Best Living Room Chairs For Back Pain : Ultimate Guide

After a hard-working day, with an enormous amount of stresses and responsibilities all we want to do is sit back with relaxation and think of only one thing; Inner-peace When we first enter our home the very first thing we look for is a comfy relaxation in the living room chair and with that watching the television for a while. When its gaming season the chair becomes our best friend and almost every one of us become couch potatoes. If it’s the major league baseball or football season then it’s needless to say that none of us would want to miss even single glance of the match.

In a Hurry? Check Our Picks of Living Room Chairs For Back Pain

But wait, have you ever thought of the chair in which you’re sitting on? A lot of us have some common problems with the chairs, like-

    • It gives us back pain
    • It is not comfortable to sit
    • We cannot rest our heads properly
    • We cannot move properly

These cause some major health issues like-

Sitting in an uncomfortable position causes stress on the shoulder, arms and legs which create immense pressure on the back and creates back pain. Long-term pains like these can cause damage to spinal discs.

See the world’s upgrading every day. And following the world, people also need to upgrade themselves and they do. Not only in technology but also in almost each and every sphere of life, even we need to upgrade your conceptual psychology about everything. Based on that nowadays we should upgrade the furniture because they’ve become a vital part of our day to day life.

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In this article we are going to reveal the top 10 best living room recliner chairs you will find in the market. Now, in case of buying the living room recliner chairs, there are some vital facts that you must consider before buying.


As we spend a lot of time daily on the chair, it should be comfortable enough to sit on. It should not be made of irritating materials that cause rashes on your skin or is too hard to sit on.


While choosing any chair you should first ensure whether it adjusts your height, weight and is it wide or does it have the correct height. In short, it has to be fit for your body.

Pain Relief:

These chairs are very much good for pain relief. While sitting in one of these chairs, you find absolute comfort and your upper and lower back pain. We have chosen the best chairs for back pain sufferers.

Healthy Sitting Posture to Reduce Back Pain (Watch This Video)


Chairs should be designed in such a way that adjusts with your backbone in the right shape. Your hands and feet should be properly placed on the chair.


When someone enters our house we greet them in our living room. Now, normally they sit on the sofa or couch and look around a little. But just think if they see a hideous object there they will criticize for sure either on your face or behind your back. Trust me on that. You don’t want to give them that opportunity, do you? Well, I do not. After all first impression is the last impression. So here are some suggestions for you to find your living room chairs.

1. Mac Motion Oslo Recliner with Matching Ottoman in Top Grain Leather with Walnut Frame

Oslo Recliner is a renowned company that produces a wide range of furniture for living rooms, dining room, bedroom and all of their collections are worth buying. But the new living room chair recently launched by them is the best chair that caught my eyes. It left me stunned. It’s one of the best living room chairs for back pain I have ever seen. It’s a good chair for not only as a piece of furniture but it takes really good care of your physical health. The new recliner with matching ottoman has the following features which make the chair worth mentioning:



  • It has theater storage and it’s easily adjustable
  • Reclines and swivels really well
  • It has a fitted adjustable headset
  • This beauty is made of top grain leather
  • It has a height of 37 inches and a width of 22.75 inches. So it is good for all adults
  • Its weight is 92 pounds
  • It comes in two colors cobblestone and Merlot
  • And most importantly, it has a classy look. I mean looking at the chair for the first time the compliment that came from inner me was “this looks Royal”

If you’re fond of reading and spend most of the time in your personal library at your home, this chair can be the best chair for you. This chair has a headrest attached armrest and leg-rest corners are well-furnished, this chair gives a classic impression, and also ensures that you don’t face any sort of physical distortion. All in all, this is a chair worth buying.

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2. Flash Furniture Contemporary Black Leather, Soft Recliner/Ottoman with Wrapped Base

Flash Furniture is a company that provides the second-best user-friendly household products. As we have told you before that we will suggest the best living room chair for back pain so we will do so. Flash furniture’s have introduced some new chairs that work great for protecting your back from pain. Here are some features:


  • It has a recliner and adjusted ottoman
  • It comes with a comfortable headset
  • Overstuffed padded chair and hand pads give you total comfort
  • You can adjust the recliners knob
  • It swivels well enough
  • It has colors: black. Brown, burgundy, cream, Palomino
  • It has a height of 37 inches and a width of 39 inches
  • It’s assembled weight is 44 pounds

This chair is very much suitable for home but if you want an extra bit of relaxation at your working place you can also have this chair at your office. Although as it takes a bit more space than the regular office chair, but obviously the choice is yours.

