Best Gaming Chairs Under 100 USD – Reviews & Buying Guide

What would you dream for, if you were a gamer?

As gaming is no more just a hobby or medium of your leisure time, you can now also earn money through live streaming on twitch by showing your gaming skills.

I am pretty sure that you are looking forward to this. In that case don’t you think you need an ergonomic chair that keeps you comfortable and strain-free for a while?

Let’s face it, we all are tired of hearing “sit straight” but how long we can keep our body in pace by ourselves?

In this regard, gaming chairs are crucial to promote lumbar support and a healthy spinal posture.

So today I have compiled 10 best gaming chairs under 100$ considering your budget and convenience both!

Let’s sink into it!

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How Does a Gaming Chair Under $100 Work

Ask yourself, why you specifically need a gaming chair? No wonder it’s not one of that traditional chair that exhausts you gradually and possibly give you frequent back pain.

So the core aspect of having a gaming chair is to convey ample relief and support amid your lumbar health ideally.

Hence, if you ask how does a gaming chair work then the answer would be that “these gaming chairs are strategically fortified to deliver optimal back support, headrest and arm relief.

Moreover, the ergonomic construction keeps your body on contour when drooling over your favorite game.

Some gaming chairs can swivel every time you wiggle and toss up your movement.

Thus, if you have a quirk of slouching, bringing this chair would be a blessing for you. ensuring healthy sitting posture and proper body alignment gaming chairs work miraculously.

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Reviews of Best Gaming Chairs Under $100

Do you know what allure me the most? Black Friday offers and anything that is under 100$.

I would literally buy anything in flat rates. And I am pretty sure that you are also in my gang!

That’s why for dummy gamers who has just installed a gaming PC and looking forward to an affordable gaming chair I have lined up 10 best budget gaming chair review.

Let’s get started!

1. Homall Gaming Chair Office Chair High Back Computer Chair PU Leather

Back in 2015 Homeall started their journey and their releases till now are quite impressive.

So, their gaming chair comes with a wide range of color variety, durable frames, adjustable recline positions, rocking mode, racing-style wheels, and impeccable weight resistance.

This is one of the finest gaming chairs you are gonna have under 100 dollars.

And, it pays you back with interest!

So, firstly, I want you to know about the exterior because this ensures how much comfort it’s gonna penetrate within you, right?

Here, the material is PU leather which is universally cherished for its ergonomics and strength.

PU leather prevents wear out and swear absorbent. The exterior remains gentle on your skin. Nor too harsh neither ultra-smooth. Thus your body stays in place without any slipping or sliding.

Next, you have the 360-degree swivel mode that lets you wiggle and stretches your body the way you want.

The armrest and headrest pillow help you to get the utmost muscle relief. Also, the lumbar cushions merge with healthy sitting postures ideally.

Now, if you like rocking chairs then rejoice! This gaming appliance permits you to enable the rocking chair mode by adjusting the knob underneath your chair.

Key Features

  • Quality material
  • 360-degree swivel
  • 90-180 degree tilt locking mechanism
  • Easy seat height adjustment
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Knee tilt setting that lets you lean upright
  • Rubber PU wheels which have multi-direction
  • Recline in any position you want
  • Sturdy steel frames
  • Sleek and elegant design
  • Diverse use- office, gaming, watching tv, etc

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2. Homall Gaming Office Chair Computer Chair High Back Racing Desk Chair Homall Gaming Office Chair Computer Chair High Back Racing Desk Chair

You already have come across one of its gaming chairs. Still, this one bears some differences and I couldn’t overlook the specifications as they are quite amazing if you compare them with the price range.

The core difference is the unique design that has a signature appearance. It’s strategically tailored with a lumbar support pillow, adjustable headrest, and ample shoulder support.

This chair has a winged-like shape on both sides so that you can rest your shoulder wide open without shrinking. Then comes the durable steel construction which allows the chair to cradle on the ground with stability.

