Best Gaming Chair Reviews in 2019 – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Entertainment is necessary for all of us no matter what our age is. I still remember when I was a teenager; I almost always got into video games just after finishing my studies. I wasn’t that good in outdoor sports that much which is why I had to find another way to entertain myself. And I found out gaming kept me pretty much entertained.

I was kind of a hardcore gamer myself. Call of duty, Fall out, GTA these have been my source of entertainment during my teenage. But being a hardcore gamer the worst thing I had done is not using a proper gaming chair! You don’t want to make the same mistake as I did. I’m about to tell you why. And for that reason why, today here in this article I have enlisted 20 different gaming chairs. So let’s get started.

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If your budget is less than 100 bucks then you have nothing to worry about. There are some decent gaming chairs on this list that are available in your budget. These chairs might not fulfill each and every requirement of the best gaming chair but still, they’re decent enough to satisfy you. Let’s find out.

Review Of Top Rated 20 Gaming Chair

If you don’t want to face any trouble with your body then you might want to make a budget for a gaming chair. How much do you usually think of while buying? It’s better to make up a budget for the chair while making the budget for the computer. After all, it’s going to be a part of that too.

So, keeping the budget on the main point in this article we have listed the top 20 gaming chairs. We have classified these chairs in three different budget categories. And the categories are:

Now, let’s get started with the review.

High-Back Computer Racing Chair (BestOffice)

Alright, the very first gaming chair on this list is from BestOffice. This is a decent gaming chair having the padded armrest. The cushion of this chair is made of PU leather upholstery which is highly comfortable.

The style of this chair is also pretty much up to the mark. I mean it’s not something really special and also not that bad. There are extra two pillows on the back of the chair. One is on the neck resting position and the other is in the lumbar area.

This is really something appreciable. Because these two pillows are going to keep your neck and lumbar away from pain, even when you’re sitting for a longer time. This chair can swivel 360 degrees and the wheels are also smooth enough for almost any kind of floor.

Things we liked about this chair

  • A decent looking chair with extra pillows to keep you more comfortable.
  • Breathable cover and PU leather upholstery.
  • It can be used as both a gaming and an office chair.
  • Nylon-based gas lift design.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • The body of this chair isn’t designed ergonomically.
  • The backrest doesn’t adjust.

All in all, this is a great chair. It’s got an extra pillow and extra padding on the bottom of it which is really good for the lumbar area. Although it’s not fully ergonomic the structural design is healthy for the body. We definitely recommend this one at this budget.

XPELKYS Gaming Chair Ergonomic Racing Computer Chair High Back Adjustable Swivel Executive Office Desk Chair with Padded Armrests [Red-16]

This chair gives you the perfect winner vibe to ace in every round. The best part of this gaming chair is the curved and detailed surface which is beyond ergonomic.

Not only it helps to support your lumbar health but also reduces tightness and pressures from your tailbone, buttocks and spinal areas.

Besides, you are getting easily assembled padded armrest which ensures your every reclining fetish in no time.

However, it doesn’t have any headrest pillow attached but the whole exterior is upholstered with PU leather which is universally well known for its tremendous features.

Mostly, the skin-friendly texture and wear resistance make PU leather one of the finest coating for therapeutic chairs.

Furthermore, the height adjustments and rocking mode are utterly easy to access. You have a knob constructed beneath the handles by which you are gonna adjust the reclining modes. Push in for lock and push out for activating recline modes.

One more reason you should add it to your cart is that it offers six months replacement warranty and 30 days free replacement policy.

Key features

  • 8 cm in height adjustment
  • You can switch it into a rocking chair, move back and forth and relax in peace after an intense gaming hour
  • The padded armrest and PU leather coating helps you to recline with comfort and relief
  • 280lbs load capacity which is more than enough for an adult with an average height
  • The surface is tailored by following the racing type seats so that it can bear the firmness and durability
  • Curved detailing for promoting healthy spinal posture and soothing your back strains and numbness
  • Adjustable seat lift and tension control for getting the ideal position you desire
  • It has five different color options

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair

The next chair is more like a relaxing chair than a gaming chair from Cohesion. This chair is not like regular chairs. You can compare it with a cushion actually, a bigger cushion with a chair-like shape. It has neither any arm-resting pad nor any legs to move.

If you want to move it from one place of your house to another then you got to carry this 18-pound chair along with you. But it’s made with decent materials and it’s comfortable. This chair can be folded and kept in a small place so that it doesn’t eat up a certain place in your room.