This chair doesn’t look that much luxurious but has its own classical look. And it’s also price efficient. Definitely, it will be in your budget range.

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3. Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner, USB Port, Tray, Blanche Black

When we talk about living room chairs, in general, the very first thing that crosses our mind is total comfort. It appears that Pulaski Power Recliner chair can fit as the synonym of the word ‘total comfort’ for sure. This living room recliner has everything you can ask from a comfortable living room chair. This chair reminded me of the chair I saw Joey (you might remember him from the famous TV show ‘FRIENDS’) chilling with complete relaxation but this one is only better with a lot more extra features. Now let’s see what is chair has to offer.

  • The whole body of the chair is covered in premium-quality ‘faux leather’ which is breathable to ensure total comfort. The fabric contents 80% polyester and 20% polythene which make it softer and easy to clean stuff.
  • This chair is designed with the power recliner tech. You can recline this chair to infinite positions according to your need with just a touch of a button. So lay, take a nap, read, watch movies precisely, do whatever you want in total comfort.
  • You’ll find an outlet and two USB charging plugs hidden in arm-storage. So now, you can use your phone, laptop, tablet etcetera having plugged on the chair.
  • You’ll get a removable swivel-tray with this chair. You can place that tray in either of the armrests and stow it when you’re not using it. The use of this tray is awesome. You can work on your laptop putting it on the tray. You can also put your drinks or snacks on that tray during movie time.
  • This recliner chair is big and comfortable enough for any grownup person.

As mentioned earlier, this chair is the perfect match when it comes to choosing a comfortable living room chair. The uses are innumerable. And about the comfort level? It’s obviously 12 out of 10. Picking out anything not likable about this chair was really hard for us and apparently, we seem to have failed. The only thing that might trouble you is moving this chair from one place to another. But other than that, we don’t have any complaint about this giant beauty at all.

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4. Relaxzen: (Leisure Recliner Chair) with 8-Motor Massage & Heat

Relaxed works to ensure that their products are distinct from others. They get their raw materials from qualified manufacturers. I recommend that you do not solely rely on the information presented and that you always read labels, warnings, and directions before using or consuming a product. For additional information about a product, please contact the manufacturer or at least google them, you’ll get some reliable ideas. However, it is my suggestion that if you are conscious about your health you should at least look at the features. After all, you should not judge without information. This chair from Relax comes with:


  • It has comfortable soft upholstery that makes you feel like being in a top-quality leather
  • 8 vibration massage motors relax the upper back, mid-back, thighs, and calves
  • It gives you the option of Choosing independent massage zones or from 9 pre-programmed random modes and 5 intensity levels
  • Swivels and reclines tension adjustment
  • It can hold up to 300 lbs
  • It has colors of black, brown and camouflage
  • The height of 17.2 inches and a width of 27 inches
  • It’s assembled weight is 58 pounds

In short, it’s a Yoga chair I say. It could be the best living room chair for back pain. Though it doesn’t look that much stylish if you’re not willing to take any sort of risk about your physical health that can vastly be caused by a chair then you’re actually in search of this chair.

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5. Esright Massage Recliner Chair 

Now it’s time to introduce a massaging recliner living room chair. Imagine you came home late with a lot of stress and aching back. You will be badly in need of a message instantly that might cost a hundred bucks or worst case scenario; that might be unavailable or almost impossible to get on that time of the night. Don’t worry because Esright massage recliner has got your back. If you have this recliner, you’ll have a little massage parlor of your own. Just set the chair in your comfortable reclining position and click a button and then the smooth vibration is going to eat up all your pain and stress in no time. Now let’s see the other features of this chair:

  • The body of this chair is wholly covered in soft and sturdy PU leather for long and intensive use.
  • The armrest and headrest are thickly padded with some extra cushion for more comfort.
  • This recliner has three more wonderful comforting features other than reclining; heating, massaging and vibrating. You can control these features with a remote-controller and each of these features has two intensity levels so that you get to choose what’s more comfortable.
  • This gigantic recliner has two cup-holders in each armrest and four bags to keep your magazines, TV-remote, etc.
  • This chair swivels 360 degrees! Normally living room recliners don’t have this feature. But this enormously designed recliner can swivel smoothly.

Comparing this chair with the similar priced other reclining chairs in the market, it’s needless to say that this chair, without a doubt, is a beauty. The heating feature for lumber is absolutely on point. Heating easily kills the lumbar pain. Moving this is going to give you a little trouble. If you don’t move it cautiously you might end up breaking a particular part of the chair. The design might appear simple and almost unattractive but the productiveness is awesome.