Moreover, the multi-direction wheel, 360-degree swivel, and 90-170 degree reclining ability remain equivalent to the first Homall gaming chair.

Key features

  • Extensively ergonomic at such price
  • Quality PU leather that has the exact carbon black appearance
  • Sturdy steel frames
  • Cushioned headrest and winged armrest for maintaining natural body curve
  • Padded pillow for resting your tailbone on contour
  • Standard 300lbs weight resistance
  • Multi-purpose use- office, computer games, watching TV, etc.
  • Prevents wear out
  • Water-resistant
  • SGS, UL, and BIFMA approved

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3. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair, in Gray (ESS-3085-GRY)

One of the subtle looking gaming chair that renders almost everything you can expect from an affordable appliance. Mostly the luxury armrest makes it ideal for every gaming enthusiast.

Honestly, you aren’t prone to get anything rather than poor quality armrest exterior at such price in general. But OFM changed the game!

The racing car type exterior evokes the gamer within you along with utter relief and intense gaming hours. Without getting exhausted you can extend your gaming session with these ergonomic chairs.

It has premium leather coating all over the exterior that makes it supremely kind to your entire body.

Moreover, it has contour padding in each section where your body needs assistance. Thus you can move back and forth, toss left-right, lean your body without messing with the adjustment much.

In addition, these chairs also have center tilt control.

One thing that benefited other top products to outrank is the weight capacity which is 250 pounds.

So make sure you aren’t using it for extended periods.

Key features

  • Intensifies your gaming sessions with sufficient lumbar support
  • Wide range of color varieties which are quite glossy looking
  • Cohesive padded headrest and armrest to mount utmost comfort and relief
  • Easy height adjustments that can be accustomed
  • Centre tilt, flip-arm, and 360 swivel control
  • Multi-purpose use- office, computer games, theatre, etc

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4. GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair and Computer Racing Chairs Reclining High Back for Adult GTPOFFICE Gaming Chair under 100$

This gaming chair is upholstered with premium PU leather which is utterly smooth and ensures comfortable sitting for longer gaming sessions.

The sturdy steel frames keep you firm, stable and on contour. Moreover, the chair structure is also ergonomically built. You can accommodate this chair in your desired posture as the adjustments are very easy to assemble and takes only 10 mins for the entire setup.

Furthermore, you are getting an armrest, height adjustments and 360-degree swivel mode which helps you restrain harmful spinal postures.

The added headrest pillow is removable if you feel like detaching it anyways. Also, it has a padded lumbar cushion to encounter possible soreness or tightness due to extended sitting.

Key features

  • Smooth high-quality PU leather which is completely wear-resistance
  • Relatively thicker steel frames at an affordable price to ensure firm sitting every time
  • It takes your comfort to the next level by ample lumbar support, muscle relief, and headrest
  • 90 to 160-degree reclining settings
  • 5 point base-built with a height adjustment knob beneath the handles.
  • Nylon made smooth-rolling casters that permits you to change your direction swiftly

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5. OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair, in Black (ESS-3083-BLK) OFM Essentials Collection Racing Style Gaming Chair

If you are expecting something for the intense gaming sessions and heavy workdays then OFM has a racing style gaming chair that provides ergonomic fittings, sturdiness, targeted lumbar support at an affordable price!

It has few color variations and the design is very impressive if you compare it with other chairs here then you are gonna find it the most decent yet sophisticated looking chair. Hence you can place not only in front of your gaming set-up but also work stations, office or living room.

Now, when you especially invest in a chair you want it to be therapeutic so that you can reduce tension and soreness from your muscles.

Mostly, your spinal areas where you need proper body alignment. In this regard, OFM has that contoured design that keeps your body in an accurate posture.

The integrated armrest, headrest pillows are padded so that you aren’t missing the comfort in any aspect. Also, the height adjustments, tilt control, swivel function everything is easy to assemble.