You can use it whenever you want. This cheap chair has two wired audio speakers built-in and there’s a volume controller too. You can also use headphones in this chair for which there are headphone jacks.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Comfortable chair at an affordable price.
  • This chair can be folded and kept in a small place like a cupboard.
  • It has speakers built-in and headphone jacks for a better gaming experience.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • It doesn’t have any armrest or legs.
  • This chair can’t be used with a regular table.
  • It can only be used as a Play Station gaming or relaxing chair.

This chair is strictly a relaxing chair. I mean the design of this chair doesn’t allow it to be used with tables. If you have a play station set up in your room and also a decent table-chair then I would recommend you giving this chair a thought. Also, if you are a bookworm then you might find this chair really useful.

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High Back Bucket Seat Racing Chair

This is another gaming chair from Best Office. This chair doesn’t have any special looks but it’s been built very strongly. So if you’re looking for a chair to last longer then you can give this one a thought. The surface of this chair is made of good quality leather and fabric.

The cushion is breathable so that you don’t get sweaty easily. This chair has padded armrest which is also built nicely. There are five strongly built wheels under the chair so you can move it without even getting off it.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Strongly built.
  • Comfortable materials used.
  • Has both armrest and legs with wheels to move.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • Not at all special in design.
  • It looks more like an office chair. Not suitable for teenagers.

This one is another decent office chair like a gaming chair. I personally didn’t like the design of this chair that much although the features are definitely appreciable. If you are someone who really doesn’t care about the design then this chair could do for you. But I’d definitely recommend you to look around a bit more. You might find other gaming chairs better than this one at this budget.

YAMASORO Leather Computer Gaming Chairs with Flip-up Arms and Wheels Blue&Black

The more cushion you get the more sophisticated it becomes! Here YAMASORO can intimidate any gaming chairs out there in terms of material. Because this one has the perfect amount of padding and cushioning to its entire body exterior. Moreover, the armrest literally helps you to save space.

And how is that? Well, you can lift up the arms and push that chair under your computer table. So when you are done playing you can easily flip the arms up and put it beneath the desk or the table.

Now, it also has 300 lbs weight resistance which is no wonder predictable in a chair costing under 100 dollars. Right?

Apart from these this gaming chair has color variation, rocking mode, reclining adjustments, tension control and lot more.

Key features

  • Flip-up armrest for saving space
  • Integrated spinal segments that medicate your lumbar health and provide ample relief
  • Pulsh cushioning that remains tight and prevent wear-out and sliding. Also the tightness doesn’t restrict the needed comfort
  • 300 lbs load capacity which is quite good for a bulky person as well. You can extend the durability if you avoid persistent sitting anyways
  • BIFMA approved so that you don’t need to worry about sturdiness.
  • Five-star base nylon wheels that help it to have multi-direction
  • You can recline this chair into your desired angle even if its to lift it up or lie down adjusting the ground
  • The rocking mode can be controlled

An operating lever is built-in for easy accommodation

ModernLuxe Ergonomic Racing Chair

This is a budget chair from ModernLuxe with a lot of features that a lot of chair at this price range doesn’t provide you with. There is comfortable PU leather used beneath its seat, backrest, and armrest. The armrest can be flipped up completely if you want.

This feature enables it to get under a regular table and this saves the space of your room. You will be amazed to know that you can also adjust the height of this chair. You can raise its height up to 4 inches from normal. The seat is spacious enough for almost anyone. And the wheels are also very smooth.

Things we liked about this chair

  • PU leather upholstery is used as the base material.
  • Strong and sturdy.
  • Adjustable height and armrest. 

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • There’s only one thing we didn’t like about this chair. The backrest isn’t adjustable although it’s been kept in an ergonomic position.

This one is a great chair. I would definitely recommend it prior to any other chair for anyone. It’s designed ergonomically. It has PU leather upholstery. And more importantly, you can manually customize the height of this chair. But sadly the nonadjustable backrest is the only thing that is so disappointing. But apart from that, it’s a perfectly designed gaming chair.

Best Massage Gaming Chair

I kind of always find a secretive pleasure saving the best for the last. Maybe because it surprises the people I live around, and that makes me very happy.

Now, imagine a regular awesomely designed gaming chair with the features that can turn it into a full relaxing chair. Cool, isn’t it? Yeap! Last, in this gaming chair list, I am talking about the Best Massage Gaming chair. This and ergonomically designed chair.