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6. Davis Fabric Recliner Club Chair

Davis is yet another company that provides again a wide range of products as riser recliner, chairs; bath lifts shower seats walkers, etc. This one though looks like a classical wooden sofa, but still, while shopping for the best living room chairs to reduce back pain Davis’s fabric recliner club chair is worth mentioning for these features:


  • This one’s made of fabric and wood, unlike the other companies who use steel.
  • Color can be seen as Light Beige, black, brown, burnt orange and gray
  • It has both a foot extension as well as reclining back functions
  • Has a solid frame and sturdy feet for added stability and strength
  • The Seat dimensions are:17.25 Inch high x 20 Inch Wide x 22.25 Inch deep
  • Assembled weight is 65 pounds

What I like most about this chair is this chair at the same time looks like a classic sofa that doesn’t have any kind of helpfulness for the body but also has the health benefits for the body. Unlike the other sofas, this sofa-like chair has a thigh and footrest chamber which makes it even cooler.

No doubt that this one looks great and will obviously be suitable for any home but still I didn’t like it at this age of modern furniture! It doesn’t help your body being fit ergonomically. But still, it won’t be a waste of money if you’re in search of a classical sofa-like chair.

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7. Shiatsu Massage Chair Recliner w/Heat Stretched Foot Rest

For a whole body, massage Shiatsu is a company that takes care of your needs properly. Shiatsu massage originates from Asia and includes a soothing and relaxing pressure massage with the fingers, thumbs or palms. Just like that Shiatsu massage chair imitates this movement for your whole body’s relaxation. It could be the best chair for back pain relief.


  • Power rollers are used to relax muscle stress, reducing fatigue and rejuvenating the mind and body
  • It improves the flexibility mobility and posture of the legs
  • More than 30 airbags Build in Heat Intelligent roller system
  • Flexibility to the contour and shape of your back
  • The added neck massage feature
  • Massage heads are designed to target stress relieving “tsubo points” on your neck

This is a Japanese doctor chair I’d like to say. I mean seriously, look at this product. This is what I call being in the 21st century! Although it kind of looks are higher in price but seriously dude, owning this chair means having a complete solution for physical distortion!

This is not at all a waste of money even if you buy this chair in spite of having no issues with your body, that I assure you.

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8. Yandel Powerlift Recliner by Ashley Furniture

The first one in this lazy recliner series we have got the mighty Yandel Power-lift Recliner brought to you by Ashley Furniture. This is a giant recliner that will easily be fit for a fully-grown-up person no matter what their size might be. If you just want a little time alone for yourself in your library or maybe in front of your garden then this is the perfectly made chair for you. The features you get from this chair is unbelievably awesome. The upper part of the recliner as in its surface is made of saddle brown upholstery that gives it a classy leather-like look. Now let’s talk about the other features it offers you.


  • From the name, of course, you know that this is a power lift recliner. It has two motors functionally designed and put inside to lift the chair according to your wish without ruining its style at all. Just a push of a button lifts you up, brings you down and elevates your legs for ultimate comfort.
  • As said before, the surface of this chair is made of saddle brown upholstery that gives it a leathery look. This upholstery is made of thick poly fiber with a cozy feel-good touch. The best part is it is more comfortable and long-lasting than leather.
  • Now it’s time to talk about the comfort it assures. The seat size of this chair is 20 inches and the cushion of this chair is very thickly padded. If you give it a close look, you can see that the cushion is not padded evenly. The cushion pad is thicker in the headrest, middle and lower back. This type of padding enables the chair to give you an ergonomic comfort so that when you are sitting for a long time you do not get pain in the back. Instead, you will feel more comfortable.
  • The seat of this chair is shaped in a U water-falling manner, which is better in terms of sitting than a flat surface.
  • There is a pocket in the lower right side of the chair where you basically put the recliner remote. However, the pocket is spacious enough for some magazines or thin books too.
  • The hand-rest of this chair is as big as itself. In addition to that, the better part is the hand-rest is padded so thickly that they almost feel like two soft pillows.
  • The power-lift recliner of the chair is very efficient. Just a push of a button will heighten you up to 69 inches and when fully reclined the leg-rest rises up to 19 inches that makes it, as I previously said, almost a bed.