 Key features

  • The padding’s are strategically contoured in targeted sections where your body needs support
  • 360 swivel with center-tilt tension control
  • Easy height adjustments which make it convenient for people with all heights
  • softThread leather and sandwich mesh for a cooler vibe
  • padded loop-fixed armrest so that you can relax during your gaming hours

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6. DESINO Gaming Chair Racing Style High Back Computer Chair Swivel Ergonomic Executive Office Leather Chair DESINO Gaming Chair Racing Style

Well, this one is very prominent for its stylish look. Most of the online streamers prefer to use this chair during their gaming sessions.

Anyways, not just its appearance that matters, it also has comprehensive features that will blow your mind as it’s just into your budget!

So DESINO provides adjustable 3D armrest, headrest, and footrest as well. Besides, it has removable lumbar cushion which is perfectly padded neither too soft nor too tight.

This one is complete customer verified and tested over 30000 times in terms of design, quality, and everything. Hence you don’t need to lack quality even if the pricing is low.

Just like other gaming chairs, it’s also extremely easy to accommodate. You may also have a look in the instruction manual to install it without any inconvenience.

Moreover, these chairs have a slushing base so that it can bear a maximum of 300 pounds without wearing out. Also, the tension controllers, gas lifts and racing-style wheels are other feats to these chairs!

Key features

  • Padded headrest and lumbar support
  • Racing style wheels for easy transport
  • Weight up to 300 lbs efficiently
  • Multi-function control units
  • Easy to access
  • Multi-purpose use- office, computer games, watching tv, etc
  • Thicken cushion to alleviate your lumbar health
  • U-type footrest
  • Overall 360-degree swivel so that you can recline in every position whether you just want to stretch your legs or lie down
  • Free return and replacement policy within a year

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7. OFM Essentials Collection High-Back Racing Style Bonded Leather Gaming Chair

The only reason I have ranked it at number 8 is that it worth almost 100$ and can weigh 250 pounds only. Whereas other chairs are relatively cheaper and have more load capacity this one fails to beat them.

However, if you think apart from the price and weight resistance then this one is undoubtedly well enough to mount your requirements.because just like most of the ergonomic gaming chairs here, it has contoured segment padding which ensures healthy spinal posture and reduces the risk of back pain and fatigues.

Also, the padding they have used is smooth enough to alleviate your lumbar health issues due to prolonged sitting or gaming periods.

One more thing that adds more versatility to it is that this chair has flip-up arms function and can swivel 360 as well.

Key features

  • Quick height adjustments
  • 360-degree swivel mode and flip-up arms
  • Padded armrest and headrest for optimal pain relief
  • Comes in 7 different color options
  • It can recline in a seat-back position
  • SoftThread upholstery
  • Elegant design with saturated color mesh that fits well around your PC or living room or office
  • Can weigh up to 250lbs
  • Provides OFM Limited Lifetime warranty

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  1. Does budget gaming chairs compromise quality?

Ans. Not necessarily. There are expensive chairs that can turn into a costly mistake and there are affordable ones that render quality and significant features. It’s best to enlarge your sense of judgments and pick the right deal.

  1. What is the best gaming chair I can get under 100$?

Ans. I have mentioned 10 gaming chairs that are very inexpensive and stands pretty good on your expectation. But if you are looking for the cheapest yet best deal then I will suggest you Homall, OFM and essential’s gaming chairs. They are overall ideal in terms of features and price too.

  1. Does gaming chair impact on our lumbar health?

Ans. Definitely. It can surely leave a good output on your lumbar health if it’s crafted with armrest, headrest and cohesive sections which also helps to promote lumbar health and reduce abrupt fatigues and back pain.

  1. What are the benefits of having a gaming chair?

Ans. Well, I would mention 3 prime benefits of having it.

  • Lumbar support
  • Comfort
  • Versatility
  1. Can gaming chairs improve my gaming skills?