The surface of the chair is made of PU leather. With the adjustable backrest which can be moved 90 to 180 degrees backward, you can relax and even take a quick nap if you want to. You can also adjust the height of this chair. The best part is yet to be said.

In this chair along with all the other features, you’re getting from the chair mentioned before you also get a footrest bar. You can keep this footrest under the chair when you are not using that. Isn’t that great? I know it is. The body of this chair is strongly designed with a steel tube.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Strong and sturdy body with adjustable height.
  • The backrest can be moved back up to 180 degrees.
  • PU leather upholstery and an extra pillow for the headrest.
  • Special foldable footrest bar.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • The only thing that we didn’t like about this chair is that the armrest of this chair isn’t adjustable. And its position is also might feel awkward.

This is simply the best chair you get at this price range. And you can use this chair for both gaming and office purposes. And if you use it in your home you can use it as a bed too. We definitely recommend this chair.

Homall Executive Swivel Gaming Chair

This one is a little bit more stylish looking and colorful than the regular gaming chair from Homal. This is an ergonomically designed chair with a removable headrest and a lumbar cushion. For this is designed ergonomically, it comforts the user pretty well. And the brighter part is that this chair can fully be reclined.

You can adjust the position and lock it down in your comfort zone between 90 to 180 degrees. And this strongly built chair can hold the weight up to 300 lbs. The wheels of this chair are made smoothly with a fantastic stylish look. There’s a knob under the chair that allows you to adjust the seat height of this chair which is really great.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Ergonomically designed chair.
  • Strong body covered in soft leather for more comfort and durability.
  • Adjustable backrest.
  • It comes with a removable headrest and a lumbar cushion.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • The position and un-adjustability of the armrest are awkward.
  • No footrest.

This chair is a stylish looking chair with decent features. This chair has almost all other features as a regular gaming chair. And the price being just above 100 bucks makes it very affordable. Although, we thought to have a footrest would make it even more efficient. But still, it should do well.

Racing Style Leather Gaming Chair

All the chairs shown in this list so far is a bit larger. If you’re looking for a smaller chair with the same features then this one might impress you. This is a racing-style leather gaming chair from Essentials. This chair is also ergonomically designed.

And it provides luxurious comfort to the user when being used for a longer time. The headrest and the armrest are padded thickly. The headrest is fixed. But you can adjust the armrest. You can pull it up if you don’t want to use them.  You can also heighten or lower the chair a little, 4 inches to be exact. And while you do that you can also adjust the tilt control of the backrest.

Things we liked about the chair

  • Ergonomically designed and thick padded cushion and backrest.
  • An armrest is very thickly padded and it is also adjustable.
  • Controllable height and tilt control.
  • Strongly built body.

Things we didn’t like about the chair

  • No footrest.
  • Comparably smaller in size.

This is also a great chair. But it’s kind of smaller than other chairs mentioned so far which might be an issue for the bigger people out there. If you want a gaming chair like table chair for your teenaged kid then this is a great option. But for the grownups, this chair might not be a good option.

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair

Here’s another ergonomic racing style gaming chair, but this one is from Devoko. This chair is almost the same as the Homall Executive Gaming Chair mentioned first in this budget list.  The features are also quite similar. This is also a strongly built recliner gaming chair. The seat is filled with premium PU leather and there’s a lumbar supporting cushion that will make you highly comfortable and resist you from lower back pain. There’s also a headrest pillow attached to this chair which you also can remove if you want. You also can adjust the height of this chair. The initial height is 16 inches which you can heighten up to 20 inches.

Things we liked about this chair

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • Non-adjustable armrest and its awkward position.
  • No footrest.

This chair and the one we’ve mentioned similar to this are almost the same. So you can pick either of them. These chairs are strong and comfortable. Armrest position might seem awkward at first but once you get used to it then it won’t be a problem. You can recline in this chair quite easily to relax but as there’s no footrest so you cannot consider it a bed.

High Back Recliner Racing Style Office Chair

Now we’re introducing another great budget recliner racing style gaming chair from BestOffice. This chair is fully a reclining chair. The backrest of this chair can be moved 180 degrees backward which enables it to give you the bed-like comfort. Having a removable headrest pillow makes it even more efficient. It also has a lumbar supporting pillow which is also very efficient in keeping you from lower back pain.

