Best Chair Glides for Hardwood Floors Reviews & Buying Guide

How would it feel when your favorite furniture cause damage to your floors? No, apparently this isn’t good thinking. That’s why we need to use the best chair glides for hardwood floors in order to save our floors from having any accidental dent that might be caused by the furniture that we use.

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We all have emotional attachments to our houses. And we would never like any corner of our house to get damaged by the very furniture that we would have bought for our comfort. Because comfort is not always all about physical fitness.

It’s obviously very important for us to keep ourselves healthy. For this, we do many things such as jogging, exercising, eating and drinking healthy foods, etc. But in today’s life that is just not enough. We also need to be careful about the furniture that we use. And that’s why we recommend buying the best, budget-friendly and healthy efficient furniture.

It is also about mental satisfaction. And in this article, you will find the top 10 chair glides for hardwood floors. So stay with me for the next 5-6 minutes.

Furniture glides by Scratchnomore vs. felt glides and rubber glides check this video:

But before we go straight onto the reviews of these top 10 best chair glides for hardwood floors we need to be clear about the usefulness of these glides and also the different types of glides for different types of floors. Because every house does not have the same type of flooring architecture. Some of us are fond of wooden floors and some of us like the latest stylish tile floors and some of us like mosaics too. These different types of floors have their own ways to be taken care of. But imagine how would you feel if you see your floor getting a dent on it because of the other furniture’s legs? I know the feeling. And it’s horrible enough to ruin the whole day.

Protect Different Types of Floors using the chair glides for hardwood floor:

Basically, there are several types of floors. And there are several types of gliders too. Usually, all the gliders look the same. And their application might seem similar too. But some specialties should be considered before using the type of floor you use. Because each of the floors has its own best way to stay protected.

The best solution for protecting floors,  watch this video:

For example, if your floor is carpeted then a slightly harder material such as steel or plastic would work best. Because they adjust much better on the carpeted floors than rubber or felt material. Besides, while moving the furniture you will find the friction quite smooth on the carpet if the glides are made of steel or plastic.

If your floor is made of hardwood or tiles or mosaic for that matter then glides made of felt or rubber should be best. However, the rubber glides might not be found as smooth to move the furniture as the felt glides. Because there is no friction of rubber on hard floors. But the rubber-made pads are the best pads for home appliances

Types of Glides or Chair Pads

For the purpose of better buying, you need to be clear about the whole classification thing. Because in order to buy the best furniture glides for a wood floor you need to know all the glides there are.  And like anything else, glides are also of various types. Each of these types has some specialties. Here are some of the glides you can get from the market according to your choice:

Sticky Pads:

These types of glides are normally made of felt. A strong type of adhesive is used on the top of the felt body to stick with the furniture. These pads have above average thickness and can take the pressure of normal furniture and other home appliances easily.

Treenail-on Pads:

These pads are also made of felt which protects the floor. But on the top of its body, there’s a treenail to stick in the leg of the furniture. You have to hammer those pads to mount in. They can only be used in furniture having wooden legs.

Sock-like Pads:

These pads are kind of like the socks we wear. There are no adhesive or treenails to mount them in. They’re both made of felt and sometimes cotton. They look really good more like cute but only in terms of soft and small furniture.

Benefits of chairs or furniture glides

If you have never used any chair glides yet and also don’t know anything about these chairs or furniture glides then why should you use them? I mean you need to know what benefits you are going to get by using the best furniture glides. So, here are the benefits that these glides are to ensure you:

Protection of floors:

The naked legs of your furniture might appear threatening to your floor. Especially if your floor is made of wood or hardwood. Only by using the best furniture glide can you ensure the safety of your floor. So, no more scratches.

No more irritating noise:

We often need to move a lot of furniture from one place of our house to another. So that the place looks updated and new. My mom often does that. As of being a single guy living alone I don’t need to move stuff that much but I do need to move chairs frequently and I have to do it almost every day. And moving furniture makes too much irritating noise. Voila! Using these glides will decrease up to 80% of that irritating noise.

One free with another one:

When you apply these glides to your chair, the woolen fabric makes it easier for you to move the chair. And when you sit on the chair it keeps the chair steady.

Positive misuse:

Often when we get bored we lean on the chair and sometimes we tip it over and that is seriously harmful to the floor. But congrats, chairs that have glides underneath make this completely safe for the floor.

How to protect your floors from chairs legs, watch this video:

Now that you know what glides can do also the benefits, let’s jump onto the reviews of the chair glides for hardwood floors.

