Best Console Gaming Chair Reviews 2021

Are you looking for the best console gaming chair? Well, then you have come to the right place.

Honestly, we understand what allures you the most in these chairs, even for a cause; they are pretty expensive; still, you are willing to make such an investment. But the options and variations are massive!

And you are nowhere ahead of certainty.

That’s why we have lined up the 5 best console gaming chair reviews that are thoroughly examined by the customer reviews, compatibility, comfort, budget, portability, and some extras!

Let’s sink into it then and discover some in-depth factors as well!

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How Does a Console Gaming Chair Work

When you add some extra mount gears or steering wheels along with your comfortable gaming chair, your gaming reaches the next level.

You no longer feel like you are in your room. It will penetrate the feeling of existing in the game world for real! And that takes you to another dimension.

But apart from that, a console chair is crafted with some integrated padding or cushion with some attachments such as a headrest, armrest, and footrest, which promotes a healthy spinal posture and ensures sound lumbar health! And that’s how it works, simply delivering resilience and comfort.

What To Look For In A Console Gaming Chair

When you are willing to get yourself a console gaming chair, one thing you should know before anything else is that these chairs cost relatively expensive than other therapeutic or support chairs.

That means you are ahead of a big investment. However, you can always find out the best deal for you, which fits with your budget.

Now, let’s check out crucial facts that you should consider before making a purchase-

  1. Material and Chair Type:

The first and foremost feature you need to measure is the material. Or you can see the upholstery by which the exterior is coated. Now there are plenty of materials that are being used, but you gotta make sure that your chair is crafted with either memory foam or PU leather. It can be polyester too. All of them work great and provide ample comfort and alleviation. Not only do they remain kind to your skin, but they also prevent wear-out and gliding.

Secondly, you need to figure out your preferences regarding the chair type. Ask yourself these questions- “Am I comfortable sitting on the floor and looking at the monitor for a prolonged time? Do I want to play my game or enjoy Netflix looking at the monitor located at the same height as mine? Or do I want to recline the way I wish like lying flat, or halfway back, or want to move back and forth?

Once you ask yourself these questions, you will automatically get your answer. Choose your type with the right material!

  1. Load capacity

Trust me, it’s necessary! Because once you buy it without knowing the weight tolerance and your weight as well, then God forbid any mess can happen. The worst possible case is your chair will collapse or break miserably.

That’s why make sure you know your weight at first then choose a chair that can bear more of your weight. It’s better to purchase a chair that has at least 250lbs load capacity, which can reach up to a maximum of 350lbs.

  1. Ease of Transport and storage

Necessarily you don’t need to move your chair frequently if you play solo or have your own playing station or gaming set-up in your home. Then it won’t matter anyway, even if the chair isn’t portable because you will hardly need to move it elsewhere.

But if you are like us who love playing in groups or have that audacity to show up at their friend’s place at weekends and play FIFA, then carrying your console chair along with you can be effective. In that case, try to stick with the lightweight (below 50lbs) chairs which have easy transport facilities. Besides, getting a compact chair can also benefit you by saving some space.

  1. Sectioned Paddings and Attachments:

Generally, you won’t find sectioned padding’s in cheap or low-quality console chairs, but if you extend your investment a little more, then you can easily get a chair that has targeted paddings that alleviates the area where you get most of the strains.

  1. Extras:

Then, lastly, you dream of some extras! Who doesn’t love bonuses?

But here to mention that extras do cost a fortune. So, the extra features are swivels, tilt controls, rocking modes, device compatibility, audio or bass effect, easy fold-in option, plug-in, small pouches to store controllers or drink, etc.

No wonder, having them would be awesome but you will barely find one that has all of them at once. Still, there are individual chairs that provide some of them gracefully, and no doubt, it will cost you some extra bucks as well.

How To Use A Console Gaming Chair

Unless you intend to add extra gears or steering wheels with your console gaming chair, the process of using it is utterly easy.

Just like other back support chairs you need to read the manual first. Then the first step is to place them where you want.

Assemble them according to your preferred height or adjustments. Then look for other attachments if it has any extended straps for stabilizing lumbar pillows.

Demonstrate them orderly and see if the headrest pillow is removable or not. If it’s removable, then you can detach it when a necessity.

Finally, after you have mounted the chair with proper adjustment and height, make sure if there’s any tilt lock function that exists or not. If yes, then set the function as you desire. When you are done with the accommodation, sit comfortably and enjoy your game!

When it comes to versatile console chairs with mount gears, audio, and vibration settings, you better search for an installation video or work thoroughly following the manual.

Benefits of a Console Gaming Chair

It doesn’t make any sense if you buy something quite expensive and it doesn’t bring any value to your life, right? In fact, the cheapest thing bears some perks! Then why not these console gaming chairs?

Well, they definitely have some legit advantages that take the leverage over you to spend more!