The most amusing part is this chair has a foldable footrest bar. The footrest bar stays under the seat when it is kept folded. Imagine yourself sitting on this chair in a 160-degree angle with your feet kept on the footrest. That is complete relaxation. The body is also very strong and can take the load up to 250lbs.  You can also control the seat height between 17.5 inches to 20.5 inches.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Fully reclined chair.
  • Strong body and great seat space.
  • Foldable footrest bar.
  • Lumbar supporting pillow and a removable headrest pillow.
  • The backrest can move back up to 180 degrees. And seating height control.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • Un-adjustable hard armrest.

This is a great chair with a foldable footrest bar. It has decent features that come at a very good budget-friendly price. I obviously recommend this chair. But don’t settle already. I would request you to go through the whole article carefully. You don’t buy chairs daily. So it has to be exactly how you want it to be.

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Homall Ergonomic Gaming Chair

This is yet another ergonomic gaming chair from Homall. But unlike the previous one, this one has a footrest bar and a more stylish look. The whole body of this chair is not only designed strongly but also high-density foam has been used to cover the body. It gives you more comfort. PVC leather is covering this high-density foam so that you can use it for years without any trouble.

This strong chair can take a load of 330 lbs without any problem. You can adjust the seat height between 18 to 21 inches. The backrest of this chair can be moved 180 degrees backward so that you get a fully reclined chair. There are a removable headrest pillow and a lumbar cushion. And by now you know why that is important.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Strong and sturdy design with a cool stylish look.
  • Spacious chair.
  • Foldable footrest bar.
  • Lumbar support and a removable headrest pillow.
  • 360 degree swiveling and the backrest can move 180 degrees backward.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • The color combination of the design seemed pretty odd. With a better color (supposably red and black) would have made a better combination.

This is a perfect combination of all the features a hardcore gamer can ask for. Everything is properly aligned in this chair. You couldn’t ask for anything more than this.

Merax Gaming Chair

Merax is well known for producing gaming chairs. This chair is also a stylish one from them. This chair is designed ergonomically. And the steel ergonomic body is covered in a deeply padded cushion. The whole chair is covered in PU leather. The seat height of the chair can be controlled up to 3 inches. This chair also can fully be reclined. The backrest portion can go 180 degrees backward so that you can lean back as much as want.

Obviously, the chair can swivel 360 degrees but there is an upright lock function made to lock the swiveling. The chair won’t swivel an inch when you don’t want it to do so. The armrest of this chair can surprisingly be adjusted. You can lift the armrest bar up and down according to your will and lock it when you think it’s perfect.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Fully ergonomic design.
  • Seat and the backrest are cushioned perfectly with high-density foam. And the foam is covered with PU leather.
  • It can fully be reclined.
  • Removable headrest pillow and lumbar support.
  • Adjustable armrest.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • There’s a rumor about NOTHING being the only perfect thing. Here too!! Just a footrest bar is missing! It could have made this chair a perfectly assembled gaming chair.

We have no doubt about the products of Merax. And this chair, as you can see, is also a great one. Although this chair has a footrest bar sort of being a perfect gaming chair, still we think it’s nothing less than the other budget chairs. And this is so far the only chair where the armrest bar can be adjusted. You can definitely lookout for this one.

Furmax High Back Gaming Chair

Having been established in 2016 Furmax has gained trust from a lot of its customers. But this gaming chair is pretty much the only gaming chair manufactured by them. This high back gaming chair is really an efficient one. The ultra-comfortable bucket seat is thickly padded and covered by PU leather. The ergonomically designed body is also strong enough to hold a person weighing up to 300 lbs. The backrest of this chair, like almost all other chairs in this budget, can move back up to 180 degrees to give you a fully reclined position. And the removable headrest and lumbar cushion have made it more like a bed than a chair. The foldable footrest bar of this chair is really thickly padded, 3 inches precisely. And this is really comfortable. You can adjust the height of this chair up to 3.7 inches up or downwards.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Thickly padded bucket seat.
  • Ergonomically designed strong body.
  • The footrest bar is thickly padded for extra comfort while relaxing.
  • It can be fully reclined.
  • Has a removable headrest and lumbar cushion.
  • Adjustable height.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • Armrest not being padded or adjustable.
  • The style isn’t quite like a 2019 chair!

Although the chair isn’t pretty much stylish it’s quite decent looking. But what’s most important is that the features that this chair is providing. Starting from the design being ergonomic to the thickly padded footrest, this chair has almost all the features that a hardcore gamer wants from a chair. We definitely recommend this chair.