Ans. Logically it can’t. That helps you to nurture your gaming skills, extend your gaming session but not entirely it anyhow helps you to improve your gaming expertise.

  1. How many types of gaming chairs exist?

Ans. There are basically 5 types.

  1. Are buying these chairs a wise investment?

Ans. obviously! The money is good so that the features. Why not?

  1. How much load capacity It should have at least?

Ans. 250 pounds.

What To Look For In A Gaming Chairs Under $100

When shopping for gaming chairs, no matter you are scrolling different online pages, websites or you are ahead of an actual store in every aspect you gotta cast your attention to some crucial facts.

And what are the considerations to hook the best deals you ask? Well, check out below!

  1. Quality:

Everyone strives for quality because of a product with better quality anyhow cover-up other specifications. That’s why when you are looking for a gaming chair make sure that it bears maximum quality and customer reliability.

Quality products often consist of comprehensive features and some extras as well. However, not necessarily every quality product you see will be great.

Some providers are ironically a pro in marketing but dumbheads while crafting something. Hence, it’s very important to shortlist the best budget gaming chair providers who ensure necessary features.

  1. Budget:

Honestly, even if you are a millionaire you want your money to be well spent. Bringing something that meets your budget is probably the best feat of shopping.

But, it doesn’t really mean that you shouldn’t extend your investment a little more if the product pays you back.

Isn’t it?

However, your priority should always be the same which is to buy something budget-friendly. While looking for gaming chairs compare the price value with the existing features. Think deeply about whether they will benefit you or not. After everything try to determine for the best budget buy that offers significant features as well. And as I always say, don’t hesitate to spend much if it “pays” you back!

  1. Features:

Apart from everything, this is the only thing that you can’t overlook. While considering features make sure you already know the requirements well.

Now, as you are shopping for gaming chairs, you need to seek comfort, adjustability, weight resistance, sturdiness, etc. if a chair stands on these specifications gracefully then without wandering much seal the deal!

Here when I talk about comfort it means the chair you are buying, it should be crafted with quality material that restrains fatigues and soreness of your entire body.

The chair shouldn’t restrict elasticity as well. You surely don’t want to sit straight all day right?

Honestly, I can’t even sit properly for an hour. And if “improper” is your way of sitting then a chair that can easily tilt back and forth without interruption then go for it.

Besides the adjustment settings should be easy to accommodate. On the flip hand, you need to check the weight resistance.

As in how much weight it can bear and how much it weighs itself. These will help you narrow down the durability and transport as well.

The standard weight capacity Is 250lbs to 350lbs. Now, if you are looking for something for an obese person then you gotta extend your investment a little bit and search for relatively better weight capacity.

Lastly, make sure the chair frames and handles have a sturdy construction so that it can keep up long along with your journey.

Also, if you are expecting to use your gaming chair in your living room as a sofa as well then choose the gaming chair that is lightweight and easily transportable!

How To Use A Gaming Chair Under $100

Using a gaming chair isn’t rocket science. Read the instruction manual attentively and set it up accordingly at first. Most gaming chairs are very easy to assemble. However, if you feel any complications while setting your chair in your preferable adjustment then you can seek the manufacture’s help. Still, there are certain ways to use it appropriately,

  • Keep the chair in front of your gaming set up or PC.
  • Look for the adjustment settings and access them as per your preference.
  • When you are trying to adjust it make sure you hear that lock sound immediately.
  • If your chair has headrest or armrest functions then use them orderly when convenience.
  • Lastly, you shouldn’t use your gaming chair for a prolonged time. By that, I meant “not excessive” no matter how much durable it is too much of anything that can minimize the sturdiness. Moreover, your body needs regular movements. Thus make sure you don’t bottle up your life in that chair!

Final Words

Like I always preach don’t get misled by the outlook and price. Determine your needs, narrow down the specifications precisely whether you need them or not and lastly make sure you are getting sold.

Also, excess of anything bears consequences. So do play with consistency but not being a lunatic.

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