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kneeling chair reviews

In furnishingsgears, we can see different types of chairs designed for different purposes. But when it comes to comfort with a peculiar sense of style with added health benefits then we select Ergonomic kneeling chair. That’s why today we are here to talk about the best ergonomic kneeling chairs on this best kneeling chair review of the top 5 best kneeling chairs in 2019.

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A kneeling chair is a type of chair for sitting in a position with the thighs dropped to an angle of about 60 to 70 degrees from vertical (as opposed to 90 degrees when sitting in a normal chair). Like all other chairs kneeling chairs also come in many models and designs– varying with the adjustable features, materials, padding, rolling base and many more. The kneeling chair is basically designed to reduce lower back strain and dividing one’s weight between the knees and the buttocks.

A proper kneeling chair creates an open body angle by lowering the angle of the lower body. In this article, we are going to discuss thoroughly different types of kneeling chairs and the features they come with to find out which one is suitable for you.

We tried our best to find out the best ergonomic kneeling chair for you and we listed the best chairs after thorough research of the best branded kneeling chairs available in the market. For selecting the best one we have given priority to the aspects mentioned below:

  • Customer Feedback
  • Ergonomic Value
  • Price
  • Adjustable Features
  • Comfort

You will find a list of the best kneeling chairs available on the market today. Each of top-ranked Ergonomic kneeling chair will be listed below with a description of its features that exactly what you always have wanted.


In today’s world, most of us suffer from lower back pain, neck-strain, hunching, etc. Most of the times the reason behind these unbearable nasty pains that we suffer is because of sitting in a bad quality chair or in some cases it’s because of sitting in a wrong position for a longer period of time.

Now it’s time for the ultimate solution. We are recommending “The Sleek form Kneeling Chair” for home, office, and meditation with added health benefits. We have pointed out the pros and cons of this chair and every other kneeling chair in this review so that you can take your decision wisely.


  • Designed ergonomically.
  • The body of this chair is made of sturdy steel.
  • The seat and the knee rest of this chair are cushioned two times better than the regular ones. And this makes it twice as comfortable as the regular ones.
  • The foam used to make the cushions of this chair is made of 100 recycled materials. And the cushions are breathable.
  • The height of this chair is adjustable to anywhere between 21 to 28 inches.
  • This chair can take more than 250 lbs.
  • The chair has strong and sturdy casters which will allow you to move constantly.


  • The chair has no backrest! So if you wish to lean backward time to time then this might not be an ideal choice.

Only except for the fact that it doesn’t come with back support it’s a perfect ergonomic kneeling chair. You can also use it as a multi-functional chair; such as an office chair or home desktop chair. You can also use it for exercising purpose, which of course is an additional benefit for almost every kneeling chair. So without a doubt, you can go for this one.

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2. Boss Office Products B248 Ergonomic Kneeling chair review

In furniture branding society “Boss office products” is one of the best brands. Now we will talk about Boss Office product’s “B248” kneeling chair. So here we are; it is one of the bestsellers and very comfortable Ergonomic kneeling chair. This chair is made of Metal and Wood. Seat cushions are very soft. You can sit in this chair for a longer period of time at a stretch and if you are suffering from back pain then this chair is the ultimate solution for your back pain. Now for the further and detailed insight of this chair let’s check out the pros and cons of this chair.



  • The kneeling stool provides excellent ergonomic support.
  • The knee height of the chair is adjustable to multiple sizes which enable it to be comfortably used by multiple sized users.
  • The overall design and adjustability of this chair will help to ease your hips forwards and aligns your back properly.
  • Cushions used in this chair are very comfortable and breathable.
  • The casters are double wheeled and framed by tubular steel.
  • The height adjusting will be protected by pneumatic gas lift.


  • Like most other kneeling chairs this one also doesn’t have any backrest.
  • Only comes in one color. Black.

This kneeling chair is also a pretty decent and considerable one. Normally kneeling chairs don’t come with backrest at least that has become a kind of like a tradition. But since some of the modern kneeling chair does come with backrest so we consider it a bad sign the ones with no backrest. If you don’t need a backrest and are okay with only one color to choose from (which we think is standard) then this one could be yours!

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3. WL-SB-210-GG Mobile Wooden Ergonomic Kneeling chair

Flash Furniture is one of the best furniture producer companies in today’s furniture manufacturers’ tribe. Now we are talking about one of the best known kneeling chairs. It has a thick padded seat and knee rest chamber. This chair is very sturdy and as comfortable as good it looks. This is a wooden farm finish kneeling chair. I wouldn’t lie but the glossy finish of this wooden farm looks stunning and it might be appealing to you too! So what makes this chair so comfortable? It has durable high-quality CA 117 fire retardant foam. The foam cushion is also very comfortable. Now let’s look up to its pros and cons for a better view at this chair.



  • The design is ergonomic and comfortable.
  • The main material other than the cushions and the padding is wood. The entire structure of this chair is made of wood and as said earlier, the finishing is stunning.
  • The glossy wooden finish and black padding give this chair a classy and stylish eye-catchy look.
  • The seat size is pretty decent.
  • Dual wheel casters are pretty sturdy. 


  • This chair doesn’t come with backrest or armrests.
  • The height can only be adjusted from underneath the seat.

This one also is arguably one of the best kneeling chairs in this list especially when comes to owning something so classy and stylish at this price range. Although it doesn’t have any backrest or armrests the wooden finished look backs it up from there.