  • Sound Effect:

One thing I hate about PC gaming is that it requires an extra sound system, hardware, graphics cards, and all that which cost a lot. Whereas including those robust sound systems to your pc has become underrated now.

We all want something more advanced and versatile. Something that’s quite unseen and still works great. Here console chairs provide built-in audio access, which delivers a neat sound effect.

Each of the movements you make in the play becomes lively and dynamic, with magnificent surround sounds. Also, some console chairs have speakers that take your gaming to another level with loud and clear sound quality.

  • Bass and Vibration:

Another remarkable feat of these console chairs is immersion technology. The bass effect is synced with the vibration motors that deliver full-body sensation with every shot of your gun and movements. Probably most streamers and gaming enthusiast who earns money through live streaming in twitch or youtube love the immersion technology and choose console gaming chairs with budget over PC gaming chairs for the extra tinge of thrills.

  • Comfort and Lumbar support:

You already know that these chairs are crafted to alleviate your lumbar issues and strains caused by intense gaming sessions. And almost all of the console chair has either sectioned paddings or detailed, curved structure that keeps your body on contour and ensures healthy sitting posture. It not only allows you to play long but also reduces the stress of possible fatigues and strains.

  • Storage and easy transport:

Comparatively, these chairs don’t weigh much and can be folded in or flattened to store anywhere you want. It saves up space and also the portability of these chairs let you carry it along with you whenever you are ahead of a “play party.”

5 Best Console Gaming Chairs Reviewed

Each of them is fairly different, and their price increases depending on the features, quality, and multi-purpose uses.

Also, not all of them claim warranties. However, hopefully, all of them excel on particular sights and are capable enough to hook your attention.

Check them out!

  1. BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable Padded Console Gaming Chair BIRDROCK HOME Adjustable 14 Position Memory Foam Floor Chair

So here we have BIRDROCK’s console gaming chair that reciprocates gracefully with your every reclining engrossment.

The prime aspect of enlisting this chair at the top of our list is because of widespread use and affordability.

Probably the only thing where we all can agree is that a quality product that falls into our budget is happened to be the best deal! And let us tell you that this chair has 4 elegant color choosing options that can be lit up your homely ambiance in a second.

Moreover, not only for playing games on your PlayStation or laptop, you can use these adjustable chairs while writing your assignments, reading your favorite book, watching your favorite tv series, or playing board games with your friends!

You can either sit straight and enjoy the play or you can lay the chair flat on the ground to take a nap. Any position you prefer, name it!

Key Features

  • It’s crafted with top quality chopped memory foam that remains kind to your body and prevents wear-out
  • The extra-padded interior gives you ample comfort and relaxation in no time
  • This console chair is very easy to assemble and has easy storage options. You just need to even the chair flat and store it under your bed for saving space
  • Can weigh up to 300 lbs
  • Keeps toddlers safe and comfortable when you are busy in the kitchen or making food for them. Sprinkle some toys around that chair, let your kid sit on it, and see how he enjoys playing!
  • And lastly, 14 adjustment settings that absolutely enough to buy you!

  1. Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Office Racing Console Chair Furmax Gaming Chair High Back Office Racing Chair

Furmax is prominent for their quality releases, and they never dare to disappoint us either. So today, we have their ergonomic console gaming chair that stands apart because it provides sufficient lumbar support, swivel modes, and other significant attributes.

Well, this chair has that ultra-soft bucket style seat that allows you to alleviate your body, and the overall chair design responds well with your natural body curves.

For instance, the detailed curves that are padded and shaped perfectly depend on your head, shoulders, arms, back, and feet. None of your body parts need to lack comfort anymore!

No matter you are in the office, playing games, watching tv, or just relaxing after a long, intense gaming session, this chair will get it covered!

Key features

  • High-quality PU leather and 3D spine support for maximum comfort
  • Easy height adjustments about 3.9 inches
  • 90 to 180-degree backrest adjustments
  • 360 degree swivel so that your muscles get some relief
  • You can assemble the additional attachments easily when needed
  • It has an extra thickened footrest for complete alleviation
  • This chair has a 310lbs load capacity which is beyond ergonomic
  • Substantially helps your lumbar health by promoting healthy postures
  • Multi-direction chairs as in it have rolling wheels
  • Ergonomic metal frame construction for longevity
  • One year worry-free service!

  1. Homall Gaming Recliner Console Chair with PU Leather

Are you expecting something that can easily blend with your other types of furniture and enhance the appearance of your home a little bit more? Well then, this recliner can do the math here.

However, this is not all about this reclining sofa! You are yet to see its impeccable features. So first, we have the magnificent design of this chair, which is just perfect for overall body comfort.

The sunk-in back, the extra padded headrest pillow, the firm lumbar back cushion, and lastly, the footrest, which allows you to lay flat and relax!

Then we have the accessible adjustment facility, sponged interior for high resilience, standard load capacity, multiple positioning, and 3 color variation as well.