Seat Zone Racing Car Style Gaming Chair

Now we’re ending this list of gaming chair with a simple yet classic racing style gaming chair. This chair is like pretty much the classical chairs if compared to the recent models of the gaming chair. Well, unlike the chairs reviewed earlier in this list, the backrest of this chair cannot move 180 degrees backward. And this means it cannot fully be reclined. It also doesn’t have any lumbar cushion or removable headrest which is pretty much not good for a chair at this budget. But this chair can be set in a rocking position by pushing a knob underneath the chair. And you can also lock this rocking function by pushing the same knob again when you want. You can adjust the height of this chair 4 inches up or down. Fortunately, this chair is also designed ergonomically and the cushion used in this chair is also thick and soft. And it might not seem like so, but this chair is very strong and sturdy. It can take the load up to 350lbs easily. The armrest of this chair is thickly padded and it can be flipped up and down.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Ergonomically designed strong body.
  • Classical design with a great color combination.
  • Adjustable armrest and seat height.
  • Bucket seat with a big space.
  • Rocking chair function.

Things we didn’t like about this chair

  • No footrest bar.
  • Neither an extra headrest nor a lumbar supporting cushion.
  • It cannot fully be reclined.

This chair is also not that bad as a gaming chair. But we didn’t like the fact that it doesn’t have any footrest.  Although this chair cannot be reclined fully it has a rocking option which backs it up a little but apparently not enough. Overall a decent chair with decent gaming features. But we will recommend this chair only if you’re going to use it as an office chair because there is a better option than this one for hardcore gamers.

Ficmax Ergonomic High Back Chair

Alright, on the very first count we have a high back chair by Ficmax. This is a great chair designed ergonomically. There is a little surprise like specialty about this chair and you will find out as we go on with it. Okay, so this chair is not only ergonomically designed but it also can be reclined up to 180-degree angle backward. This is a super customizable chair. It comes with almost everything adjustable. For example, there is an adjustable headrest pillow, adjustable lumbar cushion, adjustable tilt control, adjustable armrest, adjustable seat height and all that. Now it’s time for the surprise. Many of us often suffer from pain in our lumbar and sciatic area. We feel like having a massage would be so great, right? Well, the lumbar cushion provided with this chair is a massaging lumbar cushion. All you got to do is plug the USB switch the button and voila! The massager is on. As this cushion is adjustable you can literally use it anywhere in your back. 150 degree relaxing angle would be really effective for lumbar and sciatic pain. After that, like any other chair on this budget, the wheels underneath the body of this chair is really smooth to roll and help you rock. And you can pick your own favorite color combination from a number of varieties.

Things we liked about this chair

  • Strong and ergonomic design.
  • Super adjustable chair. (Headrest, lumbar cushion, armrest, seat height)
  • USB supported massaging lumbar cushion.
  • Adjustable backrest. (any angle between 90 to 180 degrees)
  • Thickly padded leg-rest.
  • Smooth and strong wheels.

We didn’t find anything wrong with this chair. This chair is perfectly assembled with exactly what a hardcore gamer or an office employee who works on a computer for a long time would want. Although, some of the customers did find this chair a bit less strong than it is. But we strongly think that’s unfortunate and rare. But there’s nothing to worry about. If you, after buying this chair, somehow become one of those few unfortunate buyers than the company policy will definitely back you up with the 30 days full replacement guarantee. So, we strongly recommend this chair.

E-WIN High Back Gaming Chair

Here comes the most expensive gaming chair in this article. This is yet another ergonomically designed high back gaming chair. By the time, as I can firmly guess you’ve gone through this article very well, the design should be really familiar. Actually, almost all these gaming chairs look alike yet their features are different. But the design isn’t that bad. It’s pretty cool, but the cooler part is you can pick your own color combination. With the ability to be moved 155 degrees backward this chair can give you enough relaxation. Having a thickly padded removable lumbar cushion and a headrest makes you even more comfortable. The strong framework underneath the soft cushion and PU leather is made of metal. The height of the armrest is adjustable. But it cannot be flipped upside. Seat height is also adjustable. But very sadly speaking, being this much costly, it doesn’t provide any footrest bar.

Things we liked about the chair    

  • Ergonomically designed.
  • Strong metal framework.
  • It can be moved back up to 155 degrees and the tilt is controllable.
  • Thickly padded removable headrest and the lumbar cushion.
  • Adjustable seat height and armrest.

Things we didn’t like about the chair   

  • No footrest.
  • It cannot fully be reclined up to 180 degrees.