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At last, for you, we have one of the best ergonomic kneeling chairs with backrest. This chair is also probably one of the most underrated ergonomic kneeling chairs available. Maybe because this company isn’t as much renowned as other kneeling chair manufacturing companies. Even we don’t have much information about this chair’s manufacturer. But from my personal experience and also the customer reviews given in the Amazon I assure you this chair is totally reliable. Now let’s get into the main section.

kneeling chair


  • Ergonomic design.
  • Sturdy metal structure.
  • Quite bigger in size compared to the other ergonomic kneeling chairs in this list.
  • The seat and the knee rest is thickly padded and covered by quality fabric.
  • The chair is comfortable even for the people over 6 feet.
  • The backrest of this chair is auto adjustable. When you lean back it goes backward according to how much pressure you’re putting. And the backrest is breathable.


  • The casters of this chair aren’t as sturdy as others. You won’t be able to move around smoothly.

This chair is quite different from all other kneeling chairs in this list. The design is quite different as well. But this chair is really very efficient. Unless you’re the kind of person who really likes to move around with the casters then this chair is really going to be very useful to you.

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5. Leather Backrest Kneeling Chair

So far in this list, there’s one common thing we have been complaining about all the kneeling chairs. Yes, if you’re guessing it’s the ‘Backrest’ then you have been with us (through this article) attentively. And thank you so much for that. Now, this is the ergonomic kneeling chair we are not going to complain

Leather Backrest Kneeling Chair

about in the same way. This is probably one of the best ergonomic kneeling chairs you can find. Now let’s observe the pros and cons carefully and see if you can agree with us.


  • The frame of this chair is made of strong and sturdy metal. And the design is well-finished.
  • The cushions are coated with leather finish.
  • Underneath that leather coating, the chair is filled with sponge padding so that you feel more comfortable.
  • It comes with a well-sized and well-padded backrest.
  • It has armrests too. Although the position of the armrests will help you while exercising it’s almost not necessary while working.
  • Both the seat and the knee rest are adjustable to different heights.
  • The casters of this chair made from sturdy plastic and overall can take up to 300 pounds.


  • This chair comes only in one color!
  • Although it can take 300 pounds the size is actually regular. It will be neither suitable nor comfortable for the plus-sized people.

Having said it in the cons section that this chair is not suitable for the plus-sized people, if you’re an average-sized person then overall this kneeling chair is the best choice for you. It has thickly padded backrest and armrests. So you can literally use it in your office too if you wish.

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The best kneeling chair creates the open body angle by lowering the angle of the lower body, keeping the spine in correct alignment and therefore when you sit in it you feel properly positioned to the task.

The good thing about this position is that if one leans inward, the body angle remains 90 degrees or wider. An idea concerning the kneeling chairs is that the body’s weight bears on the knees, and therefore the users with poor knees, unfortunately, cannot use the chair.

In the best ergonomic kneeling chair, most of the body weights remain on the buttocks, and a few of the load bears on the shins, not the knees. The remaining task for the shin rests (knee rests) is to keep you from falling forward out of the chair.

The design of this chair is good for anyone concerned with the health regarding their posture but exceptionally better for the ones who are suffering from back pain in that area unit and are trying to enhance their condition through correct applied science. Like most kneeling chairs, the seat slopes downward, giving more room to the hips, that successively permits the lower back to assume a perfect curve?  Less pressure is placed on the rear since the load is distributed between the shins and therefore the seat.

There are many types of kneeling chair available in the market. All of those may not be good for you. So we’re going to suggest you some important aspects to consider on a kneeling chair to find out the best kneeling chair that suits you. Hope it will help you.


A fact that must be considered before shopping for an ergonomic motility chair is the size of the one who goes to use the chair. Take into account the peak of the male that ranges on the average from 5’5” to 6’ 2″. AN applied science motility chair should be applied science ally fitted to a spread of sizes and also the components ought to be adjustable to provide comfort and ergonomic alignment for the user.

Choosing the proper kneeling chair could be quite difficult as there are several to buy from. Here I actually have expressed some features you want to note before selecting the proper kneeling chair.

Shin Pads:

The chair has shin pads that facilitate support the burden of the body. The lean of the foot ought to be adjustable as a result of it extremely affects the comfort of the legs. Once the calves and thighs are terribly near one another, the chair becomes uncomfortable for any user. Once the angle and tilt are adjusted favorably, comfort within the legs will significantly improve.


Not each kneeling chair has the power to regulate the seat all told methods. While selecting the kneeling chair you ought to check whether or not it is adjustable to any size. You’re going to have to select the keening chair that matches your height and body part. Some chairs within the market discharged with the adjusting feature. You’ll be able to adjust both seat and knee rest supported your convenience.


Some of the kneeling chairs additionally come with the rear rest to give higher support to the back and spinal card. Unremarkable not all chairs are associated with this feature. If you actually wish to lean back, then chairs with back support are the correct choice for you.


Normally wheeling chairs are designed in 2 sorts like rocker and coasters. Coasters don’t have the moving possibility. Rockers chairs accompany the wheels that enable you to move whereas sitting on the chairs, the same as an office rolling chair.


In addition, to adjustability, the durability of the item’s parts should be checked to make sure that it lasts for a long time. Materials such as iron and steel are highly durable and are the perfect materials for the best kneeling chair.


Finally, having completed the best kneeling chair review, we would like to say; nowadays there are tons of kinds of chairs. In this category, we have selected chairs only with the best possible features. We also made sure that you find these chairs available.

We also have considered the reputation of the manufacturers of these chairs. It’s obviously your choice which one do you want to buy because self-satisfaction is something that can never be provided by anyone else. You can also check out the reviews and opinions of the other customers from Amazon. We hope, you find your suitable chair, and we hope you find it through us. Thank you.

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