Half a thousand bucks seem like a lot to anyone in terms of purchasing something. Nevertheless, this living room recliner is totally worth calling the best living room chair for back pain. The efficiency it has is beyond almost any normal recliner chairs. The way you are going to spend your money is totally up to you. But if you have this budget for a recliner this one totally is worth it. Yet I would suggest you compare this one with similarly priced recliners so that you can get a better idea about both.

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9. CANMOV Power Lift Recliner

The next one in this lazy recliner list we have another power lift recliner almost like the previous one you have seen. The primary difference between these two power lift recliner is their look. I would say the first one you have seen comes in a formal look where this one comes in a rather casual look. But if I am honest, I got to admit that I like this one’s look better. Well, it’s every individual’s choice but I kind of have a soft corner in my mind for the military camouflage dress, maybe that’s why I like this one more. Now let’s talk about the features-


  • The internal structure of this chair is designed very heavily which makes it very sturdy, firm and long-lasting.
  • Unlike the previous one, this power lift recliner has only one motor to control the whole reclining process. Yet this one motor performs effectively to adjust your own customized reclining position.
  • This recliner too is padded with overstuffed pillow-like cushions inside so that you feel more comfortable.
  • The upholstery used in this chair is completely skid-proof. Sometimes the main problem with a chair’s upholstery is its softness that makes you skid off your position which is really annoying. But not with this one I assure you.
  • With the max weight lifting capacity of 300 lbs. this chair is perfect for almost any person no matter the size.
  • The max seat height of this chair goes up to 20 inches when fully reclined. And you can control the reclining position within 160 degrees backward with the remote.
  • It will take only 10 minutes for you to assemble and learn how to control this chair after you get it in your room.

Considering all the features compared to the previous one you have seen this chair is also highly efficient and worth buying. But one thing about this chair is saddening. It’s not fully ergonomic for which it can’t really be considered the best living room recliner. The company itself is honest suggests not using it for a longer time if you already suffer from severe back pain. But if not then there are no other issues about this chair.

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10. Wall Hugger Power Lift Recliner

The next one in this series is a bit cheaper if you were looking for so. Introducing the Wall Hugger power lift recliner from Domesis. The main reason why this chair is cheaper than the previous ones is that it’s a bit smaller. Well, it’s not good news if you’re a plus sized person, but if not it’s really efficient. Because, if the length of 33 inches and a width of 30 inches fits you perfectly then you are going to save a lot of space in your room. The reason why it’s called wall hugger is that if you put it 4 or 5 inches away from the wall and then recline fully, it feels like it’s hugging the wall. A fancy name perhaps, now let’s move along with the other features-


  • As this chair is a bit smaller in size it saves a lot of space in your room and at the same time, it’s easily movable.
  • Just like the previous ones this one too has a two button remote to control the reclining position. Just press and hold the up or down button till you are satisfied with the recliner’s position.
  • The leg rest of this chair is pretty spacious and along with this, the whole chair can be controlled between normal to 160 degrees reclining position.
  • The cushion of this recliner to is set in an ergonomic way. Stuffy on the headrest, waterfall seating, and stuffed hand and leg-rest. All these make this chair even more comfortable. And this ergonomic feature surely makes it one of the best living room chairs for back pain.
  • The whole chair is covered with specially made renu leather which is breathable, durable, comfortable and most importantly it’s not slippery. It’s also very easy to wash.
  • This recliner too is very easy to assemble.


In terms of its price compared to the previous two, this recliner is equally efficient as those only except it’s a bit smaller. But if its size fits you then you get almost the same features while saving a couple of hundred bucks. Doesn’t this sound awesome? I would really say it’s a perfect deal.

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11. Homal Manual Recliner

So finally we have reached our last and the cheapest recliner chair on this list. If you’ve been thinking that recliners are very expensive I wouldn’t disagree with you. They really are. But on the other hand, if you think of all the comforts and relaxations you’ve going to get from those you will not feel like spending your money. It will be like investing, on your physical and psychological health.

But if your budget doesn’t allow you to invest then don’t worry. As a wise man once said, there is always a second choice. Please don’t ask who said that. Now that second choice might not be pleasant always. But what to do! Something is at least better than nothing.