Best Chair Glides for Hardwood Floors Reviews

1. X-PROTECTOR Ultra Large Sticky Pads

This is a complete pack of sticky glides from X-Protector. You get 180 plus sticky and round-shaped pads in this pack. This should be enough for all the furniture in your home. These glides are pretty much used in any type of flooring. It’s made of synthetic felt like fiber. As this pack comes with over 180 pieces of pads that have particular sizes, you’ll be able to use them with almost all kinds of furniture. Now let’s find out the pros and cons of this product:


  • You get a heavy amount of pads to use. And the best thing is they come in different sizes. And this is what makes them useful for different types of furniture.
  • As this is a sticky pad, you don’t need to work heavy on it to get underneath the furniture. All you need to do is stick it properly.
  • The adhesive used in these pads is too strong. And once you put them properly they are not going to come out.
  • In this pack, you not only get the round-shaped pads you also get the rectangular-shaped pads for the furniture that don’t have round legs.


  • These pads are a bit thin. So you can’t really rely on it for the heavier furniture.
  • As the adhesive used in these pads are strong, so you should be really careful while sticking it to the legs of the furniture.

Final Recommendations: If your floor is made of softwood then I wouldn’t really recommend these pads as well as any felt-made pads. Because felt-made pads actually cause a few scratches on the softwood especially when you move the furniture. These are really not the best chair glides for wood floors. But if your floor is made of hardwoods like Mahogany then you can consider this pack as one of the top-notch chair glides for hardwood floors. But apply them carefully.

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2. SoftTouch 4719095N Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Pads SoftTouch 4719095N Heavy Duty Felt Furniture Pads

This pad is brought to you by Soft Touch. This pad here is also made of felt. This pack contains 48 pieces of pads varying in different sizes. And you can select from two different colors. These pads are slightly thicker than the previous one which is really good. Because the thicker the pad is the more weight it can take. Now let’s justify its pros and cons:


  • The pack contains 48 pads. Yes, the number is not that much but still, it’s a decent amount.
  • You can select the pads from 2 different color shades.
  • Pads are slightly thicker.
  • The adhesive used underneath is strong enough to keep hold onto the furniture.
  • You can select different sized rounds for different sizes of furniture. The size and shape variation of these pads makes them even more useful.
  • Say goodbye to the annoying sounds (while you move the furniture) and scratches on the floor.


  • You have to be cautious while applying the pads.
  • It’s yet not dependable on applying to the heavier furniture.

Final Recommendation: This pad too is a dependable one on the average furniture. But in case of heavier furniture, we don’t highly recommend this. Because the adhesive used in these pads might fade away while moving the furniture. But for regular furniture like chairs, tables, dressing-tables, etc. these pads have been proved to be heavy duty pads.

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3. X-Protector Premium Two Color Pack X-PROTECTOR Premium Two Colors Pack Furniture Pads

Here is another pack of premium pads from X-Protector. These pads are similar to the previous pads that we’ve already talked about in detail. This pack contains 133 pieces of pads and that comes in two different colors. As the features these pads have are absolutely similar to the previous X-Protector pads, so let’s quickly check out its pros and cons:


  • You get 133 pieces of pads in the pack.
  • Two different colors to choose from.
  • Various shapes and sizes to enhance its usefulness.
  • A strong adhesive used to stick with the furniture leg.
  • Can be used in both wooden and plastic materials.


  • Too thin to take the weight of larger furniture.

Final Recommendation: If it’s not really necessary for you to use these pads strictly for heavier furniture then this pack is for you. You can use these pads not only on chairs, bed etc. but also to other home appliances such as an oven, larger showpieces, etc.

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4. Nail-On Anti Sliding Felt Pads

By reading this article so far, now you already know about the adhesive used sticky felt glides. Well, it’s time for moving to something different. So here’s the next pad. This pad has to be installed into your furniture by pushing the treenail inside the wooden leg of the furniture. These pads are stronger than the sticky pads of course. Because unlike the sticky pads these pads are covered by a strong plastic cover. But as it’s a nail-on pad, it has its own consequences. So let’s figure out if it’s suitable or not:


  • Strong built quality. Up the felt pad, there’s a strong plastic body (which has the treenail) covering the felt. So basically it can take more pressure than the sticky pads.
  • Treenail-on pads stay much longer on the wooden legs of the furniture than the sticky pads.
  • Felt quality is premium.
  • This felt reduces friction and noise while moving the furniture.
  • You get 40 pieces of glides.


  • You cannot mount these pads on your plastic furniture. If your furniture isn’t made of wood these pads are as good as showpieces for you!
  • These pads need hammering to be mounted in, so in case of bigger furniture, it will be quite difficult for you to mount them in.