One thing that drags it at the top 3 positions is the load capacity, which is relatively low than the rest. Still, it stands great in terms of comfort, support, and ease of adjustments.

Apart from being a bit expensive chair, this can definitely be your feat!

Key features

  • Premium PU leather that stays gentle on your skin and is easy to clean
  • It has the ideal and strategic design that treats your overall body with utter comfort
  • This sofa-like recliner can fit into your bedroom, PlayStation, office, living room, and even in the lounge as it doesn’t take much space and neither seems improper
  • It has 3 different angles positioning from 90 degrees to 180 degree that falls smoothly according to your seating preference whether you are in office, playing games, or want to take a nap!
  • This one has 265 maximum weight resistance
  • A 17.7-inch seat height that’s ideal for adults

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  1. OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Simulator Console Gaming Chair with Gear Shift Mount OpenWheeler Advanced Racing Seat Driving Simulator console Gaming Chair

Honestly, this one is quite different from other gaming chairs and recliners because it has a gear shift mount and can be adjusted with steering wheels. However, this doesn’t come along with this attachment. You gotta spend extra bucks on it.

Well, we consider that if you aren’t afraid of spending money on something fairly expensive and all you want is a sturdy and intense-looking chair that evokes the gamer vibe promptly, then this one is your deal!

Moreover, with the right attachments, you can build your own gaming set-up. It will be like your arcade of entertainment!

Last but not least, this one also helps your body reduce pressure and soreness that causes by persistent sitting.

Because it’s cushioned inside and has a detailed coating so that it doesn’t wear out and remains skin-friendly all along!

One that you should worry about is the price. Well, it’s better to buy it alone without attachments if you have a limited budget.

Key features

  • A true racing seat that delivers optimal lumbar support by promoting healthy sitting postures with shoulder support, back supper, and leg support as well.
  • Easily accommodates with steering wheels also it’s easy to set up
  • It’s a multi-purpose console gaming chair that goes along s4 ps3, ps2, ps1, Xbox one, xbox360, pc, etc.
  • This chair has sturdy polyester made construction that adds an extra fit to its durability
  • It also aces portability at its best because this one is utterly compact and light. You can move it anywhere you want without bearing much load
  • 360-degree swivel for supporting your body movements when playing

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  1. RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner Console Chair for Gaming RESPAWN-900 Racing Style Gaming Recliner

Lastly, we have one of the finest racing-style console gaming chairs that come along with numerous color varieties and significant features.

So basically its happened to be a recliner. And as its name refers, you are gonna have supreme comfort and relaxation during your everyday gaming session.

One thing that we all suffer from while either working for hours or playing PUBG, call of duty, or FIFA ( our favorite), we get exhausted, and sometimes we just quit the game out of stress! But imagine if you had a recliner that is substantially crafted to alleviate your spinal areas and your feet for complete rest and comfort! Wouldn’t it be great?

Rejoice! RESPAWN has fortified a fully functional chair for gaming that treats your body ideally. The high-quality material, continuous surface footrest, and some additional features are well enough to cut to the chase!

Key features

  • It has a plush headrest, which you can detach according to your convenience.
  • The continuous surface footrest and open spaces save the wires from getting seemingly apparent, and also you are gonna have complete control over your gaming chair.
  • It has targeted paddings where you need the utmost support and relief
  • This chair has one added pouch where you can store your controller or your drink (we prefer beverage). It helps you from pausing your game every back and forth and lets you enjoy your game without interruption
  • And it reciprocates with your diverse body movements in no time and allows your body to recline in any position!


  1. Why should I get a console chair for gaming instead of a PC gaming chair?

Ans. Console gaming chairs mostly arrive with sound effects, immersion technology, steering wheels, and other gears along with lumbar support. Whereas PC gaming chair doesn’t provide these advancements except comfort.

  1. What’s the ideal weight of a console gaming chair?

Ans. Nearly 50lbs

  1. Are they suitable for PC gaming?

Ans. Yes! Consoles are the different thing that comes along Xbox, controllers, PlayStations and all but a console chair is another thing that can fit with PC, Television, reading books or playing board games as well.

  1. How many loads should it bear at least?

Ans. The minimum weight resistance is 250 lbs.

  1. How long does it take to assemble these chairs?

Ans. There’s no definite time ratio regarding setting up these chairs but the standard time is 10-15 minutes

  1. What is the first and foremost feature I should opt for?

Ans. Comfort

  1. What is the best console chair that lays flat on the floor?

Ans. There are plenty of them, but the BIRDLOCKS console chair lays flat on the floor and costs relatively less as well.

  1. should I get a chair that costs more than 200$?

Ans. Buying something expensive isn’t actually lost if you are getting further benefits, and it accomplishes your requirements adequately. So yeah!

Final Word

Here we have to the end of our reviews! I hope you have figured out the ideal deal for you. No matter how high or low your budget is, you will be able to find the best console gaming chair for yourself from this list. Good luck!

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