This is a pretty decent gaming chair with pretty much all the features necessary. But considering the price it will cost you, we think it should have offered more features. And not having the footrest makes it lose another point! So, I guess you would want to consider comparing the features of other gaming chairs with this one to find the best one.

RESPAWN-200 Racing Style Gaming Chair

We have reached the bottom of this article. And right here we have, most probably, the most stylish and unique gaming chair on this list. The chair has been produced ergonomically by RESPAWN. The strong framework inside the body of this chair is covered by a strong plastic frame. And in the upper layer, there’s the soft molded foam which allows you to enjoy contoured support on your back. The design of the chair also enables it to control the heat so that you don’t sweat too easily. The chair can be reclined in between 90-130 degree angle. And the tilt lock is unlimited in between the mentioned angles. The armrest is thickly padded and is adjustable. The height of the seat can be controlled between 18.75 inches to 22.25 inches. This is a pretty small chair and the area of this chair isn’t too great either! So it might not be suitable for the people over 6 feet or 250 lbs.

Things we liked about the chair

  • Splendid design.
  • Ergonomically designed strong body.
  • Quality foam and thickly padded seat.
  • Can be reclined in between 90-130 degree.
  • Adjustable armrest and a headrest pillow.

Things we didn’t like about the chair

  • Too small for a large-sized person.
  • No footrest.

This is undoubtedly one of the most stylishly designed chairs in this list. However, considering the budget it seems too much. But if you are an average-sized person under 250 lbs and think you don’t need the footrest then this chair can satisfy you for sure.

While setting up a computer or a gaming station we generally don’t have any proper budget for the gaming chair. But apparently, the chair is the only product that can directly cause pain in our body if not properly and consciously used. In this article, we have combined various ranged of chairs keeping the fact of the budget as fundamental in our mind. And we hope regardless of what your budget is you are going to find your very own top-notch gaming chair. Stay healthy, happy and entertained.

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Why should you consider buying the best-rated gaming chair?

Now let me tell you what is that mistake I’m talking about. I used to sit on the chair I used for a long time as you can guess why! When the game started getting interesting I just couldn’t get myself off the chair until I finished it. Sometimes this could take almost 2 or 3 hours continually.

My chair wasn’t a good one. It wasn’t an ergonomically designed chair and there also wasn’t any sort of swiveling system. I used that chair for a long time and for continual periods without knowing its consequences. After a couple of months, I started feeling real pain in my back and in the bones of shoulders. I can’t tell you enough how much that pain sucks only if you don’t know it yet!

That’s why I would personally recommend you keep at least a small budget for the gaming chair. You can also use these chairs for other purposes such as an office chair or reading chair etc.

Features must have:

Not every chair can be called the gaming chair. These are some certain features the gaming chairs must-have. Only the looks of the chair aren’t going to be enough for anyone’s health. We have rounded up some features that the best gaming chairs must-have. Now, take a look at the features your gaming chair should provide you with:

  • The price of the chair

It’s one of the most important things you would want to look up to. You need to fix a budget range and then you should check on what are the features you’re getting from a chair on that budget. But always remember, a decent gaming chair doesn’t have to be costly all the time. There are a lot of medium budgets ranged chairs the customers are happy with.

  • Adjustable seat height

Your gaming chair needs to have an adjusting seat height. You’re not going to be working in the same posture of your body, sometimes it’s going to change which is natural. The gaming chair needs to adjust its seating position according to your necessity.

  • Armrest

If you’re a hardcore gamer then maybe armrest isn’t that important for you. But it’s very much important for a decent gaming chair to have an adjustable armrest.

  • Backrest angle tilt adjustment

This is one of the most important features that a gaming chair must-have. It allows the user to rest back as much as possible when necessary. After working or gaming for a certain continual time our back and shoulders become uncomfortable. It’s really important to stretch them immediately by leaning backward.

  • Reclining Function

Sometimes you might want to lean back in a certain position for a while. And for that, it’s important for the chair to have a tilt-lock option. This way of adjusting the position of the chair is called Reclining Function. A decent gaming chair should provide this feature.

  • Tilt adjustment

The feature that allows the whole seat pan angle to tilt is considerably known as seat angle tilt adjustment. This function is important because it relaxes the whole upper body.

  • Swivel and wheels

It’s quite obvious for you to want to move around your room without getting off the chair. That’s when the swivel and wheels of the gaming chair come to duty. These are two pretty common features that the decent gaming chairs usually have.

  • Neck Support

There can be some additional padding in some chairs for neck support too.

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