Final Recommendation: On one side these pads are stronger inbuilt quality while on the other side they need hammering to be mounted on the furniture. They stay longer with the furniture while on the opposite they are kind of useless for plastic or non-wooden furniture. So, with quite obvious sense, the recommendation is if you are looking for gliders for your typical and smaller sized wooden furniture then these glides are perfect for you. But if otherwise, then stay with this article mate.

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5. NancyProtectz Leg and Floor Protector NancyProtectz Small Hardwood Floor Pad

Well, here is something totally different. I personally like calling them cute socks for the furniture legs. But these pads are, okay let’s just call them socks, these are not made of felt. This thing is made of cotton outside. But it’s patented with a rubberized grip on the inside which makes it able to stick with the leg of the furniture. It looks pretty fashionable and it can be expanded a bit more than its actual size. And this makes it even more trustable. Now, with any further ado let’s jump into its pros and cons:


  • Rubberized grip inside and cotton made design outside, this makes it stylish yet effective.
  • You can choose these socks from different color and sizes.
  • These glides are probably the easiest glides to install in furniture.
  • These glides are washable and reusable without any kind of stress.


  • These sock-like glides can only be used in furniture that has legs.
  • You can only apply them to chairs, tables, and beds or the kind of furniture which have similar kind of legs.

Final Recommendation:

This is overall a stylish looking and above average glide for the protection of the floor. The most attractively positive aspect of this glide is it’s easy to install and easier to wash and reuse, but sadly enough this glide is kind of useless for the furniture which has a flat surface leg. However, I find this glide (the smaller ones) very useful as a pet sock. So, if you’re looking for a stylish looking glide for your chair, table, or the kind of furniture which has that kind of legs this glide is the best choice but otherwise you should move on along with this article.

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6. Floor Effect Felt Pads

Okay moving on to the next pad of this list. These pads too are sticky pads made from felt. If you have read this article so far which I believe you have, you already know what felt-made sticky pads are all about. So let’s just cut this short and get into the pros and cons section for these pads:


  • Pads are made of a premium feel.
  • Strong adhesive to stick better.
  • Multiply sized pads available. You can use these pads even on the flat surface leg furniture.
  • Thin profile yet it’s proved to be a trusted glide for the averagely sized furniture.
  • You get 98 pieces of pads.


  • Only one color.
  • Thin pad, so in case of much heavier furniture, it might not work as good.

Final Recommendation: These pads are typical felt-made sticky pads. They’re very effective on normal furniture. But the adhesive might fade away after some months if used on heavier furniture. Overall it’s a decent glide. The decision is up to you.

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7. Nail-On Heavy Duty Felt Pads

Again we have a nail-on felt pad on this list. But the treenail of these pads is quite unusual. They are not as straight as an arrow. These treenails are round in shape. And this makes it quite difficult to get mounted in yet it holds onto the furniture stronger. Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of these pads:


  • These pads are made using premium quality felt with a strong plastic cover protecting the felt.
  • These pads can take heavier chairs and other wooden furniture as the felt material has a plastic cover on it.
  • Reduces floor damage, noise, and friction.
  • The pack contains 48 pads.


  • These pads can only be used in wooden furniture.
  • They’re pretty costly.

Final Recommendation: These pads are pretty decent for wooden furniture. But they’re a bit costly than the other felt pads. And also being only useful for the wooden material makes these pads a bit unprofessional. And another thing is they’re a bit more costly. So maybe you wouldn’t want to buy them. The rest is your decision.

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8. SlipToGrip Furniture Gripper SlipToGrip Furniture Gripper

The next pad here on this list is a bit unique pad from SlipToGrip. This is basically a multipurpose grip pad. These pads come in a sheet in which the pads are cut in different shapes already. And the interesting part is you don’t need to hammer or carefully stick these pads under your furniture. Just put it there. Now let’s have a look at the other things good or bad about it.


  • Made with an anti-slip pad outside and premium felt inside. This feature is very unique for these kinds of products. And this design will resist the felt fading away.
  • No adhesive, no treenail. And this means you just need to put these pads under the leg of the furniture and the anti-slip pad will automatically keep hold onto the furniture leg by the weight of the particular furniture.
  • In case of adhesive or treenail on pads, you could only per pad on one leg of the furniture. But these pads are easily removable and reusable.
  • These pads can literally be used in any furniture or even showpieces.
  • Can be used in both wooden and plastic furniture and any other home appliances.


  • These pads are pretty costly.
  • You have to remove the pads while moving the furniture and reapply them.

