are one of those who sits sedentarily. It is all about comfort. The back is nicely padded and seats have a cushion so that you may find comfort all over your body. Not only this but also your back pain will slowly disappear by improving the way you sit. You don’t need to do anything you just have to sit. The chair’s design will do all the work.

It will add style to your office or home office. The chair’s seats and pads are covered with soft PU leather that will give you a smooth feeling. Don’t worry about cleaning leather because although it is of leather, it is very easy to clean. You will need to spend very little time.

The chair is also oil and water resistant. Just imagine getting a chair like this at a low cost. You don’t need to worry about having oil stains. Now you can eat all the French fry burgers pizzas you want without a thought of getting dirty. Like the chairs mentioned above, this one can also move everywhere and it is also easily adjustable. People of every size and shape can use this chair. It also has BIFIMA certificate.

La Z Boy Bellamy Executive Bonded Leather Office Chair

You will find the core of the chair very comforting. It has been made comfortable by using several layers of memory foam bonded together. The leather is bonded over them to give a smooth feel. It is very easy to clean and you will be happy to use it.

Dust and water come right off of it at the blink of an eye. The chair is padded with foam which eases the pressure points. The headrest is also comfortably padded so you can lean on if you feel a little lazy or want to take a power nap on the chair. The controls are ergonomic and easy to use.

You can easily adjust this chair according to your own height and you don’t need to go over and over through the manual. The chair’s body is made of wood and it is in brown marble mocha. The wheels have 60 millimeters casters.

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Bonum Executive Office Chair Thick Padding Big & Tall 500lb Capacity Size with Soft Spring Pack Padding High-Back Bonded Leather Chair (Black)

If you like to follow the trend then it is the perfect chair for you. This chair is designed in such a way that you will feel like a trendy executive in it. It is very stylish and the finishing is worth mentioning. It is also very easy to assemble. You can set it in a jiffy. It’s of very low cost and highly affordable for you if your budget is just near 300 bucks. The chair is spring padded, but weight doesn’t get any negative feeling when you see the word “spring” because these are no ordinary springs.

The springs are very softly padded and you will not get the feeling that there are springs in the pads. And there is no worry of the springs shooting out like in cartoons or your other furniture. The chair has a perforated mesh for easy breathing and you will not feel sweaty if you sit for too long. The height of the chair is adjustable for 18 to 20.2inch.

Like the chairs that I talked about above, you can also adjust this chair as you want it. You can also rock in it whenever you like. So chatting or relaxing will not be disturbed. The chair has nylon casters and the seat is waterfall design. That is why you can move easily and it will lower the fatigue of your legs.

KADIRYA High Back Bonded Leather Executive Office Chair – Adjustable Recline Locking Mechanism, Flip-up Arms Computer Desk Chair, Thick Padding and Ergonomic Design for Lumbar Support-Black

This upholstered bonded leathered chair will be comfier than other chairs. The seat’s edge is waterfall designed so your legs don’t hurt after sitting long. Tilt knob under the seat will help you to lean back and relax as you wish when you get tired.

You can lean back a maximum of 120 degrees. You can move the whole chair all over the office. Five-star nylon wheel casters help to move swiftly. The chair is also certified by BIFIMA. You can install it by watching YOUTUBE tutorial.

This chair is the best office chair and there are a lot of buyers. You can find many tutorials posted by various users besides the company.

Zenith Ergonomic High Back Mesh Office Chair with Adjustable Armrest Lumbar Support Headrest Swivel Task Desk Chair Computer Chair Guest Chairs Reception Chairs (Black)

The chair has a stable and durable framework. Mesh back makes the movement of air easier. You can sit as long as you like there’s no need to worry about the sweaty back. Lumber head support keeps your spine in the right position.

If you use it for long your sitting posture may improve. You can call it the best budget office chair for it is cheaper than other chairs and gives you better service. Tilt lock knob helps you to lock the chair after you are done the adjusting. You can keep arms up and just glide it under your desk or table to save your space.

If you have a small space then it is really the best executive chair for you. The PU casters move very silently. You will feel every penny’s worth if you buy it

Basics of buying an office chair:

C curve of the spine: What is a ‘C’ curve? Well, it is the form our spine takes when we sit a little bent. When you sit in ‘C’ curve position for a long time your spine slowly and slowly decays leaving you crippled. You can consult with a physiotherapist to get a proof on this. So to avoid the ‘C’ curve you need to choose a chair that shapes your spine in just the way that arches in the right way. You can find one below.

Adjustable: Choose a chair that is easily adjustable so that you can sit in comfort. You also need to check how you can adjust your office chair so it doesn’t harm your spine and also adjusts to your height.

Firm back: The back of your chair should be made in a way that maintains a perfect shape and smoothes out your back perfectly. You can also buy back support for this or you can just buy the right kind of chair.

Armrest: Well, you can buy a chair with or without armrest. All kinds are available. But what you mostly need to look for is that the armrests are in such a position away from your hands so you can move your hands easily and keep your elbow on the armrest.

Material: Again the material needs to be according to your need. What environment you are in, how long do you work, what type of material is your preferences etc.

Things to avoid:

  • The chair cannot be too hard to sit on: If you sit on a hard surface for too long your muscles will ache and you may also find tissue damages.
  • The chair cannot be too heavy: Heavy chairs are hard to move from place to place. In a heavy chair, you will just be a sitting duck and if you are willing to move then every time you move you will have to walk or stand. Standing can be hard sometimes. And you just cannot work standing long.
  • Itchy material: Now I hope you will all agree to the fact that we all want to walk miles away from an itch. No one wants to come near if you itch. So while buying a chair you should always look for materials that are not itchy. For you will not be able to use it and it will just be a thing of wattage.
  • Improper back support: Sitting is becoming like smoking and it can also be the cause of death. If you sit improperly for a long time you will feel pain in your back first then legs, arms and other parts of your body. But spine is the most important thing for us mammals. It is very sensitive. Improper position can be the cause of spinal damage and in the worst case scenario; it can also be the cause of death.
  • Improper height: Too high chairs and too low chairs both can interfere with proper blood circulation. It can also cause joint pain. So this is also an important thing to notice before buying a right chair.

These are some dos and don’ts that I have experienced while buying office chair for me. You can take tips or do what pleases you the best.

You might have gone through a lot of sites, shops or looked through many pages. Well, I have personally gone through a lot to find the perfect chair. So I can understand the pain. This article is going to provide you the information about the 10 best office chairs under 200 or 300 dollars. You can also go into the links to check out for yourself. Don’t believe my words. You do have the right to judge and choose the best for you. But wait, do you know the basics of buying the best chair which can be called best office chair 2019. Although buying the perfect chair can be a little tough; the following are some examples that can be helpful.

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