Here comes the cheapest recliner in the list by Homal furniture. This is a manual recliner which means you manually have to push different buttons to recliner the chair. So let’s take an in-depth look at it-


  • The whole recliner is covered in high-quality PU leather which by now is pretty famous for being soft for the skin and easily cleaned up.
  • Underneath the leather, there’s high quality twice as thick as a regular sponge for ensuring more comfort and resilience.
  • The recliner’s leg rest is designed in a curvy manner which ensures that you’re thighs don’t hurt when you’re using it for a longer period of time.
  • It’s padded thickly but only in necessary areas such as headrest and lumbar supporting area.
  • The seat is quite large in terms of the whole chair’s size. It should easily be fitted to a 6 feet person.
  • The height of the chair from the ground is also enough to be comfortable for the people over 6 feet. When fully reclined in 160 degrees the chair becomes 62 inches long which is pretty spacious.
  • No worries about this being a manual recliner. Homal provides a lifetime exchange guarantee to all of its parts.


Homal is a renowned and widely trusted furniture developing company. Apparently, this recliner doesn’t look as good as the previous ones. But given the fact that Homal had to produce this one for a really low budget, this one is somewhat comparable to the features of other expensive living room recliners. It’s not an automatic remote controlled recliner which makes the user to manually fix the reclining position all the time, but at least the recliner provides with almost the same comfort as other recliners. So yes, this recliner is worth enough being called the best budget living room recliner.

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Why does pain occur in the first place?

Previously, I’ve already told you there are many reasons that can result in back pain. But most of the common reasons are linked with our “Sitting” standard. We have to sit most of the times of our workaholic life. Sitting too much is dangerous. Because it can create pressure on the sciatic nerve and that eventually brings out back pain. Here are some typical things we do while sitting that we shouldn’t do:

  • Sitting too much: Sitting too much for a long time can cause serious damage to the sciatic nerve of the body according to the blazing home. You may feel numbness in your back and your muscles of the back may get stretched due to this.
    Solution: If you do the works that require you to sit for a long time then take regular intervals. I mean, work for 20 minutes and then take a 2 minutes break and walk around. This will keep your muscles from being stretched.
  • Using a normal wooden chair: A classical wooden chair cannot be used for working. Sitting on that kind of chair for a long time can cause you pain. Because these chairs don’t respond to the structure of our back and buttocks. And that can also stretch the muscles of the back.
    Solution: Use an ergonomically designed chair for long time use. These chairs are made in such a way that enables them to respond to our body’s structure.

Besides these, you’ll find a lot more medical issues regarding the occurrence of back pain.

Now, coming back to the point, what exactly can solve this problem?

If you’re a bookworm or a workaholic person who needs a chair almost 75% times of his whole day, then changing your chair can bring you a massive revolutionary solution to this problem. Because as you already know by now, the general cause of back pain is the bad sitting posture that happens due to using a bad chair.

What is the recliner chair?

A recliner chair is a chair that isn’t just a chair. Let’s just say, it’s a car that can fly. Well, to explain it further, it’s a kind of extra stuffed chair made to comfort its owner. The special features of these chairs are__ these chairs have leg rest, hand rest and the foam used in the cushions are super comfortable. It’s like the Android 8.0 version of the classical easy chairs.

Types of Recliners

All problems have their own specific solutions too. But not every one of us in the same way. We have different choices and opinions regarding those solutions. The solutions for back pain also have different kinds of solution. One of the prime solutions is using recliner chairs. There are several types of recliners with different kinds of features and prices available in the market. You can choose the one that will be accurate for you according to your taste, necessity, and budget. Now you are going to about the different types of recliners.

 How will these chairs help you get rid of back pain?

The main effectiveness that these chairs will offer you are explained below-

  • The recliner chairs help to alleviate the pressure of upper and lower tension of the spine and for this pain also gets alleviated.
  • As these chairs allow you to elevate your legs, the strains of the muscles get alleviated.
  • Recliner chairs help to spread the weight of the body which helps to take the pressure off the spine.
  • These chairs support the whole body especially the spinal area.

Final Recommendations:

A lot of don’t think of while buying a chair. Some look for style and some look for comfort. But we rarely think of both. Well for those who do cannot fulfill our expectations. So we just say eh! What the heck! A chair is just a chair. But it is wrong. A chair is our only companion when we are working late nights of watching tv, reading a book, listening to music or just taking a power nap. A chair defines not only our taste but our health.

Just think if you felt back pain by sitting long hours in a chair would you go back to that chair when you are tired? Or if you bought a chair just because it was pretty and no one really sits on it. Isn’t is wasting space in your house?

For your health and grace, you need chairs that provide both comfort and style. The chairs mentioned above will provide you both. It’s just up to you to give it a try. Now I know you have seen and experienced a lot but were your experiences that good. If you are still in back pain you should try out from our reviewed top 10 best living room chairs for back pain. I think it will be worthy for you to choose the best living room chair for back pain from our given information.

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