Final Recommendation: These pads are really useful and pretty easy to install. But the only problem is they’re costly. But definitely, these pads’ usefulness is worth the price. So we definitely recommend these pads if your budget is healthy.

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9. Seddox Premium Furniture Pads Seddox Premium Furniture Set with Bonus Rubber Bumper Pads

Another felt made sticky pad is available in this list. But interestingly enough, this pack comes in with an extra pack of adhesive in case if the already applied adhesive fade away! As you already know about the felt-made sticky pads so let’s not waste words and jump onto the pros and cons section:


  • Made of premium felt material.
  • It comes in various sizes and shapes to get fit into any furniture.
  • Used in both wooden and plastic made furniture.
  • With extra adhesive to ensure the money you spend doesn’t get wasted easily.
  • Reduces noise and scratches.
  • It comes with 152 various pieces of pads.


  • The pads in the pack are already cut in various shapes, so you might not find a particular shape you need the most.
  • These are pretty thick pads but still, 6mm might just not be enough to hold heavier home appliances like fridge, etc.

Final Recommendation: These pads are also useful like the other sticky pads we’ve already talked about. But this pack comes with an extra bonus pack of adhesive and various sizes which might appear useful varying the kinds of furniture you have. However, these pads are pretty decent at such a price. So you can go for this.

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10. MelonBoat Chair Leg MelonBoat Chair Leg Floor Protectors with Felt Furniture Pads

If you’re looking for a protector only for chairs or the kinds of furniture that have chair-like legs then this one could be a very useful at the same time stylish option for you. Yes, I’m talking about the Melon Boat chair leg protector. This is maybe the unique chair leg protector (with obviously some flaws) in this article. So let’s find out its pros and cons:


  • The body of these pads is made of silicon. And the shape of the body is like a box.
  • Easy to mount in. Just insert the leg of the chair into the box.
  • The surface of these pads is made of felt which keeps the floor scratch and awkward silicon grip free.
  • The silicon made body of these pads is completely transparent.
  • Can be used in any kind of chair.
  • Neither adhesive nor treenail.


  • You get only 16 pieces of these protectors that can only be used in only 4 chairs/beds.
  • This protector cannot be used in any flat surface legged furniture.

Final Recommendation: These protectors are quite impressively useful. But they can only be used in chairs or beds (if the bed is not flat surface-legged). If you’re looking for a kind of floor protector only for chairs then this product will appeal to you.

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You are going to apply these pads and glides for the safety of your floor. But while applying them or installing them in your chairs or any other furniture make sure you are safe enough not to harm yourself. And also make sure of the safety measures mentioned below:

  • While mounting the sticky pads just be careful and gently apply the pads in the accurate position.
  • While applying the treenail-on pads on your wooden furniture, make sure the furniture is in the accurate position. And gently hammer them. Don’t break your furniture or your finger.


In this article about the top 10 best chair glides for hardwood floors we have tried our best to bring out every little thing possible in terms of using these floor-protecting pads. These pads are very useful. We can use these pads under the furniture and also under the other home appliances as well. I hope you have got your desired product from this list.

2 thoughts on “Best Chair Glides for Hardwood Floors Reviews & Buying Guide”

  1. None of the above glides mentioned allow the base to tilt to sit level on the floor for even wear.
    Tick on glides work fine until they are either pushed off from the angle of the leg to the floor or they wear down on the edge that actually touches the floor until the leg touches and damages the floor. GlideGuys Universal glides swivel to sit level with the floor, have a rolling function (horizontal caster), have interchangeable bases (felt for hard floors and hard plastic for carpet/rugs) and can be easily attached to almost all styles of furniture. GlideGuys are made in USA and are the only glide that can be reused for long life!

  2. We found a 6′ mahogany trestle table with an 18″ expansion when our first floor was remodeled two years ago.

    The six chairs it came with, had hard nylon tics nailed into all of the chair legs, and none of the felt glides thick or thin could cover anything that was the diameter of a dime and projecting out 1/8″.

    We did the only thing we could at the time, and covered them with the melonboat style which at least protected the new hardwood flooring until our latest dog discovered he could lift the chair and steal them while we were asleep.

    To date, the only thing stopping him is the taste of bitter apple, and we are still left without a permanent solution. Felt slides do wear down, and even those nailed in have hard plastic that will eventually ruin hardwood floors once that felt wears down far enough.

    I’m seriously looking at the sock, only because they are easy to replace and can be worn over the melonboat. At least I can spray the socks in a noxious taste that he hates and it won’t damage either my floors or my chairs.

    If there is another product out there that is new and better, I’d love to hear about it.


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